WWF Superstars 11/30/1991

Written by: Tom Hopkins

We’re here in the midst of Survivor Series fallout and the new WWE Champ is the Undertaker. McMahon is joined by Roddy Piper and Mr. Perfect. Perfect is replacing Savage but McMahon says it is a temporary one.

We go to comments from Jack Tunney and he can’t allow Macho Man to compete in the Survivor Series because of the snake attack. Tunney takes the blame for the assault and he takes Jake’s excuse (it was an accident – he thought it was devenomized). Tunney has banned all reptiles from ringside and he has signed a match between Jake and Macho Man at “This Tuesday In Texas.” That night will also feature a Hogan/Undertaker return match. After the Survivor Series Jack Tunney ordered a rematch for this Tuesday in an event called This Tuesday in Texas. Furthermore, Tunney will be at ringside to make sure nothing funny goes on.

-Barbarian vs. Mark Thomas-

Barbarian attacks Thomas from behind and drapes his cape over him. Piper and Perfect talk about This Tuesday in Texas instead of the actual match. Barbarian clotheslines Thomas over the top rope and tosses him to the outside. Barbarian drops Thomas back-first on the steel steps which is a cool spot and one you don’t see too often. Barbarian brings the jobber back into the ring and almost kills him with a big boot. He bodyslams him and we hear that Hart will be defending his IC title against Barbarian. Barbarian ends this with a top rope-shoulderblock at 3:21. That was a very long squash match.

Sean Mooney is at the Event Center and This Tuesday in Texas is fresh on his mind. He talks about the big WWE Title match as well as the British Bulldog vs. Warlord match. We hear from both guys. Bulldog does his usual pointing at the screen bit. He even calls Warlord’s new manager Harvey Wimpleman. Warlord says he’s bigger and stronger and has a better body.

-Big Boss Man vs. Von Krus-

Von Krus is your generic German heel. He slugs Boss Man but Boss Man no-sells it. Boss Man hits his big moves (sit down splash over the ropes, sliding to the outside with an uppercut, Boss Man Slam) as this one ends at 1:28.

Vince introduces the graphic footage from last week’s snake attack on Macho Man. Before we do that we hear from Jake Roberts. Jake says he won’t bring the snake to the ring but the snake was never the dangerous one; he was. Macho Man is a bit pissed about what Jake’s done to him the past few months. Macho says he will be taking him out.

-Ric Flair vs. Glen Ruth-

Flair has Mr. Perfect with him. Flair is pissed that his world title is being blurred on video. Of course the real reason is that Flair couldn’t use the Big Gold Belt anymore so he was given an old Tag Belt to bring to the ring with him, although this still looks like the Big Gold Belt. Flair slaps Ruth before he even takes his robe off. Flair goes after the arm of Ruth early on before chopping him in the corner. Flair brings him outside and taunts the poor kid before he brings him inside and chops him some more. He drops a knee and covers but Ruth kicks out at two. Flair tries two more times and Ruth keeps kicking out. Flair gets into the ref’s face but turns his attention back to Ruth. He whips him into the corner and chokes away with his boot. Flair elbows down Ruth and hits a back suplex. Flair goes to the figure-four now and Ruth has no choice but to call it quits at 5:00. This is another very long jobber match. Is this a sign of things to come for Superstars?

Vince talks about the latest WBF magazine and a clip of Tito Santana training with some WBF guy.

Mooney is back at the Event Center and he’s all about This Tuesday In Texas. Ted DiBiase is joined by Repo Man and the two of them have words for Virgil and Tito Santana, their competition at TTT. Repo Man says he will take all of Virgil’s belongings now that he can’t pay for it anymore. Ted also calls out Tito Santana and I love that he calls him Chico, too.

We look at Wrestling Challenge last week with Slaughter coming to the aid of Hacksaw Jim Duggan after he was attacked by the Nasty Boys and Jimmy Hart. This completed Sarge’s face turn and coming out of his Iraqi-sympathizer days.

-Hacksaw Jim Duggan & Sgt. Slaughter vs. Paul Perez & Dale Wolfe-

Slaughter roughs up Wolfe a bit outside before tagging in Duggan. Duggan and Slaughter both take shots at Perez who was just standing in his corner. How American of them. Hacksaw bodyslams Wolfe and lays him out in his corner with a backbreaker. Perez comes in and he is clubbed down right away. Duggan comes in and Slaughter whips Perez into Duggan’s three-point stance clothesline to end this at 2:31. We see Jamison sitting at ringside as well. He was one of the losers from the Primetime days. Perfect talks about the two of them cheating and doing a two-on-one which is funny and it shut up McMahon and Piper pretty quickly.

-British Bulldog vs. Dave Wilson-

Wilson weighs in at 300 pounds. He’s a big jobber. Bulldog’s shoulderblock goes nowhere so he armdrags Wilson down. Bulldog delivers a dropkick and suplexes the big guy rather impressively. Bulldog wears down the arm because how can you break out of the powerslam with a bad arm? The running powerslam ends this at 2:20 though this was more of the two-step powerslam version.

We make our third trip to the Event Center and Mooney brings us comments from Bret Hart (who is taking on Barbarian for the Intercontinental Title). We also hear from Virgil and Tito Santana. El Matador gives most of his promo in Spanish so I have no idea what he said.

-Repo Man vs. Phil Apollo-

Repo Man takes it to Apollo. I like how Repo Man was a bad guy just because of his job, sort of like IRS. The man’s just doing his job. It’s not his fault that people are late with their payments. Repo hangs up Apollo in a tree of woe as DiBiase stops by for an impromptu pre-recorded comment for Virgil and Santana. Repo Man ends this with a single-leg lock at 2:01. Repo ties up Apollo in the ropes afterwards and drops him on his back. He’s a bad guy! Repo Man then picks on Jamieson who was at ringside.

Vince tells us to buy Hulkamania 6 and this segues right to comments from the Hulkster. Hogan says that if he doesn’t win on Tuesday you may as well just kill Hulkamania. Well, Hogan didn’t walk out as champion so he didn’t even keep to his promise.

Vince runs down the big Tuesday in Texas matches (Hogan vs. Undertaker, Jake vs. Macho Man) before sending us off.

-The Bottom Line-

There was a lot more wrestling on this show than on your usual episode. There were three matches that were over two and a half minutes which by Superstars Standards is huge. However there wasn’t much else to the show. It felt as rushed in being put together as This Tuesday in Texas was in being announced. The build for TTT was there but nowhere near as high as for Survivor Series and Mean Gene didn’t even make an appearance to shill the show! This just wasn’t as entertaining as previous weeks have been. I think next week we’ll see a better episode with the fallout of TTT and the build to Royal Rumble.

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