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WWF RAW 4/27/1998

Written by: Kevin Kindelberger

WWF Monday Night RAW 4/27/98 DX Invades Nitro!

The PPV was not that great. But it was not too bad. It will be interesting to see where they go with Owen as well as the Rock. I am starting to enjoy the Vince/Austin feud. There is a lot of good happening, unfortunately it often gets bogged down with juvenile antics and lame over booking. Hopefully they curb this but I fear that they will not. RAW has been mostly hit or miss lately. Holy shit did the ratings explode a whopping 5.5 and a 5.9 second hour for a 5.7 but Nitro was pre-empted tonight and received some odd ratings as it has Monday and Tuesday ratings where they totaled under a 3….Wikipedia has Nitro pre-empted too this means RAW has a chance to continue making a dent in the once dominant Nitro.

HHH is with DX and they dressed in camouflage and Gunn has a bazooka….fuck. Anyway HHH tells them they have a mission tonight down there….and you know the rest. They are going to where WCW is and it will finish back at Hampton Roads and they get in a jeep and drive off.

Match 1: Ken Shamrock and Owen Hart v. Mark Henry and the Rock (c)

Rock tells the crowd that he has finally come back to VI. Owen and Ken have been conferring for a long time and finally Owen starts off against the Rock. Rock points at Ken and wants him and plays along and makes the tag and the fans love it. Owen high fives him and then kicks him in the nuts. Owen has a chair and the Nation is dismantling Shamrock. Owen places a chair on his ankle and leaps off the middle rope and stomps on it and then does it again! Blackman runs down and is immediately dismantled. Meanwhile Shamrock is stuck in the Sharpshooter. Farooq now runs down and he is met by the Rock and he too is dismantled. All three are getting demolished. Owen finally breaks the hold and salutes the crowd. Then he goes back and bites Shamrock over and over!

I guess they are playing off him being sick of DX attacking him. Now, turning him heel is as asinine as turning Bret heel. Well, not so much because he is getting paid 3 million a year and is a main eventer. Owen could have been but the WWF fucked it up. HHH and HBK played politics they fucked up the feud with HHH like no other and was worse than anything WCW has done (almost). Just do the WCW and turn him heel so he does not beat or even feud with someone who does not want to lose…..ah politics.

Here comes Dude Love with some groovy chicks and he talks about Woodstock and John and Yoko and he is bigger. The Dude can understand why the fans love Austin and why he used to be his main man and that is because Austin is a tough cookie. Dude took that tough cookie, chewed him up and spit him out. After the hanging and banging was over, after the Dude put on a performance of a lifetime his gas tank was running E, so he when he took the ladies went up to his room and they looked at him longingly and so Dude looked at them and told them that he just needed to be held. Dude had to deprive the ladies of a night of passion like he is deprived of the gold because of Austin’s antics. He recaps the match and Vince’s involvement. It was a cheap shot when he took out the main man, the head cheese: Vince McMahon. He sees three choices: We find the ex champ and find Shawn Michaels and there are a lot of boos. We match him up against the Dude to see who the champ is. Or we can have a Tournament and by his actions last night he should be the number one man. Or basically give Dude the belt. He wants a “Hell Yeah” from the crowd and they do not really respond. He takes the ladies to the back to give them what they want….

DX is at Norfolk, VA. HHH asks the crowd if they think EB sucks and they respond and if WCW sucks. They take a shot with the howitzer to fire the first shot at WCW. The sign states that it is free to get in! They are walking amongst the crowd by the arena and they are going to take no prisoners. HHH wants to know if this lady thinks if WCW sucks. She states DX rules wrestling!

Match 2: Headbangers v. Terry Funk and Scorpio

Funk and Scorpio assault them right away. And kick them in the head. One of them is back dropped but the other one flies in and now the Bangers are tossing them around. Thrasher clotheslines both and now Mosh and Scorpio go at it on the floor, down goes Scorpip and Mosh launches Thrasher into him and then Funk takes an hour but gets up and nails all with a moonsault. Scorpio is up top and lands on the Headbangers. Now they are all in the ring beating on each other and the ref has had enough and calls for the bell. Scorpio powerbombs Mosh and then leaps from the top crushing him. Thrasher comes back into the ring and Scorpio is superplexed off and then Mosh leaps from the top nailing him. Funk is back and it is just a brawl….

