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WWF RAW 11/19/2001

WWF Raw is War Results
November 19, 2001
Live from: Charlotte, North Carolina
Commentators: Jim Ross and Jerry “The King” Lawler
Reported by: Paul Nemer of

Raw starts with some old school highlights. Just small clips, of Hogan, SGT. Slaughter, Warrior, etc…(like they did when Survivor Series started) Then it leads to highlights of what lead to the PPV…

Mick Foley resigns as commissioner

Earlier today, WWF airplane landed and Foley was waiting for Vince McMahon. Foley went in the plane to talk to Vince McMahon. Foley tells him to name a chair in his airplane after Foley’s. Vince said “How about the Dude Love toilet?” They both laughed. Foley said he won’t stick around because of Vince, he doesn’t want to be commissioner and that he resigns as commissioner. Foley tells him to fire him instead of him quitting. If Foley walks out that plane, he is done with the WWF. Foley leaves and Vince tells him good luck and have a nice day with a smile on his face.

RAW officially starts and Jim Ross was sitting with an empty chair beside him. Jim Ross says he doesn’t know who will take Paul Heyman’s place.

Opening Segment

Vince McMahon comes out. Despite Mick Foley quitting, tonight is a night for celebration. The WWF survived Survivor Series. Vince says he owes one man something that he will never be able to repay. One man who more than any other, deserves the fans applause. That one man is Kurt Angle. Because of Kurt, the Alliance is dead. Because of Angle, ECW and WCW are dead. The only thing that exists of WCW is the wcw title around the Rock’s waist. From now on, it will be known as the world title. Tonight, there will be a lot of changes. Someone will join the Vince McMahon, kiss my ass club. It all started this morning. He’s allowing one member of the Alliance who seeks to be employed by the WWF, that one member of the Alliance, who is not a champion, will walk into this ring and kiss Vince’s ass. Speaking of the Alliance, that’s nothing for what’s in store for Austin. The moment Austin walks into this building, he will execute his plans. What! Speaking of changes, Vince points out that there is an empty chair beside Jim Ross. Vince McMahon invites Paul Heyman down to the ring. Heyman comes out and sites beside Jim Ross. Heyman screamed at Jim Ross and said he got away with it.

Vince tells him to get in the ring. Heyman enters the ring. Vince tells him, just for the record, he appreciates people who speak their mind. Vince remembers the things Heyman said about him, and Vince is ok with that. Vince McMahon informs Heyman that “He’s Fired!”. Vince tells him to leave. Paul Heyman wanted to fight Vince and when Vince took his jacket off, Paul Heyman left the ring and tried to attack Jim Ross and Ross delivered a few shots on Heyman and security took Heyman away.

Vince McMahon introduces Heyman’s replacement and it’s JERRY THE KING LAWLER! Lawler is back. Lawler takes his place at the commentating table beside Jim Ross and says that it’s great to be back.


Match #1
WWF Women’s Title
Lita w/Matt vs Trish Stratus

They both lock up. Head lock by Trish. Lita takes down Trish. Sling shot by Trish, 1,2 but Lita kicked out. Inside cradle by Lita, 1,2 but Trish kicked out. Lita puts Trish in the corner and beats on her. Trish fights back with a kick. Trish goes on the second rope, attempts to do an elbow drop, but Lita moved out of the way. Trish fought back and threw Lita to the outside. Then Trish did a baseball slide on Lita and Lita landed on Matt. Matt picks up Lita and puts her in the ring. Trish rolls her up and gets the 1,2,3.

Winner: Still WWF Women’s champion, Trish Stratus

The Alliance (The Dudleyz, Stacy, RVD, Christian and Test) were backstage. Vince McMahon comes in. Vince told RVD that he offered him a spot in the WWF and RVD declined. Tonight, RVD will be in a handicap tag team tables match. RVD vs the Dudley Boyz. He told them that they are next. They all leave, except Christian. Christian sucks up to Vince and offers to shake his hand, but Vince tells him to get out of his way.


