WWF Superstars 2/8/1992

Written by: Tom Hopkins

We’re in Dayton Beach, Florida at the Ocean Center to celebrate the founding of the Boy Scouts of America. Vince McMahon and Mr. Perfect are hosting this episode, as they’ve done the past few months. Perfect takes this Boy Scouts motif and runs with it – saying Hogan must be stupid to try and get the Merit Badge to take on Flair for the title.

-The Natural Disasters (w/Jimmy Hart) vs. Bob Avery & Raymond Hammer-

Earthquake is in the ring with Ray Hammer. He has a good name, but he’s about as muscular as your average Biggest Loser contestant. I guess the Biggest Loser reference makes sense considering the girth of the Disasters. The Disasters double-team Hammer, too, just because they’re heels and that’s what they do. Hammer is avalanched a couple of times, ending with a double avalanche. Finally Avery’s had enough and he runs in. He’s taken out fairly quickly and Hammer is pinned at 3:15 after taking a butt-splash, big splash combo.

Gene Okerlund is at the Update Center (courtesy of the WWE Merchandise Catalog) and the first thing he’s talking about is the big Wrestlemania Main Event between Hogan and Flair. In other news, SNME will feature a match between Mountie and Piper with Bret Hart challenging the winner of that match for the title. Okerlund back-tracks a bit to Sid and how angry he was that he wasn’t chosen to face Flair. We see the press conference that announced this. Sid talks about it to reporters afterwards and he’s still pissed. Sid cuts a promo already saying that he was misunderstood and his upcoming tag match with Hogan (against Flair and Undertaker) at SNME will show this.

-Virgil vs. Kato-

So Virgil is a JTTS, which makes Kato a JTJTTS. Virgil works a hammerlock into a schoolboy for two, which showcases his impressive wrestling ability. An O’Connor’s roll is blocked, however. Virgil then tries a backslide for two. He even manages a sunset flip for two. Repo Man is standing by for a comment and he wants to repossess Virgil’s career. Virgil atomic drops Kato into the corner but charges and is tossed to the outside. Kato suplexes him in but can’t take control of the match. Virgil slams Kato into the turnbuckles and after flipping over a charging Kato in the corner locks on the Million Dollar Dream to get the submission at 3:21. This was actually not a bad squash match. *.

Mooney is in the Event Center and he too is talking about SNME. There’s a big match between Jake Roberts and Randy Savage and we hear from both men.

-Jake Roberts vs. DD Russell-

Jake backs Russell into the corner and actually breaks clean. He does it a second time and this time there will be no clean breakage. Russell is dumped to the outside. McMahon makes fun of Russell and his tie-dye tights as Roberts hits a short-arm clothesline. That was always the set-up to the DDT and sure enough, here comes the DDT. This one’s in the books at 2:27.

Sean again talks about TONIGHT’S SNME. Another big match is the Mountie vs. Piper for the IC Title. We hear from both Piper and Mountie.

-Jim Duggan & Sgt. Slaughter vs. Bill Badd & Jim James-

So I guess Jim James’ given name is James James? BB and JJ attack from behind but their Pearl Harbor is quickly turned into a Hiroshima. Double clothesline for Badd, Double clothesline for James! This one ends quickly with Duggan hitting the three-point stance clothesline for the pinfall at 2:21.

Perfect leaves the announce table so he can join Ric Flair at the Funeral Parlor. Perfect and Flair talk about their big tag match with Undertaker at SNME against the Hulkster and Sid Justice.

We’re on the Road to Wrestlemania and there’re some clips of Wrestlemania’s past, like Willie Nelson singing God Bless America, the big main event at WM III, Morton Downey Jr., and a blurred out screen showing where you could buy tickets.

-Papa Shango vs. Dale Wolfe-

This is Shango’s debut. This is two debuts in a row for Superstars, with Tatanka debuting last week. I always thought that Shango was around longer than Tatanka but I guess I was mistaken. I know Shango had more of an impact early (especially with his Warrior feud) while Tatanka didn’t really get his big push until 1993. Wolfe backs off early and leaves himself wide open to a Shango boot to the gut. Shango hits an inverted shoulder-breaker to finish this at 1:26. Shango does some voodoo ritual over Wolfe afterwards.

-The Mountie vs. Mike Casey-

This is Mountie’s warm-up match to Piper at SNME tonight. Mountie tosses Casey over the top to the outside as Piper talks about wanting to Mount the Mountie and also being 2 Legit to Quit. Mountie ends this with a dropkick at 1:31. Casey takes the shock-stick treatment after the match.

It’s one last visit to Mooney. What’s this about SNME? The Beverly Brothers will be taking on Slaughter and Duggan in a match I’m sure no one wanted to see. We hear from both teams. Next week we will have Roddy Piper, the IC Champ, Shawn Michaels, and Nasty Boys. Oh yeah, watch SNME tonight. We end the show hearing from the Undertaker and Hulk Hogan concerning the big SNME tag match.

-The Bottom Line-

This was a big build to SNME, especially the tag match. Wrestling wise there was nothing of note here (except for Shango’s debut) and angle-wise there was nothing to build up except a bigger TV show. This was an enjoyable 43-minutes but it’s not something that would have ANY replay value. Don’t worry about missing this one.

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