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UPDATED 9/9/2011:
WWF Superstars 4/6/1991
WWF Superstars 4/13/1991
WWF Superstars 4/20/1991
WWF Superstars 4/27/1991
WWF Superstars 5/4/1991
WWF Superstars 5/11/1991
WWF Superstars 5/18/1991
WWF Superstars 5/25/1991

WCW Saturday Night 2/1/1992 (Windham/Austin)
WCW Saturday Night 2/15/1992 (Steamboat & Windham/Anderson & Zbyszko)
WCW Saturday Night 2/22/1992 (Eight Man Tag)
WCW Saturday Night 2/29/1992 (Valentine & Taylor/Simmons & Josh)

WCW Nitro 10/20/1997 (S. Steiner/Hall)
WCW Nitro 10/27/1997 (Flair/Savage, DDP/Hogan)
WCW Nitro 11/3/1997 (Luger/Hennig)
WCW Nitro 11/10/1997 (Flair/Luger)

NWA-TNA Lockdown 4.23.2006
NWA-TNA Sacrifice 5.14.2006
NWA-TNA Slammiversary 6.18.2006
NWA-TNA Victory Road 7.16.2006
NWA-TNA No Surrender 9.24.2006
NWA-TNA Bound For Glory II 10.22.2006

NWA-TNA Lockdown 4.15.2007
NWA-TNA Sacrifice 5.13.2007
TNA Slammiversary 6.17.2007
TNA Victory Road 7.15.2007
TNA No Surrender 9.9.2007

TNA Sacrifice 5.11.2008
TNA Victory Road 7.13.2008
TNA No Surrender 9.14.2008

TNA Against All Odds 2.8.2009

TNA Lockdown 4.18.2010
TNA Sacrifice 5.16.2010
TNA Slammiversary 6.13.2010
TNA Victory Road 7.11.2010
TNA Hardcore Justice 8.8.2010
TNA No Surrender 9.5.2010
TNA Bound For Glory VI 10.10.2010

ROH on HDNET 7/11/2009 (Strong/Briscoe)
ROH on HDNET 7/18/2009 (Huge Six Man Tag!)
ROH Death Before Dishonor VII Night One 7/24/2009
ROH Death Before Dishonor VII Night Two 7/25/2009
ROH on HDNET 7/25/2009 (Black/Danielson)
ROH on HDNET 8/1/2009 (Brown/Briscoe/Brown)
ROH on HDNET 8/8/2009 (Richards/Generico)
ROH on HDNET 8/17/2009 (McGuiness/Black)
ROH on HDNET 8/24/2009 (Aries/Strong)
ROH on HDNET 8/31/2009 (Dutt/Delirious)

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