WWF Wrestling Challenge 1/24/1993

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Wrestling Challenge
From: Beaumont, TX


1.) Tatanka defeated Iron Mike Sharpe
2.) Papa Shango defeated Bobby East
3.) The Nasty Boys defeated Chuck West & Isi Bermudez
4.) Yokozuna defeated Rudy Flores
5.) Bob Backlund defeated Louie Spicolli
6.) WWF Intercontinental Champion Shawn Michaels defeated Reno Riggins

Angle Developments/Notes:

1. The undefeated Native American Tatanka continued his yearlong undefeated by pinning Iron Mike Sharpe following a Samoan Drop. During the match, Tatanka talked about the Royal Rumble being a lifelong dream, though I’m pretty sure he competed in it last year.

2. Lord Alfred Hayes hosts the Special Report. Doink hit Crush with a loaded fake arm on last week’s WWF Superstars show. Footage of the attack is shown as Doink tried to give Crush flowers in a sign of mercy. However, when Crush turned his back he was hit by Doink several times. The attack has forced Crush to be taken out of the Royal Rumble match.

3. Papa Shango demolished Bobby East picking up the convincing win following a reverse shoulder breaker. During the bout, the Berzerker shared some pre-tape comments about being in the Royal Rumble.

4. Bobby Heenan cut a pre-tape promo to continue his hype up of the Narcissis.

5. The number one contenders for the WWF World Tag Team Championships continued to plow over the competition as Saggs pinned West following a top rope elbow drop.

6. There wasn’t any miracle story this time for Rudy Flores as Yokozuna took his time to issue punishment on his opponent. Yokozuna prevails following the Bonsai Drop.

7. Sean Mooney hosts the Event Center. Ric Flair promotes his match against Mr. Perfect at Madison Square Garden. Big Bossman shared more thoughts on Razor Ramon as they will compete against each other at MSG.

8. Bob Backlund continued his winning ways with a rolling cradle to win the bout. During the bout, Backlund shared pre-tape comments saying that he had waited ten years to main event WrestleMania and he will do that when he wins the Rumble.

9. Footage from WWF Superstars is shown where Raymond Rougeau interviewed WWF World Champion Bret Hart. Hart is quickly cut off as Razor Ramon appears on the big screen. Ramon goes over the championships that Hart has held throughout his career. Ramon says that squashing Owen Hart like a cockroach was fun. He is going to slap Bret’s father in the face if he sees him walking the streets! Ramon takes whatever he wants and he wants Hart! Bret Hart wants Ramon to come out right now! However, Ramon declines saying that no one tells him what to do or when to do it. There is nothing Hart’s family or fans can do at the Royal Rumble stop Ramon from winning the gold. Hart finishes off the interview saying he takes pride being the champion and says everyone will have pride when he kicks Ramon’s butt!

10. Mean Gene hosts the Royal Rumble Report. Gene promotes the matches that have been hyped up for the last several weeks. So, nothing new that department. Mr. Perfect, the Undertaker and Ric Flair shared their thoughts regarding the Royal Rumble.

11. WWF Intercontinental Champion Shawn Michaels took care of Reno Riggins following a back suplex. During the bout, Gorilla Monsoon interviewed Marty Jannetty who said it doesn’t matter which corner Sherri Martel is in because he is ready!

12. Sean Mooney hosts the Event Center. He hypes up the RAW tapings and the MSG show on 1/29. WWF World Champion Bret Hart cuts a promo on Bam-Bam Bigelow saying that Bigelow will not walk all over him in MSG.

13. The ending of the show sees the ring announcer announce that Shawn Michaels has left the building!

Final Thoughts:

Clearly WWF Superstars is the other top show, and not Wrestling Challenge. That being said the Doink/Crush development was interesting. I’m really enjoying the Doink character and hope he gets some kind of push up the card despite being a clown. Also, the Bret/Ramon feud is actually good storyline wise. I never really knew before that there was this much of a story. If you only watched RAW during this time, you would’ve never known.

Overall, this week’s episode was just a lot of last minute hype for the Royal Rumble happening later in the weekend.

Thanks for reading.

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