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WWF Superstars 6/15/1991

Written by: Tom Hopkins

We’re in Tucson, Arizona for a Father’s Day edition of Superstars. Roddy gets a tie from, “one of his Jamaican children.” Weird.

-Bret Hart vs. Louie Spicolli-

Oh hey, it’s Louie Spicolli! Bret tells us it’s time to get into the shade of pink in a pre-recorded interview. Bret controls the whole match and he hits all his major moves. The back-breaker into the second-rope elbow, a snap-suplex and a Sharpshooter to end this at 2:42. Louie’s selling was comical at times which was a bright spot in a match where Bret was just meandering around half the time.

We head to the Update Center with Mean Gene, brought to us by the Battle of the Superstars tape. We recap the Andre/Jimmy Hart incident from two weeks ago. We hear from Andre the Giant and Gene tells us the big guy has had knee surgery and his WWE career is questionable.

Sid Justice promo!

-Ted DiBiase vs. Larry Luden-

Teddy boys smacks around the local jobber, chucks him to the outside, drops him with a clothesline, powerslams him and finishes with the Million Dollar Dream at 2:10.

We head to Sean Mooney who introduces us to promo’s from Power and Glory (who claim to be the best) and from the British Bulldog.

-The Mountie vs. Stephan DeLeon-

The Mountie uses his hammerlock-head slamming in the corner tactic to start as we hear from the Big Boss Man. Mountie dropkicks DeLeon before ending this with a Boss Man slam type move at 1:51. The jobber gets the shock treatment, too.

Let’s go back to Mooney. His segues are always impressive. Anyway, we hear from Jake Roberts (who talks about killing birds as a dumb kid but he’s not so dumb anymore) and his promo was actually quite good. This guy could talk. We also hear from IRS.

-Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs. Black Knight-

Black Knight is from Parts Unknown. If you’ve seen one Hacksaw match you’ve seen them all. If you have never seen a Hacksaw match then you are very lucky. The three-point stance clothesline ends this at 2:11.

It’s Funeral Parlor time and our guest is Mr. Perfect. He brings out his “former” manager: Bobby Heenan. Bobby talks about entering the world of broadcast journalism and Perfect brings out his new manager: Coach.

-Tugboat & The Bushwhackers vs. Earthquake & The Nasty Boys-

This was just on a few months ago and this is just a quick copy&paste job. Do I actually need to review another Bushwhackers match? Knobbs starts with Luke, who clotheslines Knobbs down. Butch comes in and pounds away, which shows the extent of his wrestling prowess. Sags comes in and does some punches of his own. Knobbs comes back in and misses a charge, so Luke bites him. The Bushwhackers tag in Tugboat, whose back was turned, so the Nasty’s tag in Earthquake. The two big guys stare each other down and Tugboat tags out to Luke. Earthquake kills Luke and he’s dead in the heel corner. A double elbow drop knocks Luke down but Butch makes the save. Earthquake powerslams Luke and again Butch makes the save. Butch tries to take on all the four heels until Tugboat comes in and nails Butch. He splashes Luke which leads to Earthquake hitting the butt splash for the pin at 4:24. The match sucked (DUD), but it did set up the Natural Disasters tag team, as Tugboat turned to the dark side to team with Earthquake as one-half of the Natural Disasters.

-Col. Mustafa vs. Matthew Burns-

This is like hell. Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Col. Mustafa AND the Bushwhackers on the same card? Slaughter jaws at the jobber, before Mustafa goes to work. We have a gut-wrench suplex, a wicked looking back suplex and the Cobra Clutch ends this at 1:30.

Let’s head to Sean one more time. We hear from the Undertaker (and Paul Bearer of course). Bearer says Taker doesn’t care about championships but he would win the title by year’s end. The Rockers also have words for us, and they’re thinking gold, too.

We give a preview for next week (the debut of The Beverly Brothers, more with Sid, and the Undertaker in action).

-The Bottom Line-

I didn’t mention it but there was a lot of talk of Macho Man and Elizabeth, which was interesting. This was a different episode, actually featuring a non-jobber match that advanced an angle, a Bret Hart match and Louie Spicolli. The downside is you have the Bushwhackers, Col. Mustafa and Jim Duggan. It didn’t have the amount of suck as previous weeks so there you go.


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