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WWF Smackdown 1/3/2002

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Smackdown
From: Washington, DC

1.) WWF World Tag Team Champions Dudley Boys defeated Spike Dudley & Tazz to retain the titles
2.) Jazz defeated Might Molly
3.) WWF Hardcore Champion the Undertaker defeated Big Show to retain the title
4.) WWF Undisputed Champion Chris Jericho & Kurt Angle defeated WWF Intercontinental Champion Edge & Rob Van Dam
5.) Test defeated Tajiri
6.) The Rock defeated Booker T in a number one contenders match

Angle Developments/Notes:
1. Spike and Tazz showed us that they are threats to the Dudley Boys by holding their own despite the size difference between the two teams. However, their downfall came when Stacy Keibler got on the apron and distracted Spike, who pulled her skirt down. As soon as he turned around, though, he was super bombed by Bubba who made the cover to earn the win and retain the titles.

2. Backstage, Lillian Garcia tried to interview Jazz, but she wasn’t interested in being interviewed. She did say that she isn’t going to sleep her way to the top, but instead fight her way to the top of the women’ division. Jazz got annoyed with Lillian and suggested to not even wrestle Molly Holly and instead beat up Lillian. Jazz shoves Lillian before leaving the area.

3. Vince McMahon walks down to the ring and announces that his new years resolution is to embarrass Ric Flair at Royal Rumble. McMahon isn’t a fan of Rudy Giuliani winning the Person of the Year award and feels as if he should have been considered for the award. The fans continued to say “WHAT” so much that McMahon turned all the lights in the arena off and taunted the fans because he is so powerful. When the lights returned, Steve Austin was standing right behind McMahon! Austin reveals his new years resolution.. He is going to drink more beer! Big Bossman and Booker T ran down to the ring and beat up Austin causing him to bleed after Bossman hit him with a microphone several times.

4. Jazz took care of Might Molly pretty easily and won the bout following a fisherman suplex turned into a brain buster.

5. Outside, Stephanie wasn’t allowed to enter the arena and flipped out when the guard refused to allow her to enter. Stephanie warned the guard that when her husband returns to the WWF on Monday she will have a lot of power and he will be fired.

6. Backstage, WWF Undisputed Champion Chris Jericho talks to Test, Lance Storm and WWF European Champion Christian. Jericho had presents for them and said they were for all the great things they had done in their careers. Christian suggested that Jericho is looking for backup for when HHH comes back. Jericho finished off saying that its great to have guys who watch each others back.

7. Backstage, The Coach is talking to the WWF Hardcore Champion the Undertaker. Undertaker says he isn’t afraid of Big Show and is going to teach him a lesson in respect.

8. Backstage, Test is trying to figure out what his present is when the lovely Torrie Wilson enters the scene. Test begins to hit on Torrie suggesting they should go out sometime. However, Torrie denies him. Test makes it clear that he didn’t want a relationship with her but Torrie still says no. Test didn’t take this all hat well and demanded he wrestle Tajiri later tonight.

9. Big Show ran his only forty yard dash in his entire life to catch the Undertaker on his bike as he drove up the ramp way. Show works on Taker with a trash can lid after no selling a trash can shot from Taker. On the floor, Show misses a big boot and hit’s the ring post to allow Taker to get the advantage. Taker rams the ring steps into Show’s right knee. Show drives Taker down with a choke slam back in the ring but only gets a near fall! Show followed up with a clothesline and signaled for the Last Ride! Taker gets out of it and locks in a dragon sleeper to get the win.

10. Outside, Stephanie tried to enter the arena with Mr. Dudley, but the security guard once again refused her entrance. Stephanie tries to flirt her way into the arena but the security guard tells her that he is gay.

11. Edge greets Angle with a spinning heel kick and face buster to open the contest. RVD is tagged in but Angle gets a few right hands in. RVD gets a near fall following a springboard cross body and nails both opponents with spin kicks. RVD connects with a rolling thunder but when he goes for the Five Star Frog Splash, Jericho shoves him off the top. Jericho spears RVD in the corner and kicks RVD in the ribs several times. Jericho misses a second spear and hits he ring post, but Angle attacks RVD in the corner several times to keep the advantage. RVD punches Angle off the top rope and hit’s the Five Star Frog Splash but Jericho drops RVD throat first across the top rope! Edge and Jericho got the hot tags with Edge cleaning house. Jericho saves Angle when Edge goes for the ankle lock. Edge spears Jericho after avoiding the Lionsault. RVD misses a split legged moonsault on Angle but Edge hit’s the Edgecution on Jericho. Angle hit’s the Angle Slam on Edge and is clotheslined over the top to the floor by RVD. Jericho covers Edge and wins the match. I enjoyed this one. It was constant action and everyone got their fair share of offense in.

12. Backstage, Arn Anderson tells Ric Flair what happened earlier with McMahon and Austin. Flair tells Anderson that he is going to take care of McMahon tonight!

13. Ric Flair comes down to the ring and announces that he will be wrestling Vince McMahon at the Royal Rumble. As Flair talks about McMahon, Stephanie tried to rush into the ring but was stopped by security. Flair ended up allowing Stephanie to enter the ring for a discussion. Stephanie tells Flair that she had a crush on Flair when he was young and that crush turned into a great deal of respect. Stephanie ended up slapping Flair because he kept on dropping elbows and going nuts. She gave him four days to decide if he wanted her help.

14. Remember earlier in the night when Test wanted a piece of Tajiri? Well, he got him and won the contest following the big boot.

15. Backstage, Vince McMahon tells Big Bossman that he isn’t worried about what Stephanie and Flair may do, but was more worried about what made Flair late to show up to Smackdown. Booker asks who he is wrestling tonight, and is told it is the Rock. Booker is trying to combat the “What” catchphrase by saying “Who” several times, but it doesn’t really workout all that great for him.

16. Backstage, the Coach interviews the Rock. Rock forced the Coach to sing some Barry Manilow after learning that he was the musician that Coach liked the most. Eventually, Coach was kicked out of the scene and Rock cut a promo on Booker T. Rock made it clear that he would stop at nothing to regain the WWF World Championship.

17. Booker got the early advantage with stomps in the corner but when they went to the floor Rock sent Booker into the ring steps. Vince McMahon made his way down to the ring and helped Booker by attacking Rock. Ric Flair ran down to the ring and attacked McMahon! Flair even tossed McMahon over the guard railing! Rock appeared to be on his way to victory after a spine buster and looked to drop the elbow, but the Big Bossman ran down and stopped the move. Rock was able to overcome all the odds and hit Booker with the Rock Bottom to earn him a title shot at the Royal Rumble against Chris Jericho. After the match, Bossman and Booker attacked Rock until Steve Austin came down! Booker stopped Austin with a chair shot and left both Austin and Rock laying to close the show.

Final Thoughts:
I thought it was an average episode this time around. The tag match involving Jericho, Angle, Edge and RVD was the match of the night by far. A lot of the focus for the show was adding hype to the RAW program and the Flair/McMahon feud that continues to heat up. I also liked Jericho showing some kind of fear because of HHH’s return. I think it’s kind of obvious the direction the WWF is going by having Jericho recruit people to have his back for when HHH returns on RAW. Anyway, I’ll give this a thumbs in the middle as it was really just a hype show for bigger things on Monday.

Thanks for reading.


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