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WWF RAW 12/21/1998

Written by: Kevin Kindelberger

WWF Monday Night RAW 12/21/98

I see the appeal of RAW. I mean, if I was a teen or young man being introduced to wrestling the first time, what would I want see? Juve and Rey flying around the ring or Debra’s puppies? Also, there is an industrial feel to RAW, edgy and no pun intended raw. They have Satan angles, pimps and women prancing around with barely any clothes on. Austin is running wild and all sorts of shit keeps happening in a format that the 90s teen brain is wired to love: MTV style television. Nitro appeals to the older fan, men in late 20s and especially 30s and 40s. Women I admit I am not sure of….but by 99 I know more and more tuned into RAW. This does not mean I enjoy it but back then it was fresh and different and even today some of that still shines through despite all the ass and dick jokes and really WCW has no chance, and with restrictions placed on Nitro and Thunder it is hard to compete but then you become WWF-lite and alienate your core audience and soon the demographics will shift as wrestling begins to soon lose audience share. RAW fell a bit to a 4.7 with a 4.4 and 5.0 while Nitro going into its biggest PPV of the year stumbled badly with a 4.7 start and then it fell to a 3.8 and 3.6….TWNP has it at a 3.7 but that cannot be right. I refuse to calculate it but let me check Wikipedia has it as a 4.0 and that seems right….must have been a big Monday Night Football game. It was the Broncos and Dolphins…..Broncos win.

Here comes the Corporation. No Vince as Shane claims this is his show tonight. Cue DX, they come out and HHH states that while Shane may have the keys to the kingdom they have the keys to the Boiler Room and bring out Mankind. HHH also calls him an asshole like his dad, and the fans repeat with alacrity as Shane thanks HHH for calling him that. Shane wants to get down to business and he talks about Ass and Dog and how they will not get a rematch. Instead they will get an ass kicking from Shamrock, Gunn will, as HBK announces what they won. Bossman will beat up Road Dog with his nightstick shoving it up his posterior. Shane wants to know what else is cooking, and for HHH and his male companion X Pac and they have won a match against Rock and Test. Back to Shane, who calls Mankind a deranged freak and no one puts hands on his daddy without payback so it will be Mankind against Shane! It will be in the ring and not a parking lot. Mankind is heaving with laughter about Shane kicking his ass and HHH is doubled over and Mankind calls him a silver spoon shoveling sissy, and everyone is going to love watching Shane try. HHH has two words: Suck It and he and Mankind do the crotch chop.

D’Lo is talking to Mark Henry wanting him to stay focused. Henry is talking about sex or something but promises to have a hell of a match.

Match 1: Gangrel v. Al Snow

Snow starts with about a dozen headbutts, and then a spinkick. But Gangrel kicks him in the gut and tosses him with a release suplex getting a two count. Gangrel fires off some rights and powerslams him for two. Gangrel is sent into the rope after the reversal and he ducks one blow but the lariat connects. Snow pushes him into the corner and places him up top but he is shoved off. Gangrel leaps and gets two after a crossbody. Snow floats over after the whip into the corner, and they counter each other but Snow hits the Plow and it is over!

**1/2 Wow a clean finish!

The lights go out and flash red and Edge and Christian arrive and now it is pitch black. Snow is on the floor and covered in blood. Cole calls it a bloody mess….please JR hurry back.

During the break Snow wanders around freaking out as the Squad tries to calm him down.

Match 2: Billy Gunn v. Ken Shamrock (c) for WWF IC Title

Shamrock is told by the crowd he sucks and Billy asks him if he does and Shamrock tells him off. Ken takes him down but Billy escapes and mocks Ken with some karate chops. Shamrock takes him down but Billy pops him in the face. Both are up again. Billy strikes with a running knee, takes him down and has the arm after a two count. Ken gets to his feet as Billy yanks on the arm, now he twists it and is pushed in the corner. Shamrock punches him and then whips him into the opposite corner and Gunn drops him with a back elbow and he gets two. He keeps him grounded with the armbar. Shamrock is up but is pushed into the corner where he is kicked in the gut a few times. Billy poses for the crowd and they love it. Shamrock has had enough and explodes out of the corner with a clothesline and then clips the back of the knees and stomps on his knee, going to work on the left knee. He pulls him to the post and wraps it around it and now kicks it for good measure. He posts it again. Ken slowly goes back into the ring and works over the tender (Cole’s words) knee. Billy fights but is sent down with a hurracarana and just gets his shoulder up in time. Ken goes for a suplex but is rolled up and nearly pinned. This time the suplex works and it is Fisherman’s Suplex where he gets another near fall. Shamrock pushes him into the corner and knees him a few times. Billy reverses the whip and off the rebound rolls him up for two. Shamrock is back in command as he takes out the knee. Shamrock screams for him to get up. Billy slowly obliges. Shamrock leaps on his shoulders and is awkwardly taken down and held down and pinned!

