WWF RAW 10/19/1998

Written by: Kevin Kindelberger

WWF Monday Night RAW 10/19/98

They need to follow up with a great show after that stinker of a PPV. I may have ranked it too high but then again I did that to some WCW one’s so I will leave it at the two stars. It will be interesting to see what happens as there is no champ. RAW won handily with 5.0 across the board while Nitro received a 4.4.

Vince has everyone come down to the ring and there are balloons. Vince comes out finally in his wheelchair and he guarantees and pauses as that is the word he used when he discussed getting rid of Austin. There will be a tournament at the PPV for the title as it is vacant. The fans chant asshole and he revels in it and he reiterates firing him and how happy he was doing it and tells him that he is fired again. They show the look of disbelief on Austin’s face on the TitanTron. Austin talked about hunting and Vince states it is for a job. If Austin ever wants to be near the WWF again he has to pay for a ticket. The fans are wondering what it is like to be Vince McMahon and have the balls to fire Austin. He searched his feelings and declared it felt good to fire him. Then it felt great and this morning it was better than sex. Hopefully the wrestlers in the ring take this as a lesson as no one is as big as Vince. All the Austin gear that the fans wear is now a collector’s item. Now a new fad will sweep the world and that is McMahon 3:16 and it states I have the brass to fire your ass. Now Austin is on the TitanTron wearing fatigues and he has a gun. Vince looks worried.

Now they are in the back and Bossman wearing combat fatigues is told to get rid of Austin. Vince and his cronies are conferring and Vince wants the camera left on in order to document what happens. Austin is cleaning his gun. Apparently he is at the arena, hence the camera there as that would make no sense!

Match 1: Ken Shamrock v. X Pac

Non-title match. First they pan to DX hanging out with Motley Crue earlier and Road Dog sounds like a fucking tool as he gushes. They will be on Heat and then RAW next week.

Vince is watching the match with a K-9 and officer, a fat one at that. Shamrock has him in a head hold of some sort as Chyna is being arrested and she squeaks in protest. Pac escapes and connects with some kicks but runs right into a powerslam and is nearly pinned. Pac is sent into the corner and sandwiched but Pac whips him into the corner in return and misses the Buster as a fan yells that he sucks. Shamrock follows up with a suplex. Shamrock slams him again and Mankind has come down and he is hit and pulled into the ring but is put in the Claw. Shamrock counters with a belly to belly but he turns right into a facebuster and Pac wins.

** Pac wins? Whatever works. It is angle advancement.

Chyna is placed in the police car as DX whines.

Austin is talking to some fans about guns and rasslin’ and he signs some autographs.

Vince is in the back bitching about what is going on and what kinds of cops these are. Those were cops that got the autographs. The cop with the dog leaves and does not want to risk his life. Vince screams dammit a few times and whines about protection as Brisco goes to look for some.

Headbangers mock Outlaws promo and tell everyone they suck.

Match 2: Headbangers v. LoD

Headbangers start strong but get knocked to the floor. Droz is rolled up and beaten. He blames Hawk for the loss.

* Angle advancement.

Back to Vince and Patterson is going to get some coffee. Slaughter leaves and so does Brisco and now he is alone and Vince freaks out.

After the break Socko pops through the door and he is his new security guard. Vince is actually happy to see him and Mankind is excited because it will be like a sleepover.

UT is with Paul Bearer in the ring. UT states that there has been a reconciliation. He talks about vision and understanding of the power of the darkness. Paul helped him clear his head and focus on why he is truly here. Now something about being something and darkness. Paul’s turn and he is fucking annoying. He used Kane like a pet because he is stupid and weak. He turned his back on him twice and he never understood the darkness so he will never have any use for him. UT admits setting the fire and only the strong survive. Cue Kane. Kane is pushing a casket. Fucking voicebox and he challenges him to casket match tonight. UT will rest in peace!

Mankind is playing Twister with Vince and calls him a party pooper. Vince wants him out of here and does not want to play games. Too bad they panned on other people in the room. He throws stuff at Mankind until he leaves.

Match 3: Steve Blackman v. Jeff Jarrett

Debra comes out with JJ! She is looking quite fine I must say. Blackman escapes a blow but JJ goes behind and drops him but misses the elbow drop.  A dropkick sends him to the apron but his throat is bounced off the top. JJ goes up and misses and is nearly pinned as the fans chant for Debra to “Show her tits” and JJ strikes with a swinging neckbreaker and he gets two after a dropkick. Blackman just stands there for the slow developing DDT. JJ’s whip is reversed into the corner but he gets the elbow up. Now Blackman takes charge with a belly to belly and he kicks off JJ’s head. Blue Blazer runs down and he annihilates Blackman. JJ helps him out as the fans chant nugget. Al Snow comes down and Debra distracts him and he gets blasted with the guitar.

*1/2 Another weak match.

Vince is now all alone. He jumps as the phone rings. It is Austin and he is coming for him. He is on the phone again and talking to the limo driver and Austin is no longer out there. He wants the limo door left open for him….why would Vince pick a room that does not lock? Vince is wheeling out towards the garage and moving with some hesitancy. He sees the limo and heads towards it. The door is open for him and he is helped into the back and Austin is right there and grabs him. Vince screams no and he cannot get away. He tells Vince to freeze and then wheels it back towards the building. He has grabbed his hunting bow as he runs the chair into objects. Vince screams about his ankle. He runs it into the door and then shuts Vince in his room with him there too. Austin has a gun too and that is why Vince froze.

