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WWF RAW 12/24/2001

Full WWF RAW Results for 12/24/01
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On Christmas eve, a special Christmas episode of RAW exploded on TNN from Miami, Fla.!
Miami’s own Rock headed to the ring to a huge ovation as the show kicked off! Wearing his old Miami Hurricanes jersey, he exclaimed that finally The Rock had come back home! Rock said tonight would be a special homecoming, because tonight he had a shot to become Undisputed Champion, when he went one-on-one with Chris Jericho! Rock said that in front of his friends, his family, and the millions, and just as sure as the Hurricanes would win the Rose Bowl, he would emerge victorious!

He said that being that it was the holiday season, he had a special message for tonight — and he then grabbed for a book, which was entitled “The Rock’s Night Before Christmas!” It went like this:

Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse

The weather was warm, not a trace of snow
As The Rock got ready to whoop Chris Jericho

Jericho’s claim to be the best The Rock finds quite brutal
But really, Chris Jericho is a man who has no strudel

“I am a living legend,” Y2J would sing
As he trembled with fear, heading into the People’s Ring

And faster, faster than scrooge saw the ghost of Christmas past
The Rock hit the ring and whooped Chris Jericho’s ass

It seemed real certain the title would switch
As The Rock made Chris Jericho his own punkass bitch

After The Rock pinned Jericho 1-2-3
Stood over his limp body in victory

The Rock grabbed the mic and told everyone in sight
Merry Christmas to all …

Before he could finish the poem, however, out came Kurt Angle to the stage! As the crowd chanted “Angle sucks,” the Olympic hero talked about Santa Claus. Angle said he hoped Santa wasn’t watching tonight, because he was planning on being very naughty. He said the one man more powerful than Santa Claus was Vince McMahon, and Vince had given him a special Christmas present — a shot at Y2J’s Undisputed Championship! The match is now a Triple Threat Match! Kurt said it was true, and ho ho ho, it’s true! He then told Rock that his chances of winning the title in his hometown were slim!

Rock said that seeing as how Angle had interrupted him, he was going to finish his Christmas message! He said as far as their match goes, Kurt’s ass would be redder than Rudolph’s nose! Because tonight on the canvas, Rock would whip their asses as they were looking, if ya smell what The Rock is cooking!

Backstage, Vince McMahon was enjoying a Christmas party with a number of the Federation Superstars. Vince said he was impressed by the look on Rock’s face when Rock found out it would be a Triple Threat Match! Vince then told Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco how ridiculous they looked as elves! Vince then introduced Bubba Claus — featuring Stacy sitting on his lap! Booker T then entered the room and joined the party, as did the Big Boss Man! Booker thanked Vince for the early Christmas gift — a big fat contract!

Vince thanked Booker for kicking Stone Cold’s ass! Vince said he had a surprised — and he introduced Santa’s reindeer — a number of beautiful women who he introduced as Dancer, Prance and Vixen! The reindeer danced on tables, much to the delight of the men at the party!

The first match on RAW pitted Test against Rikishi. Test got into a few verbal altercations with referee Tim White, and soon challenged the ref to hit him. To Test’s shock, that’s exactly what White did! White then called for the bell, ending the match in a disqualification! After the bout, Test knocked White to the ground, until Rikishi saved the ref! Rikishi knocked Test down and gave him a banzai drop, leaving Mr. Immunity flattened in the corner!

At Ric Flair’s Christmas party, a number of Federation Superstars greeted the Federation co-owner, including Tajiri Claus and his Santa’s helper, Torrie Wilson! Tajiri had a present for Torrie — lingerie! Albert asked Kane why he was in a bad mood — it’s Christmasd! Albert and Edge tried to dress him up a bit, but Kane shook his head no. The superstars then asked Big Show to do an impression, and he did a dead-on impression of Hulk Hogan! Debra walked in with a tray of Christmas cookied, and Flair thanked her. She said Stone Cold was on his way!

Back at Vince’s party, the women continued to dance for the party-goers. Billy Gunn and Chuck Palumbo exchanged gifts — matching headbands! They decided to wear them out to the ring. Tazz walked up to Santa Bubba and asked him to celebrate Christmas a little better. Bubba Claus said he was a classy Santa, and Tazz was just mad because all the elves were taller than he was! He told Tazz to leave the party! Howard Finkel then said hello to Mr. McMahon, and said he had found two of the finest looking ladies money could buy — Fabulous Moolah and Mae Young! Vince asked for more booze!

Next up, the APA took on Gunn and Palumbo, who wore their new headbands to the ring! Bradshaw was about to give Gunn the fallaway slam, but Palumbo grabbed Bradshaw’s leg, allowing Gunn to pin Bradshaw for the win!

Rob Van Dam was looking for Chris Jericho backstage, and it was clear he wasn’t in a good mood. He finally found a dressing room that said “Chris Jericho,” but he barged in to find Lance Storm, instead of Y2J! RVD asked where Jericho was, and Storm said he was getting ready for his match, but had left RVD a message — RVD had his chance, but blew it! RVD said that those were big words, and challenged Storm to a match on RAW! He told Storm to give Jericho a message — that the messenger would be on the receiving end of all of his pent-up frustration as of late!