Match #2
Handicap Match
Rob Van Dam vs Dudley Boyz w/Stacy

Bubba shakes hand wit RVD, then Devon hits RVD. Back flip, followed by a cross body by RVD. RVD slams Devon and does a rolling thunder. Bubba hits RVD and puts him in the corner and delivers a few hits. RVD fought back, but Devon did a neck breaker. Bubba went and got tables. Devon places on in the middle of the ring and Bubba puts one laying on the turnbuckle. RVD sends Devon to the outside and does a spinning kick on Bubba. RVD went to the outside and got a chair. He throws it at Bubba, Bubba catches it and RVD kicks him. RVD puts Devon on the table and goes on the top rope and jumps, but Devon got out of the way and RVD went through the table. The Dudleyz capitalized on RVD’s mistake and they did the 3D but the first time the table did not break, so they did it again and got the win.

Winners: Dudley Boyz

Kurt Angle walks into the arena and some guy tells him how he was doing. Kurt says “How am I doing?” Kurt tells him that he’s responsible for the WWF staying in business… He asks the guy where he can find the Rock and he gave him directions.


Rock was in his locker room and Kurt Angle comes in and asks him “Don’t you have something to say to me?” Rock says what? Kurt says “Thank you for saving my job, thank you for this…. and that..” Rock said he did not need Kurt’s help. Rock said that for one month Kurt went under cover and bashed the Rock with chairs and bashed the WWF. Rock tells him to have his selfish big moment. Kurt tells him, boo hoo.. so I smashed you over the head, but it was well worth it to save the WWF. Rock said “You beat on the Rock to save the company.” But try beating on The Rock now. Rock challenges Kurt for tonight and the challenge had been accepted. Rock said that Kurt had a lot of people fooled, but the Rock will never trust Vince McMahon. He calls Kurt Angle an asshole.

A car pull sup in the back and it’s Stephanie and Shane. They got out of the car and Stephanie says that she can’t believe that had to drive themselves here. She wonders why Vince wanted to see them…


Vince/Steph/Shane segment

Vince McMahon comes down to the ring again. Vince confirms that there will be a World title match tonight, Rock vs Kurt Angle. He said that Austin hasn’t arrived to the building yet. Vince McMahon calls out Stephanie and Shane and says with no music, no nothing. Shane and Stephanie came down.

Vince says that he is so proud that the arena is chanting slut to his daughter. What has happened to his family? Vince asked himself. Vince tells them to speak their mind. Shane starts. Shane congratulates Vince on winning. He tells him “You won, and I lost.” “I lost to the better man.” Shane leaves the ring. Vince McMahon tells Stephanie to talk. Stephanie starts off by saying that she’s made some really, really bad mistakes. She’s young.. The biggest mistake she’s made is listening to Shane. She said Shane mad her do all this. She blames it all on Shane. She said, Shane was the one who made her slap Linda. When she told Vince that she wanted him to die, that was Shane’s idea and she would never want him to get hurt. Stephanie also says that Vince is the better man. Vince is a genius. The only thing she really has left to say is she’s sorry. She’s so sorry. Vince McMahon said “Security, get this women out of my ring.” Security came and got her out. Vince says wait, and tells the crowd to say goodbye to daddy’s little girl.


Someone from the Alliance who wants a job in the WWF will letteraly kiss his ass.

Chris Jericho comes. Vince asks him why he risked the WWF future by attacking the Rock. Jericho says that his ego got the best of him. Chris Jericho says he’s sorry. Vince said the apology must be sincered. Vince tells him that he doesn’t like guys with big egos. Vince makes a match between Jericho and Kane.

Mr. T is shown at ring side at RAW.

Match #3
World Championship (That’s what the WCW title is now referred to)
The Rock vs Kurt Angle

The match starts with slapping Rock. Angle knocks down the Rock and beats on him. Rock sends Angle for the ride and clotheslines him. Right hand by the Rock, followed by a kick, then Angle throws him to the outside. Back in the ring, Kurt puts the ankle lock, but Rock got out of it. Angle does the belly to belly over head suplex. Angle chokes the Rock on the second rope. Angle delivers a few hits on Rock, then Rock fights back, but that wasn’t enough. Angle does three consecutive German suplexes, 1,2 but Rock kicked out. Angle slams the Rock and goes on the top rope. Rock gets up and trips him. Roc does a suplex from the top rope and both men are down. Both men get up and Rock delivers a couple of hits. DDT by Rock, 1,2 but Angle kicks out. Spine buster by Rock. Rock was going for the Rock bottom, but Angle ducked. Angle slam, followed by the ankle lock, then Rock manages to get out of it and rolls him up for the 1,2,3. After the match, Kurt attacked Rock, but then Rock did the Rock bottom. Chris Jericho comes out and nails Rock from behind. Kurt Angle gets up and does the ankle lock on Rock. Jericho does the Walls of Jericho on Rock, then the referees came out and made him break up the hold. Jericho applies the hold again.

