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WWF Wrestling Challenge 1/10/1993

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Wrestling Challenge
From: Madison, WI


1.) The Nasty Boys defeated Dave Sigfrids & Spike Jones
2.) Yokozuna defeated Chad Miller
3.) Crush defeated Tom Stone
4.) Marty Jannetty defeated Tom Bennett
5.) The Headshrinkers defeated Scott Colton & Carl Almont

Angle Developments/Notes:

1. The recently baby faced turned and current number one contenders for the WWF World Tag Team Champions, the Nasty Boys kicked off the show by kicking the asses of Spike Jones and Dave Sigfrids. Jones night was especially rough as he got a taste of Brian Knobs arm pit hair. Saggs puts Sigfrids away with a top rope elbow drop to win the bout.

2. Lord Alfred Hayes hosts the Special Report. We see footage from WWF Mania where Raymond Rougeau interviewed Owen Hart. Owen thought 1992 went well and that 1993 will be a big year for himself and Koko B. Ware. Owen talked about wrestling in the dungeon but before anything else can be asked Razor Ramon comes over and clotheslines Owen out of his chair! Ramon hits him with a trash can and chokes Owen while telling him to tell Bret that he is next! We get pre-tape comments from Razor Ramon who said that at the Royal Rumble Bret is next. Bret Hart also shares some thoughts saying that this isn’t the first time he has had to take care of a bully. He is going to pound the daylights out of Ramon!

3. Yokozuna continued to destroy WWF competition as he easily manhandled Chad Miller. Yoko won the bout following the Bonsai Drop.

4. Sean Mooney hosts the Event Center. He continues to shill the debut of RAW tomorrow night. Mr. Perfect cut a promo regarding his MSG match against Ric Flair where he is going to show why he is perfect. Perfect knows that it kills Flair knowing he has been walking in his shadow. WWF Intercontinental Champion Shawn Michaels cut a promo regarding his upcoming match against Bob Backlund with the main premise of the promo being about old vs. young.

5. Footage from last week’s WWF Superstars program where Crush got in Doink’s face and grabbed him by the arm.

6. Crush easily took care of Tom Stone, perhaps taking his frustrations out on Stone due to Doink’s recent annoying pranks.

7. Footage from WWF Superstars last week is shown where Raymond Rougeau introduced the Clown for an interview. He reveals his name to be Doink the Clown and laughs throughout the interview. Raymond talks about the pranks that Doink has done as of late and he laughs every time. Doink likes to take the smiles away from children! Doink decides to spray water into Raymond’s face and laughs on the floor for his actions.

8. Marty Jannetty is back in the WWF and he is gaining momentum heading into the Royal Rumble as he pinned Tom Bennett following a top rope fist drop!

9. Bobby Heenan shares another pre-tape promo where he continued to hype up the debut of Narcissis. He says that Perfect is horse poop next to the Narcissis. He says that his guy is superior in every way that Perfect can think of.

10. Mean Gene hosts the Royal Rumble Report. WWF Intercontinental Champion Shawn Michaels says that Marty Jannetty doesn’t deserve a shot but he will beat him anyway. Jannetty says he is going to prove all the doubters wrong by beating Michaels. They both believe that Sherri Martel will be in their corner. Randy Savage and Papa Shango shared why they will win the Rumble. The Steiner Brothers also talked about their match against the Beverly Brothers as they will take care of business despite being the new kids on the block. Big Bossman cut a promo on Bam-Bam Bigelow admitting that he is afraid of him and his head tattoos but he is going to take care of him at the Rumble.

11. The Headshrinkers won the main event after Fatu pinned Colton following a top rope splash.

12. Sean Mooney host the Event Center to close out the show. He continues to promote the January 29th MSG show. Bam-Bam Bigelow shared pre-tape comments regarding his match against WWF World Champion Bret Hart. Bigelow is going to take advantage of a weaken Bret Hart to win the title!

Final Thoughts:

I liked the segment between Razor Ramon and Owen Hart as it gives a reason for people to care about the Ramon/Bret Hart match at the Royal Rumble. It’s a simple storyline, but I hope that Owen gets a TV match against Ramon so he can get some work in against bigger names.

How can you not like the Doink character? It is a great character since plenty of kids are terrified of clowns anyway, why not capitalize on that? I really like seeing how that character progresses.

Overall, not much happening on this week’s show as it was more of a clip show of Superstars or past weeks. The wrestling this week was rather bland with nothing sticking out. Next week’s show looks to have a lot of top names in action, though!

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