Back at Flair’s CHristmas party, Arn Anderson arrived and got a big hug from Flair! Stone Cold then arrived and hugged his wife. The Rattlesnake tossed out a few beers, and ribbed Tajiri Claus for a bit. He said he had made a Christmas list, and sat down on Tajiri’s lap! He wanted a case of beer, a fifth of Crown Royal, a shot at Booker T, more beer, a shot at the Undisputed Championship, a new pickup truck, more beer, a deer rifle and a middle finger!

Rob Van Dam met Lance Storm next
, and RVD was not in a good mood. A brutal match saw RVD emerge victorious with the Five-Star Frog Splash.

At Vince’s party, Test enjoyed the dancing women, and then gretted Terri. Terri said that Mr. McMahon had hired her to be the new host of Excess. Test whipped out some mistletoe, and Terri asked about Test having lost to Rock last week on SmackDown! Test said Rock had gotten lucky, and speaking of getting lucky, he asked if he could get in her stockings for Christmas, and Terri said no! Elsewhere at the party, Sharmell interviewed Maven, who said he was having a wonderful day. Maven also said the competition at Tough Enough 2 was unbelievable. He said he’d enjoyed the grocery-store scene last week, which Booker took offense to! Booker said he wanted to fight Maven on RAW! Mae Young then chugged some punch!

Next up was the first-ever Eggnog Match, as Stacy Keibler took on Torrie Wilson. Both divas were dressed in Santa outfits as they got near the giant pool, which was filled with eggnog! The girls weren’t wearing their Santa outfits for long, though! Torrie soon pinned Stacy in a match in which the real winners were male fans around the world!

Back at Vince’s party, the men continued to enjoy the dancers. Bubba said he couldn’t believe Stacy had lost the Eggnog Match. Chris Jericho entered the party, and Y2J said he had a question for Vince — why was he now in a Triple Threat Match on RAW? He said he thought it was a conspiracy! Vince said it was a numbers game. Mr. McMahon then turned around, only to find Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley. The whole party grew silent as a teary-eyed Stephanie said she hoped that Christmas eve could be a time for the two of them to get together and talk. She presented him with a gift — a moneyclip with his initials and an inscription on the back with everything she wanted to say. Vince asked what she was up to, saying she wanted back in. Stephanie said she was just there in the spirit of Christmas, but Vince said he wouldn’t be manipulated. He told her to get out, and Stephanie ran out crying!

The European Championship was on the line as Christian took on The Hurricane. Prior to the bout, Christian told the fans in Miami that the group of thugs and petty criminals known as the Miami Hurricanes weren’t going to win the national title. Christian finished his challenger off with the Unprettier for the pin.

Back at Flair’s party, Tajiri Claus have out some gifts, and Tazz stopped by the party to say hi. He talked about they had a good Santa Claus at their party, as opposed to the Bubba Claus at the other party. Tazz said Vince was bragging about how his Santa was better. Austin asked Tazz if he was trying to stir some trash. Stone Cold suggested that the two Santa Clauses meet in the ring to see who was toughest, and Flair made the match! Austin then took out his guitar and sang “Jingle Bells” and “Rudolph!” Kane even strummed a few chords as Austin ended with a big guitar solo!

Next up, Booker T — accompanied to ringside by the Big Boss Man — took on Maven. After a spinerooni, Booker planted Maven with a big slam and pinned him for the win.

It was a battle of the Santas, as Bubba Claus took on Tajiri Claus. Both parties were rooting for their respective Santas during the battle. Tajiri Claus spat red mist into Bubba Claus’ face, and kicked him in the face to pick up the pinfall, thanks to a distraction on the outside from Tazz!

Back at Vince’s party, Kurt Angle walked in and promised not to disappoint them. He said he would become Undisputed Champion. Kurt promised to strip Rock of his dignity, and speaking of strip, Mae Young got up on a table and started taking her clothes off! Mae’s actions sent Vince’s Christmas party to a screeching halt! As Vince went to leave, Stone Cold snuck out from behind a tree, and beat the hell out of Vince, Patterson and Brisco! He even stuck Patterson between Mae’s legs!

The main event on RAW was the Triple Threat Match for the Undisputed Championship, as Chris Jericho put his title on the line against both The Rock and Kurt Angle! The three men left nothing to the imagination, laying it all on the line in a hard-fought battle for the richest prize in sports entertainment! Rock soon went for the People’s Elbow on Jericho and nailed it! But Angle broke up the pin. Angle locked Rock in the ankle lock, but Y2J broke that up. Angle and Jericho got into a shoving match, and were soon slugging it out. Angle went for a series of suplexes, but Y2J countered into the Walls of Jericho, only to have that countered into the ankle lock! Rock knocked Angle out of the ring, and as Jericho went to hit Rock with a forearm, Rock moved, and Jericho accidentally hit the ref, knocking him out cold!

Rock turned Jericho over and put him into the Walls of Jericho! Y2J tapped — but there was no ref to see it! Angle ran into the ring with a steel chair went for Rock — but he missed, and accidentally hit Jericho! Rock punched Angle and then nailed him with the Rock Bottom, but there was still no ref! When the ref did come to, Jericho held him away from the pinfall! Rock kicked at Jericho, and Angle surprised Rock with a DDT off the steel chair. Y2J then covered The Rock and pinned him for a successful title defense! Y2J celebrated as the Christmas-eve episode of RAW went off the air!


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