WWF Wrestling Challenge 1/17/1993

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Wrestling Challenge
From: Madison, WI


1.) Ric Flair defeated Jim Powers
2.) The Undertaker defeated Dale Wolfe
3.) Bam-Bam Bigelow defeated George Anderson
4.) Lance Cassidy defeated Dave Sigfrids
5.) Razor Ramon defeated Jerry Fox

Angle Developments/Notes:

1. Jim Powers got a short flurry of offense in until he misses a dropkick attempt which allowed Flair to lock in the figure four following a vertical suplex and won the match.

2. Raymond Rougeau introduces Mr. Perfect for an interview at the podium. Perfect says that Flair is walking in Mr. Perfect’s shadow. That doesn’t sit well with Flair who runs out and tries to get his hands on Perfect but is held back by several referees. Perfect also says that it is fitting for Flair to be wearing a robe with feathers on it… chicken feathers because Flair is a chicken! Perfect continues his interview saying that he isn’t a hard guy to find and he is in his wrestling gear for one reason to be the WWF World Champion. Ric Flair runs back out at the end and Perfect gets a few shots in to knock Flair off the podium!

3. Dale Wolfe put up zero offense against the Undertaker who planted Wolfe with a tombstone pile driver to pick up the convincing win.

4. Sean Mooney hosts the Event Center. Bam-Bam Bigelow and Mr. Perfect shared pre-tape comments regarding their matches at the MSG shown on 1/29. Bigelow goes for the WWF World Championship while Mr. Perfect meets Ric Flair!

5. Big Bossman shared some pre-tape comments during Bigelow’s match. Bossman is now not scared because he has dealt with garbage like Bigelow his whole career. Bigelow continues his path of destruction as he beats Anderson following a top rope diving head butt.

6. Lord Alfred Hayes hosts the Special Report. Kamala turned on Harvey Wippleman and Kimchee by joining forces with Slick last week on WWF Superstars. Slick ran out to the ring as Kimchee and Wippleman yelled at Kamala. Slick was punched by Slick and Kamala showed compassion for Slick. Kamala ended up hitting Kimchee and chased Wippleman to the backstage area. Pre-tape comments from Slick with Kamala are shown as Slick wants the fans to help Kamala turn his career around. Wippleman believes that Kamala will never be the same after Kimchee gets done with him and that the WWF will change forever after he drops “the big bomb.”

7. Well, Lance Cassidy is actually Steve Armstrong believe it or not. I was quite surprised to see him here in the WWF in a non-jobber role and under a different name. Cassidy really liked hitting dropkicks as he hit at least six of them in this match alone. Cassidy picks up the win following a running bulldog out of the corner. Take that Dustin Rhodes!

8. Bobby Heenan shares some more thoughts regarding Narcissis. Heenan makes it clear that Narcissis is far better than Mr. Perfect and is a well sculptured man.

9. Mean Gene hosts the Royal Rumble Report. WWF World Champion Bret Hart shared thoughts about his match against Razor Ramon. He says that Ramon will be excellently executed! WWF Intercontinental Champion Shawn Michaels believes that Sherri Martel will be by his side because Marty Jannetty brutally attacked her a few weeks ago (on accident). The Beverly Brothers say that the Steiner Brothers entered the wrong neighborhood and they will beat them down! Bam-Bam Bigelow talks about Big Bossman and says he isn’t in a cage so Bossman will get a taste of him! Jerry Lawler, and the Headshrinkers talked about the Rumble match. Well, Afa talked for the Headshrinkers.

10. Razor Ramon broke Jerry Fox like he was a toothpick after hitting the Razors Edge. Ramon will meet WWF World Champion at the Royal Rumble for the championship.

11. Sean Mooney hosts the Event Center. WWF World Tag Team Champions Money Inc. talk about their singles matches on 1/29. IRS is going to take on the Undertaker while Ted DiBiase meets Randy Savage. DiBiase is going to send Savage into retirement while IRS will give the Undertaker and Paul Bearer an audit! Big Bossman talks about his match against Razor Ramon. Bossman says he is going beat respect into Ramon!

Final Thoughts:

The best part of the show was the Mr. Perfect/Ric Flair segment. Everything else was just promotion for the Royal Rumble, really.

Overall, just a standard show with only one important segment taking place as that is the normal booking for Wrestling Challenge nowadays.

Thanks for reading.

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