*** 1/2 Not really a match but it was pretty damn sweet.

DX is right by the doors of the arena and HHH has the horn and wants to know who all got the free tickets that WCW gave away in order to fill up their arena for TV! HHH states that they are firing the first shot and Pac wants Scott Hall and HHH starts to chant “Let my people go!”

They finally cleared up the previous match.

Here comes a gimpy Vince to a chorus of boos and chants of Austin. Vince comes before the crowd and tells them he has had to make some difficult decisions. He is clearing up who Austin attempted to strike with the chair. He knows Austin was trying to take his head off. As a result of that brutal and blatant attack he has suffered a mild concussion, suffering dizziness and nausea. But none of that has clouded his judgment and he asks if he should fire SCSA. He answers himself: Not yet. Firing him would be too good as he has other plans and they are right here in this ring tonight. He will defend the title against Goldust (random). He would like to introduce the official who will ref tonight; a former tag champ and a family friend as well as a warm and caring human being. It will be Brisco! Here he comes. Vince tells him that if Austin touches Brisco he will be fired immediately. Brisco is not afraid of Austin under those circumstances and the crowd is salivating for Austin. Vince asks if Brisco will ref this match in the time honored WWF tradition. Vince wants to know what kind of representative Goldust would make as WWF champ and Vince answers himself again stating that anyone would be better than the current champ.

They show Austin in the back….not happy.

DX is rolliing down a ramp yelling that they are knocking on their door and to let them in! DX calls them to accept the battle. Gunn wants to talk with EB! They are knocking on the garage door and asking to speak to EB. Pac is bitter about being fired still….

JR is doing a great job of acting shocked!

Match 3: Jeff Jarrett v. Bradshaw

They lock up and Bradshaw runs him over. JJ comes back but his strut is cut short as he is taken down. Bradshaw is whipped into the corner but he misses and JJ hammers away but the big boot does nothing and he is demolished with a clothesline and then sent to the floor. Now the Kamikaze’s come in and assault and finally overwhelm Bradshaw. Taka runs in and goes after the three. Now a dude with a mask comes in and takes out Taka.

** Angle advancement.

Trailer for Deep Impact! Overrated.

Kevin Kelly is with Dude Love and wonders how upset he is: He is. Vince asks what is going on. Dude Love does not want to be screwed and Vince wants the mic cut and yells at Kevin and swipes his hand yelling at him that he owns that mic….

Here comes DX to quite the pop! HHH asks if the crowd is ready for their main event of the evening acting like Michael Buffer. He tells them to get ready to “Suck It!” Now it is Road Dog and Gunn coming out on Vespas.

Match 4: DX v. DoA

DoA calls out LoD and DX (a lot of abbreviations there) do not look too pleased….Jesus Sunny is hot and she is a slut!

Gunn and Skull lock up and the latter gets poked in the eye. But Skull comes back and clotheslines him to the floor. It is the Outlaws for Skull and Eight Ball….no tag titles on the line and JR is bitter because Austin’s title is on the line. Skull powerslams Road Dog but Gunn is tagged in and runs into the big boot and DoA doubleteam him and spike him into the mat. Eight Ball is nailed by DX and Dog tags in Gunn whose offense does not last as he is side slammed. Skull gets the hot tag and unleashes some clotheslines but turns into a piledriver courtesy of Gunn. DoA made the switch and Gunn is turned over and pinned!

** Okay….short and not sure where it is leading.

HHH shows off the belts….letting them know they are not the champs.

Here comes the Undertaker.

Match 5: Barry Windham v. Undertaker

Barry kicks him but after sending UT into the ropes he is goozled and chokeslammed. Tombstone and over!

*Squash….poor Barry.

UT has the mic and tells Kane that he looked into the eyes of the dragon and got burned and he wants him to come down to the ring so they can finish it. He is not moving until he comes out.


Bearer and Kane are at the top of the ramp. Bearer squeals that it was not supposed to be like this. It was supposed to be UT who burned in the flames but once again it was Kane who had to suffer. He talks about Kane crying to his mother (did he say he was three…..odd). The fans are booing the shit out of Bearer. Bearer wants a truce as it has to stop. He bled last night and when he looked up he saw Kane on fire again; he could smell the flesh and see the pain in his eyes….damn this is long. It just cuts off to a break….