*** Fans erupted! But the ending was nearly muffed.

HBK wants everyone to hold the phone and states that Gunn could fight the IC champ but that the title was not on the line. The ring announcer’s opinion means nothing. HBK does declare Gunn the winner but that Shamrock is still the champ! Gunn will not allow Shawn to take the IC belt….Gunn looks like he just caught his girlfriend cheating. He moons Shawn and is belted by Shamrock for his troubles but Gunn gets right back up and chases them off.

Hawk has finally comes down; he refuses to cover for Droz as he is clean. Droz comes down as Hawk calls him the dope pusher and that it was all a plan. When Hawk heals up he is going to beat up Droz. Hawk has plenty of hatred for Droz and turns to leave and Droz attacks him from behind. Animal comes down and tosses him off and Droz leaves as the fans chant LoD.

Back to D’Lo and Henry and the former cannot believe he is going through with this. He knocks on a door and out comes Terri and Jackie and they croon for Sexual Chocolate and bring him in the room.

Match 3: Steve Blackman v. Blue Blazer

Now Owen comes down with a mic after the Blazer enters the ring. Owen calls Steve a liar, but there is a little bit of the Blazer in each one of us. Blazer gets his foot grabbed and strikes with an enzuguri. Blackman kicks him, standing dropkick now a heel kick. Owen is at the announce table telling Cole he is full of crap (he is) and that the footage was tampered with! Steve continues to hammer him, side slams him and goes for the mask but Blazer bounces his throat off the top. Cole tells Owen it was live last week, and Owen is silent and claims reasonable doubt! Owen leaves. Steve is beating on the Blazer as Owen threatens him and that distracts Steve and Owen trips him up and gets in the ring and stomps a hole in him. Blazer puts him in the dragon sleeper and Goldust comes down and takes out Owen and the Blazer sneaks off and runs for it. He catches him and beats him up as Blackman dropkicks Owen. Now Goldust holds him as Steve unmasks him and it is Jeff Jarrett! Lawler claims it is not JJ.

*1/2 Angle advancement….I guess.

Terri and Jackie are rubbing up on Henry…..This is horrible. Terri looks like something out of a Winger video. Not that there is anything wrong with that. They are going to shower together and Mark gets to watch. D’Lo paces around the door and leaves.

Earlier Tonight: Vince is giving last minute instructions to Shane and not allow his ego get the best of him. Vince wants his cronies to keep an eye on him and then he leaves and Shane stalks off claiming he has a lot of work to do as Pat and Jerry look befuddled.

Match 4: Road Dog v. Big Bossman

Road Dog happens to be from Cobb County and claims he had a cousin who said that Bossman and the guards got funky with those sticks. Road Dog wants the Hardcore Title and Bossman claims he knows nothing about Hardcore and is willing to do so.

Bossman chases him with the the stick but is stomped. Bossman escapes and crushes him with a spinebuster and he beats him in the corner. He flings him into the corner and down goes Dog. He is then tossed to the floor. Bossman rolls out and is walloped in the head with some sort of object and he gets a two count. Bossman has the steps and runs at him and misses hitting the post. Road Dog kicks him but Bossman fires back and runs his head into the steel steps. Bossman keeps after him and pushes him over the barrier and Bossman beats him through the crowd. He is tossed into the technicians table and bodies fly! Bossman snaps a broom in half over Road Dog and chokes him with the handle. He tosses him back over the barrier. Back into ring, Bossman pulls off his belt and whips him like a cur. Now he has some powder and takes an hour to open it and it is kicked into his face. Road Dog has the nightstick and whips away. Road Dog though is pulled to the floor and tossed back into the crowd. Bossman has a fan, electric one, and clobbers Road Dog. He takes the crowd and hangs him with it, nope it is a small noose. Road Dog falls to the ground and the ref is grabbed by the throat and he begs off. Road Dog uses that opportunity to nut him; he tosses a garbage can over his head and then leaps off the barrier nailing him. He kicks him but the noose is reapplied around his neck and Bossman swings him from railing to railing. Mankind comes out and tosses a net over Bossman and cracks him in the skull and Road Dog gets the pin! Bossman goes in search of Mankind!

***1/2 Really fun brawl.

The lades have stripped down Henry into his shorts. They are wearing negligees and massaging him. They put a dog collar on him. Damn I want his job….they want him face down on a table and rub his back complimenting his backside. The porn music is classic. He is oiled up and they tell him to roll over. Terri has a gag ball and puts it in his mouth. Brown did not leave he is doing push ups! Terri squirts whip cream all over his stomach and chest and licks some off. Now some electrical thing….

Brisco and Patterson are telling Shane he cannot do this and he does not care. They worry about the Christmas bonus. Shane does not like being laughed at and will teach Mankind a lesson.

Now Terri blindfolds him and ties down his arms as Jackie does the ankles.