A near crying Vince is talking to Austin. He has never been hunting. He just took pictures. Austin shows him a knife and talks about killing an elephant or something.

Here comes the Rock.

Match 4: Rock v. D’Lo Brown

Rock takes him down. Strikes with a swinging neckbreaker and then nuts him as Henry jaws with the ref. D’Lo gets right back up though and strikes with a DDT. He pounds him in the corner, whips him into the other one only to charge into a clothesline. Brown though tosses him over the top rope. As D’Lo distracts the ref Henry clotheslines the Rock and rolls him into the ring. Brown gets two and then slams him and misses the elbow drop. Rock picks him up and tosses him with a fall away slam. Brown misses a shot and is DDT’d. Brown walks into the bodyslam and the roof comes off for the Elbow and he delivers it. Brown though uppercuts him and then goes up to the middle rope and jumps right into the Rock Bottom. Mark Henry gets in the ring and he too is assaulted but the number’s game takes over and Rock is squashed with a big splash and another one as refs try to get them away from the Rock.

** Thought this would be a bit longer as Brown has some skill. Oh well. Not sure what is going on with this feud.

Austin calls Vince dumb and he is taking his ass tonight as he carves up an apple with a knife. He is talking murder.

Vince tells him he will not get away with it. Austin is not worried as he stated he was going hunting and instead of  a deer he got a jackass.

Tiger Ali Singh is in the ring and he mocks the eating habits of Americans. He talks about canned meat and hot dogs. He will pay 500 dollars if a woman will swallow Babu’s kielbasa whole. She has big titties and is a couger. She swallows that shit whole! Damn and Tiger calls here a peasant and she does it again. The crowd cheers as the Godfather comes out and talks about a pimping custom. He talks about ho’s paying pimps and that woman was one of his ho’s and she was a good ho too. Tiger is upset as he wanted an amateur. He could have had her a lot cheaper than 500 dollars. Tiger is pissed and shoves Babu at him but he is bodyslammed and the refs pull them apart.

Austin is showing off his bullseye shot with the arrow. Vince is all worried. Austin assures him that that was not for him and then tells Vince about Deliverance. He wants Vince to squeal like a pig and Vince oinks and then he does it louder and louder!

After the break Austin is talking about Misery and what Kathy Bates did to James Caan. He wonders if this could really happen and Vince screams for help as Austin tells him to shut up and covers his mouth with duct tape and then wraps it around him as he is going to look for a sledgehammer.

Match 5: Mankind v. Val Venis

They exchange shots. Val unloads with running knees and a side Russian leg sweep. Val thrusts his hips as he straddles Mankind. Val mounts and pounds him. Mankind pushes him off but is clotheslined and then choked out on the ropes. Mankind makes a comeback and Val gets run over and it is Socko time as the ref is distracted and Shamrock blasts Mankind with a chair to the knee and Val gets the win.

** Angle advancement.

Mankind is not happy and goes after Ken, flinging him into the steps and they brawl in the crowd. Mankind nails him with a chair.

Val and Terri are in the ring and cue Goldust’s music. He is on the TitanTron and he is going to shatter Val’s dreams again and again until he never forgets the name of Goldust! Val is a bit worried as Terri whispers something to him and she is grinning and he leaves.

Austin is still discussing the Misery thing. He is not happy about being fired and he has bigger plans and when those plans are carried out Vince will not feel a thing.

After the break he wants Vince to relax in order to not have a heart attack. They will watch some TV and he has to pick either Kane or the Undertaker. He finally picks Kane and if Kane wins they will do things the easy way and if he loses then it will be the hard way.

Match 6: Kane v. Undertaker

They start brawling right at the bell. Kane takes it to him. He runs him over with a flying clothesline. UT strikes back with a DDT but Kane rises right up and the brawl continues. UT clotheslines him to the floor right by the casket and Kane pulls him out and they brawl inside the casket. UT DDT’s him and the lid is shut and they continue fighting and the casket is torn apart. UT stands over Kane, as he knocks him out of the casket. UT is on the apron and he leaps on Kane. But Kane flings him into the side of the ring. He goes after Paul who waddles away. UT charges and blindsides him with a chair. Kane heads after UT and Paul with the chair after they left him lying.

** I guess this is over. Angle advancement.

Austin regretfully tells Vince that he lost and he has to do it in front of the people and he starts to wheel him down, banging into walls along the way of course.

He wheels him down and dumps a really sad looking Vince into the ring! Austin is mocking him as Vince looks like he just shat himself. Austin has what Vince said earlier tonight about being crossed and his new clothing line. Vince is on his hands and knees praying as Austin basically discusses killing him. He demands Vince look up at the TitanTron and the fans are all happy and want to see him murdered as he got a big Hell Yeah when he asked the fans if they want to see his eyes pop out of his head! Bloodthirsty. He pulls the trigger and out comes out a flag that says : Austin 3:16. Vince is all scared and he pissed himself! Austin stuns him for good measure!

***1/2 I could go on and on about the legalities of this episode and how the RAW crew listened to Austin who was going to kill their boss! No security or police. Of course it shows how no one likes Vince too. Overall it entertained and that is the point. Val and Goldust seems to be running its course quickly. Rock and the Nation needs to end soon and just get him in the title hunt. Kane and UT has gotten old, a year later. Austin and McMahon has some life left but it seems that it will continue for some time and I wonder how they will sustain it. Not the greatest follow up and there could have been better wrestling but it did the job.

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