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WWF Superstars 4/27/1991

Written by: Tom Hopkins

WWE Superstars 04/27/91 (44:15) We’re in Las Vegas, Nevada and Vince promises us a winner. In fact, we have an Earthquake/Jake Robert match. It’s always nice to see a real match on these episodes.

-Big Boss Man vs. Pez Whatley-

Pez is one of my favorite jobbers on here and he may actually get in some offense in this squash match. And we start with Pez pounding at Boss Man in the corner. Boss Man school boys Pez after reversing an Irish Whip and Pez kicks out. Man, if Boss Man can’t beat Pez how can he compete with Mountie (who we are hearing from now). The Mountie always gets his man, y’know. Boss Man slugs down Whatley and the Boss Man slam ends this at 1:26. ½*.. Boss Man handcuffs Pez for good measures.

We see footage of Sensational Sherri running into Andre the Giant in a bar. Sherri wants to manage Andre. Hey, is that Pat Patterson in the background? Andre spanks Sherri. That’s certainly weird.

-Undertaker vs. Larry Ludden-

Ludden doesn’t stand a chance. In fact we ignore the match to see a pre-recorded comment from Taker taunting the Ultimate Warrior. Taker hits all the big moves here, the flying clothesline, the rope-walk and the Tombstone ends this at 1:34. Amazingly this was longer than the Boss Man match. Oh we have a big debut here. The jobber is put into a bodybag, a gimmick I remember fondly watching as a kid. ½*.

Sean Mooney joins us at the Event Center. We hear from Warlord (and Slick) who calls out Koko B. Ware, Bret Hart and Hulk Hogan. That’s certainly a wide array of superstars on the spectrum. We also hear from Greg Valentine.

-The Genius vs. Hacksaw Jim Duggan-

The Genius has a poem for us and he basically calls Hacksaw Jim Duggan a loser. Before this starts, can you believe we have two name matches on a Superstars? The start of the match is interrupted by a Col. Mustafa promo. Hacksaw does an airplane spinning bodyslam to start before the three-point stance ends this at 1:09. Wait, Pez Whatley got more offense in his match than the Genius, a man who holds a victory over Hulk Hogan? There were two moves in this match. DUD.

This month on Hot Ticket: Wrestlemania History & Heroes. I don’t remember these Hot Ticket events. We head back to Mooney and more promos. We hear from Power & Glory (and for a second time, Slick) and the WWE Tag Champs the Nasty Boys.

-Mr. Perfect vs. Randy Taylor-

Randy Taylor, wasn’t that one of the Toolman’s kids from Home Improvement? Perfect chops away at Randy and Perfect does the patented neck snap and his nice looking dropkick. Now That’s Perfect! We hear from the British Bulldog and he tells Vince to ask his dog about his chances to win the title. I think it would’ve been funny had Winston barked, “Rough, Rough!” Ha, I slay me sometimes. Now you’re gonna see the Perfectplex. It’s goodnight Irene at 1:34. ½*.

We hear from Berry De Mey, a WBF star who hypes a WBF PPV.

Roddy Piper (who is still limping) is welcomed to the Funeral Parlor. Piper makes fun of Paul Bearer to start. This segment was to set up the Piper/Virgil & DiBiase feud. Apparently DiBiase called Piper the Bo Jackson of wrestling. Oooh, TAG! Virgil walks out for this interview, too. It seems he’s there to show he’s friends with Piper and all that junk.

-Earthquake vs. Jake Roberts-

Earthquake attacks Jake as soon as he enters the ring but Jake responds with a high-knee and takes out Damien. The referees force Jake to put his snake away, something that also happened at the Heroes of Wrestling PPV. If you don’t know what I am talking about then you’re lucky. The refs force Jake to put the snake UNDER the ring. That’ll be important later on. Earthquake again attacks Jake from behind as Jake is distracted by Jimmy Hart. Earthquake pulls the bag with Damien from under the ring, although it is clearly a different bag. Earthquake ties up Jake in the ropes and Earthquake does the unthinkable. He does the Earthquake splash to the snake. And you wonder why the WWF sued them to get their name back. They don’t actually show the squash but they cut away so we can see Sean Mooney’s shocked face. Quake decides a second one is in store and again we go to Mooney who is in a sort of disgusted shock. This is a well-remembered moment in Superstars history thanks to its inclusion in the Wrestlecrap archives as well as the Jake Roberts DVD.

-The Rockers vs. Bill Lucas & Barry O-

Shawn and Barry start this off with Barry getting in some token jobber offense. It seems the Rockers will be battling the Nasty Boys next week for the Tag Titles. Hopefully that’ll be a decent match although I suspect some sort of Orient Express (who we hear from) interference. Marty is tagged in and hits the Rocker Drop on Bill Lucas. The double fist drop ends this at 1:34. That is the magic number tonight. ½*.

We hear from IRS before moving to the Event Center and comments from Sgt. Slaughter and then the Legion of Doom and final comments from the Nasty Boys to hype their tag match next week with the Rockers. Saturday Night’s Main Event is mentioned right at the end as “another WWE event,” too.

-The Bottom Line-

This is another excellent episode of Superstars and two really good episodes in a row. There was the important Jake/Earthquake event that really drove this episode but seeing Perfect, the Rockers, Boss Man and Undertaker in action was all a pleasure, too. I wish the Genius/Hacksaw match would’ve been better but what can you do. It seems that these post-Wrestlemania episodes are showing at least one good match per show and I hope that trend continues.


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