Oh I missed this Bearer stated that Kane is his son and that basically he banged UT’s mom! Poor woman.

Kevin Kelly asks Goldust about tonight. He is going to make the WWF proud when he becomes champ. Dude runs and takes him down and pounds him. Luna tries to stop him and it takes a bunch of officials to pull him off.

Here comes DX again….HHH is upset about DoA killing his buzz on a night when he should be on a high. He challenges any member of DoA to title match. Here comes Dan Severn….he did say anyone in the back. Cornette is trying to calm him down as HHH is ready to rumble and Severn ignores Cornette’s pleas. Cornette slaps him and gets slammed and put in an a choke hold while in an armbar.

Austin is all fired up and he is going to beat some ass. It is fine if someone can beat him but he is going to cause Vince more gray hairs as he will never get rid of Austin.

Venis is in a car and a woman’s head pops up and he asks if she found the keys yet and tells her to take another look and she does as he sighs.

Match 6: Marc Mero v.

Well he has the mic first….not much wrestling tonight. He asks if the crowd wants Sable and they really do. He wants her too and tells her to get out here and here she comes. He states she humiliated him and then mocks her. She liked being on her own and so did the fans and she is going to put him in his place. He acts scared and wants to know if she is going to beat him up. She responds that she is going to try as she has had enough of him. She wants a match in two weeks and in two weeks will kick his ass in front of the world!

Vince is thanking Brisco in advance as they shake hands.

Match 6: Goldust v. Steve Austin (c) for WWF Title

Brisco is going over the rules and reminds Austin of the consequences if he lays a hand on him! Brisco wants the belt and Austin reluctantly hands it over. Vince jogs down to the ring….Austin takes it to Goldust right away hammering him. He drops him with a clothesline and Vince is now the bell guy! Austin gets a two count and drives his shoulder into Goldust in the corner. Brisco forces the break and now Goldust takes command and he clotheslines Austin getting a two count. He snaps him over, drops the knee for another two count. Goldust works him over in the corner, takes him down but Austin thumbs the eye and he and Brisco argue. Goldust belts him from behind and stomps a hole in him in the corner and then chokes him out with his boot. Goldust get a two count but Austin tackles him and hammers him with bunch of rights but Goldust gets to his feet and takes him down. Austin is tossed to the floor. Austin flings him into the steel steps and then into the railing. Brisco shoves Austin off but he goes back after Goldust only to get nutted and Goldust rams his head into the announce table, rolls him back into the ring and puts him in a chinlock. Vince teases ringing the bell as the fans chant for Austin. Austin gets his arm up and then gets to his feet and they both are down after clotheslining one another. Goldust covers him and gets a one count. Austin fires back but is put in a sleeper however Austin nuts him and it is Stunner time! Brisco starts the count and then stops and checks his eye for a “lost” contact. Vince acts concerned….Austin is irate and here comes Dude Love and he takes it to Austin clotheslining him and knocking him to the floor. Austin makes a comeback and backdrops Dude Love. Austin lays the smackdown on him and Brisco shoves him away and Austin backs off and here comes Vince with the belt and he opens up Brisco with it! Brisco is out and Austin gives Vince the finger and celebrates in the ring and we fade….

***1/2 Fun match. It did the job it set out to do and now it seems that no matter what Vince does he cannot screw Austin!

**** Great show. The DX invasion was sheer genius. Holy shit I am sure EB was shitting his pants. The earlier start time bit him in the ass and RAW getting the slot to themselves ran with it. There was not much wrestling but the show was fucking entertaining. I do not like Owen as a heel but that is life….I am really getting into the Austin/Vince feud but I must admit that the Rock has been spinning his wheels since his great performance at the Rumble and it is time to set him loose….Poor Nitro, Time Warner would not allow antics like that and Vince has the full support and even help from USA, running interference for him from the suits and so on. It is shit like this that appeals to the younger crowd and (shit not being derogatory here) and something Nitro just cannot compete with, but they still have their audience niche and it will be interesting to see how they respond.


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