Winner: Still World Champion, The Rock


William Regal literally kisses Vince McMahon’s ass!

Vince McMahon comes out and says to get our cameras ready, because there will be a Kodak moment. Vince said he selected someone to kiss his ass from the Alliance. William Regal, come on down. Regal comes out. Vince says he assumes that Regal has been practicing puckering… to kiss Mr. McMahon’s ass. Regal offers to get a coffee for him or something. Vince makes it clear again that he really has to kiss his ass. Vince says “Do you want a job? Yes or No?” Regal said yes. McMahon took off his jacket and told Regal to get on his knees behind him. Regal was a little lukewarm for the idea, but Vince told him it won’t hurt. Regal got down on his knees. Vince took off his belt and pants and told him to kiss his ass. Vince then pulls down his underwear and tells him to kiss his ass. Vince started shaking his ass. Vince got some chap stick and told Regal to put that on his lips because he doesn’t want someone to kiss his ass with dry lips. Regal kissed Vince McMahon’s ass in order to get his job.


Regal attacked Tazz backstage After Tazz called him a kiss ass.

Match #4
Chris Jericho vs Kane

Jericho attacks Kane. Kane picks him up and drops him. He puts Jericho in the corner and beats on him. Jericho fights back and delivers a few hits on Kane. Lionsault by Jericho, and Kane caught him with the chokeslam, but Jericho low blowed him. Jericho goes to the outside and gets a chair. But Kane kicks him in the face. Kane goes on the top rope, jumps, but Jericho hit him with the chair. The referee called for the bell. Jericho hits Kane again with the chair and applied the Walls of Jericho. Jericho let go of the hold and then went after Kane again and applied it.

Winner: by Disqualification, Kane


WWF Music video by Creed was shown.

Kurt Angle was walking backstage and is a little pissed off. He sees Edge and tells him to tell him a “Thank You” Edge says he knows Kurt Angle and Kurt did what he did for one person only and that’s Kurt Angle.

Match #5
William Regal vs Tazz

Regal and Tazz exchange several hits. Clothesline by Tazz. Tazzmission applied, but Regal pressures him into the corner. Regal applies the STF submission hold and gets the win.

Winner: William Regal

Vince McMahon walks into Kurt’s locker room and asks him what’s wrong. Kurt explains that no one said thank you. Vince said he wants to show his appreciation. Vince had Austin’s WWF title and asked Kurt if he would like to be the WWF champion and Kurt was happy and said yes. Vince told him to walk with him to the ring.


Vince McMahon/Kurt Angle/Ric Flair/Austin segment

Vince McMahon and Kurt Angle came out. Vince said that on behalf of every WWF fan in this arena, he thanks Kurt Angle. Vince said that Kurt is a WWF hero and he’s our hero. Since Austin has chosen not to show up, the WWF needs a champion with dignity, class, credibility, we need Kurt Angle as the WWF champion. Vince said that he was hoping Austin would be here tonight so he can strip him of the title.

RIC FLAIR’S MUSIC HITS! Flair is out! Flair received a standing ovation. Vince McMahon said that Flair is almost forgotten, but this is his home town. Ric Flair takes the microphone and tells him to listen to the crowd and tell him it’s his home town.

Vince said this is his ring and he’s standing in it, he wants an explanation. Flair said he bet on a winner last night. Flair said that Kurt is a man with an Olympic Gold Medal, but Kurt shouldn’t accept the title like that. Flair said that Stephanie and Shane sold their stocks to him and he’s now business partners with Vince McMahon. He and Vince are going to be styling and profiling, wooooooo, limousine riding, leer jet flying.. Then, Austin’s music hits and comes out. He attacks Angle and stomps him to the mat. Austin attacks Vince McMahon. Austin takes the WWF title from Ric Flair. Austin drinks beer with Ric Flair.

End of Show.

Thanks for reading,
Paul Nemer


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