WWF Superstars 11/9/1991

Written by: Tom Hopkins

Vince McMahon, Roddy Piper and Macho Man are in Ft. Worth, Texas. The big news is that Sid has a severed bicep thanks to being attacked by Jake Roberts. Sid is rocking a pink LaCoste polo shirt. Sid is on the shelf but he wants Tunney to reinstate the Macho Man.

-Jake Roberts vs. Eric Freedom-

Jake has cool music with the words ‘Trust Me” tossed in. Eric Freedom is a cool name but the kid is 110lbs soaking wet and doesn’t look too threatening. Jake tosses the poor kid to the outside just as a sign of superiority before bringing him back into the ring and hits the short-arm clothesline. This was the set-up move to the DDT and sho-nuff, the DDT ends this at 1:22. For some reason these two moves warrant a replay.

Mean Gene is here at the Update Center and this time it is brought to us by the WBF Championship VHS. Sid is out of the Survivor Series because of that torn bicep and Bret may be on the shelf, too. We see footage of Bret getting shocked last week by the Mountie. Bret is alright and will be able to wrestle at Survivor Series where he is ironically on opposite teams with the Mountie. The Mountie wants to shock Bret into a title shot.

-Virgil vs. Steve Dupree-
Virgil hits a clothesline as McMahon makes a reference to Dupree being in ZZ Top. Virgil quickly locks on the Million Dollar Dream and the jobber is out. We get a DiBiase promo during the short 54-second match.

Hey! It’s the REPO MAN in action!

We head to Mooney and he brings us some Survivor Series promo’s. We hear from Flair’s team and that’s about it. We head back to Primetime where British Bulldog powerslammed Slick during his match with Warlord.

-Warlord vs. Brad Kramer-

Harvey Whippleman is with Warlord now because Slick is on the DL. Warlord catches a leaping Kramer and slams him down. Warlord hits a gut-wrench slam as we hear from Harvey being Warlord’s manager. Warlord suplexes Kramer before short-arm clotheslining the guy. The Full Nelson ends this at 1:34.

We’re at the event center and we hear from the Nasty Boys and the Beverly Brothers as they prepare for Survivor Series. They will be battling the Rockers and the Bushwhackers and we hear from them, too.

-Jim Neidhart vs. Ric Flair-

Vince calls this the feature match of the night. I just hope it lasts longer than the combined 30 seconds of last week’s featured matches. Ric still has the NWA title on him. I think by Survivor Series it became the Tag Team Title and blurred out. Flair doesn’t have Heenan with him. Neidhart grabs a side headlock that Flair breaks by sending Neidhart to the ropes. Neidhart comes back with a shoulderblock that knocks Flair down. The two battle over a wristlock and Flair breaks with a thumb to the eye. He chops Neidhart in the corner but Flair gets whipped to the other corner and backdropped on the rebound. Flair is clotheslined down twice. Neidhart sends Flair to the corner but ducks and Neidhart’s flying knee misses. Looks like Flair can go to work. Flair posts the knee of Neidhart and you can see that this match is quickly heading for a finish. Flair boots at the knee of Neidhart in the corner. Neidhart tries fighting out of the corner but Flair comes back with a flying cross body for two. Flair chop blocks the knee and buttdrops the leg on the ropes. Flair locks on the figure-four and Neidhart refuses to quit. However his shoulders are down and the ref should’ve counted. Neidhart eventually submits at 3:08. Flair adds a few more shots in to Neidhart’s knees for good measure after the match. He’s getting some good heel heat here. This was a good squash match. *.

The Beverly Brothers make their way to the ring as Neidhart is accompanied to the back by some referees. So the Beverly’s attack Neidhart from behind and do further damage to the knee.

-The Beverly Brothers vs. Mark Wilson & Dan Robbins-

I have such disdain for the Beverly Brothers (most of it completely irrational) that I don’t even want to recap this match. First off, it’s a jobber match so nothing really happens. The Beverly-D ends this at 1:11. At least this was quick.

Gene’s here and the big news is that Sid is out of the Survivor Series. We hear from Jake Roberts, IRS and the Natural Disasters who were supposed to battle Sid’s team (comprised of Sid, Boss Man and the Legion of Doom). The big match at Survivor Series is the gravest challenge with Hulk Hogan taking on the Undertaker for the WWE Title. Hogan has something to say to Hogan. Hogan talks about winning the title in 1984 which seemed like a long time ago even in 1991. Hogan wants to build a six-foot hole for the Undertaker. We hear from the Undertaker as well. Gene runs down the matches. It’s Hart, Piper, Bulldog and Virgil vs. Flair, Warlord, DiBiase and Mountie. Piper leads the guys into an orderly promo, until he speaks of course. We also have Neidhart, Duggan, Santana and Tornado battling Mustafa, Berzerker, Bully and Skinner although Gene questions if Neidhart can even wrestle. The aforementioned tag team Survivor Series match is highlighted, too.

-Undertaker vs. Major Yates-

I guess this is an Undertaker warm-up match for the Survivor Series I guess. Major Yates doesn’t put up much of a challenge, succumbing to the Tombstone at 1:19. Yates gets the bodybag treatment after the match and Taker carries the poor jobber to the back with him.

We go back to Sean Mooney and he recaps some of the recent injuries – including the one to Sid. We hear from his three remaining teammates. They want Randy Savage on their team and ask Tunney to reinstate him. If he doesn’t then it will be 3 on 4 and they are ready for that. Next week we’ll have the British Bulldog, the Natural Disasters, the debut of the Repo Man and IRS vs. Greg Valentine. We hear from both guys. It’s funny because these guys were both at Wrestlemania I and in title matches to boot.

-The Bottom Line-

The Flair/Neidhart match was as good a match as you’ll get on here. The rest of the jobber matches were way too short to be useful. I said it last week – these shows leading up to the big PPV’s are easy to watch because there’s so much going on. Not as good as last week but it wasn’t a complete waste.

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