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WCW Thunder 2/25/1999

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Thunder
From: Salt Lake City, UT

1.) Hak defeated Damien
2.) Psychosis defeated Hector Garza
3.) The Cat defeated Stevie Ray
4.) Raven & Kanyon defeated Villano V & El Dandy
5.) Juventud Guerrera defeated Blitzkrieg
6.) Bret Hart defeated Disco Inferno

Angle Developments/Notes:
1. For those unaware, Hak is actually the Sandman from ECW. Anyway, Damien got a little bit of offense in against Hak managing to hit a moonsault but that was really the best he could get in. The ending saw Damien use the kendo stick on Hak three times, and on the fourth try missed the shot and was met with the Russian leg sweep, which was good enough for Hak to get the win.

2. After getting stills from Superbrawl, we return to the ring to see Hector Garza compete against Psychosis. This match is one you wouldn’t want to show people who are looking to get into the business, because it was quite sloppy. Sure, it was back and forth, but it didn’t hold my interest all that much. Psychosis walks out the victor following a top rope leg drop.

3. Well, it’s time for the New World Order B-Team to get more exposure. Stevie Ray competed against the Cat but was screwed over by his own stable member Vincent. Vincent came out and hit Ray with the slapjack to allow Cat to get the pin fall victory. Who care?

4. Raven talks about how the concept of Hak’s Rules is a rip-off of Raven’s Rules before teaming with Kanyon. This was just an extended squash match for Raven and Kanyon. Raven plants Villano V with the Evenflow DDT to win the match. After the match, Raven leaps over the top rope to splash onto Dandy and through a table set up by ringside.

5. Juventud Guerrera competed against Blitzkrieg in what was a refreshingly good match between two Cruiserweights. Blitzkrieg hit’s the first high risk move on the floor by hitting Juventud with a dive over the top rope even with Juventud being quite far from the ring. Juventud avoids a moonsault back in the ring and connects with a running bulldog. Blitzkrieg battles back with a standing moonsault for a near win. Juventud nearly pins Blitzkrieg after hitting a top rope hurricanrana. Moments later, Juventud gets a two count following a top rope leg drop. Late in the match, Juventud tries for the 450 splash but lands on his feet as he sees Blitzkrieg get out of the way. Juventud avoids a spin wheel kick and plants Blitzkrieg with the Juvydriver to earn the win.

6. Before the main event, Disco Inferno decides it would be a good idea to sing the Canadian National Anthem but he sings it his own way with his own words. Bret Hart does come out to cut Inferno off before he could finish it. Once Hart got his hands on Inferno he laid into him with right hands. Hart rams Inferno head first into the ring steps and soon connects with a side Russian leg sweep. Inferno got very little offense in, making this really just an extended squash match. Hart connects with a backbreaker and elbow drop off the middle rope before locking in the Sharpshooter to win the bout.

Final Thoughts:
Since this show was taped before Superbrawl, there wasn’t going to be much of anything going on. A lot of the show had stills from Superbrawl or footage from Nitro, and I didn’t feel the need to put those in this recap. Anyway, this show is a one-match show with Juventud and Blitzkrieg putting on the best match out of the six aired. Still, you could see what they did in any given Cruiserweight match so it’s not really all that special.

Thanks for reading.

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