Match 5: Acolytes v. Job Squad

The brawl begins with all four going at it. Scorpio is tossed to the floor. Farooq takes it to Holly and Scorpio eats the steps. Holly lowblows Farooq. Bradshaw gets in and hammers him and they both run him over. Bradshaw misses the elbow, but does not miss the big boot. Holly is bodyslammed but the elbow misses again. Bradshaw just goes after Scorpio on the apron and gets his ass handed to him. Now Scorpio is in and he unloads, Bradshaw misses the boot but he back into a forearm from Farooq and big clothesline from Bradshaw. The Acolytes double team him and get the near fall. Scorpio spinkicks him but he is beaten and knocked to the floor. Holly and Bradshaw go at it in the ring as Farooq and Scorpio slug it out on the floor. Bradshaw runs over Holly and Farooq is taking care of business tossing him over the barrier. Holly is powerbombed. The ref calls for the bell. Squad wins via DQ as the Acolytes continue to beat them up.

** Angle advancement. I guess this could go somewhere.

Brisco and Patterson try to talk a jogging Shane out from wrestling!

Match 6: Shane McMahon v. Mankind

They argue with but now Mankind has come down. Shane punches him a few times but is decleated and DDT’d. Shawn keeps the troops at bay. Mankind has a mic and chair. He wants Shane to get up as he has a Christmas surprise for him. Shane cowers, and is given the chair and Mankind wants Shane to lay him out and calls him a gutless coward and Shane whacks him but it barely fazes him and Mankind beats him down. Patterson and Brisco run in and they get taken out too, both are whipped into Shane and each other. Mankind grabs Patteron’s nuts and then runs over Shane with a knee in the corner. Shawn is still holding them back. Claw time on Shane and now the Rock runs down and attacks and he and Mankind take it to the floor. DX runs down and Pac Bronco Busts poor Shane! Shane is pulled to safety and dragged away.

**1/2 Classic.

Oh fuck they are doing a Santa thing, and he likes sex and looks at boobs and it is Freddie Blassie….why?

It is time for Brown’s match and he knocks on the door and Mark moans that he is coming…..Jesus.

Match 7: D’Lo Brown and Mark Henry v. Headbangers

D’Lo hammers Thrasher but is hit from behind. Henry has a clamp on his crotch and is getting whipped along with some hot wax. Brown powerbombs Mosh with Thrasher making the save. Now Thrasher gets powerbombed and Mosh has to make the save. Brown is laid out and Mosh misses the elbow drop. D”Lo fires off some shots but is finished off…..Here comes a spent Mark Henry who staggers down the ramp. Brown calls him a fat ass as Henry whines about being tied up and D’Lo storms off.

*1/2 Angle Advancement.

Brisco and Patterson are worried about the repercussions when Vince arrives. Pat wants to do the talking. They scramble to open the door and Brisco whines that it was not his fault. Vince is worried about Shane and stomps off heading into the building.

DX comes down and HBK makes some stipulations. Vince comes out and states that this has been a good night and Vince wants DX to stay at ringside and keep this fair.

Match 8: DX v. Rock and Test

Shawn makes sure Vince is kosher with this….he is.

HHH tells a bug eyed Rock to suck it. Pac starts out against him though. Rock drops him with a few hard rights. Rock is sent to the ropes and run over. But Pac strikes with two hiptosses and then tags in HHH. Test gets the tag and he glares at HHH. Test kicks him and then knocks him down. He wallops him with a forearm and then knees him a few times in the corner. He telegraphs the backdrop and is kicked, hit and then clotheslined. Test is run face first into the corner. Rock gets the tag and sets up some mighty blows and down goes HHH after a lariat and he gets a two count. Test is back in and HHH is hung over the ropes getting choked out. Test sideslams him for two. But HHH knocks him back and X Pac takes him down and hits the Bronco Buster. Pac is knocked to the floor where the Rock hammers him as HHH whines to the ref. Pac is brought back in and he punished by both Rock and Test. Rock hits the Corporate Elbow and HHH runs in and clotheslines the Rock and is told to leave. Rock punches Pac square in the nuts and Test does the Nash in the corner. Whips him to the other corner only to run into an elbow but he explodes out with a clothesline. Pac fires back with a spinning heel kick and both are down. Rock and HHH are in and the latter runs him down with three straight shots and elbows him and Test runs in to give him a hand and eats a knee and now Pac is in the ring only to be tossed out. Test telegraphs it again and eats a Pedigree but at the last second Rock makes the save. The lights go out and cue Kane’s music! Here he comes, so much for being committed as he is back. He makes his way down. Kane goozles and chokeslams HHH and now he has Gunn who was fighting the Rock and he gets chokeslammed as does Road Dog! Vince is grinning. Rock is goozled and they calm him down, and he lets him go and he chokeslams X Pac. For some reason Chyna gets in and hits him and she too gets it……

**** Great show, easily the best in months. Another swerve but the fall out from Shane mucking things up should happen next week. Some great wrestling, things were kept simple if odd with the Mark Henry segment. Now I want to see what happens next week.


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