WWF March To WrestleMania X 3/13/1994

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents March to WrestleMania X
From: Various Locations

1.) Lex Luger defeated Jimmy Del Ray
2.) Bam-Bam Bigelow defeated Ben Jordan
3.) WWF Intercontinental Champion Razor Ramon defeated Tony DeVito
4.) Earthquake defeated the Executioner
5.) Crush defeated Bret Hart
6.) WWF World Tag Team Champions the Quebecers defeated PJ Walker & Mike Bell
7.) WWF World Champion Yokozuna defeated Tatanka in a non-title match

Angle Developments/Notes:

1. Johnny Polo and Vince McMahon are on commentary and they run down the show which will see Bret Hart taking on Crush. We will also hear from Owen Hart and Randy Savage. WWF World Champion Yokozuna takes on Tatanka. Lex Luger meets Jimmy Del Ray in singles action.

2. Jim Cornette is in the ring to introduce Jimmy Del Ray who will meet Lex Luger in singles action to open the show. Luger kicked off the match hitting Del Ray with a clothesline and a military press slam but crashed to the floor after missing a running attack. Tom Pritchard attacked Luger on the floor with a scoop slam to allow Del Ray to gain the advantage. Del Ray is focusing on Luger’s lower back. Del Ray nearly wins the bout following a gut wrench slam but Luger kicked out at two. Luger is able to block a top rope attack and soon backdrops Del Ray as he makes his comeback. Luger puts the Torture Rack on Del Ray to win the match. Jim Cornette enters the ring to hit Luger with his tennis racket but Luger turns around and grabs the racket. Luger smacks Cornette on the ass. WWF World Champion Yokozuna comes down to the ringside area but is held back by referees while Luger wants him to enter the ring. Not all that entertaining of a match, really. Del Ray controlled most of the contest but the fans were pretty pumped up to see Luger.

3. Sy Sperling says that he believes he can change Luna Vachon’s hair. Okay…

4. Bam-Bam Bigelow picks up a dominating win over Ben Jordan after he dropped Jordan throat first over the top rope.

5. A video promoting the WWF Women’s Champion Alundra Blayze is aired. She will be defending the championship at WrestleMania X if anyone cared about that.

6. Backstage, Tatanka is walking around as he will be wrestling Yokozuna on the show. Tatanka knows that he is going to be doing battle against the WWF World Champion and he has a score to settle. He has never forgotten about Yokozuna trying to end his career. Tatanka has the pride of all his ancestors tonight!

7. WWF Intercontinental Champion Razor Ramon put Tony DeVito away with the Razors Edge.

8. Johnny Polo is in the ring to interview Owen Hart. Owen has been waiting his whole life for his opportunity to beat his brother Bret Hart. Owen isn’t afraid of Bret and knows that Bret didn’t want to accept his challenge because deep down inside he knows that Owen is better than him. Owen knows that Crush can beat Bret but asks him to not hurt him too bad so that he can beat him at WrestleMania X.

9. Earthquake tries to take the Executioner’s mask off but is poked in the eye. Quake tosses Executioner off the top rope gut first to the mat. Quake puts the Executioner away with a sit down splash.

10. Todd Pettengill hosts the WrestleMania X Report. Todd runs down the list of celebrities going to be at the event. We hear from Jim Cornette and WWF World Champion Yokozuna. Cornette is confident that Yokozuna will take care of Lex Luger and pick apart Bret Hart who has to wrestle his brother Owen Hart first.

11. Backstage, Johnny Polo is with Bret Hart for an interview. Polo hypes up Bret taking on Owen in a week at WrestleMania. Bret says he is a ring general and is the best there ever will be. He considers Owen to be just another opponent. Bret finds Crush to be just a lot of talk. He says that he can get the job done at WrestleMania.

12. I already reviewed the Crush/Bret match as it was on the Bloopers, Bleeps and Bodyslams. So, if you want to see a detailed result of the contest, check that out under the Best Of category. Late in the match, Hart has Crush rolled up but the referee is distracted. Owen Hart runs out and puts Crush on top of Bret to give Crush a huge win!

13. WWF World Tag Team Champions The Quebecers continue their winning ways after Pierre pins PJ Walker following a middle rope leg drop.

14. Todd Pettengill hosts the WrestleMania X Report. We hear from Randy Savage who says he is going to get his dignity back. He says he had Yokozuna beat and would have been champion for a third time. Savage believes he would have beaten Luger and Bret Hart at WrestleMania. However, Crush prevented that from happening. Savage will be back and the burning passion will continue. He will get Crush at WrestleMania X. Savage predicts that he is going to convincingly beat Crush at WrestleMania!

15. Mr. Fuji distracted Tatanka to open the bout so that Yokozuna could get the cheap early advantage. Tatanka avoids a big splash and hits a top rope cross body for a two count. Yokozuna maintains the advantage by sending Tatanka to the floor and removes the top turnbuckle pad. Tatanka rams Yokozuna head first into the exposed turnbuckle and Yoko crashes to the canvas. Tatanka covered but only got a near fall. Tatanka hits a top rope overhand chop but is still unable to put Yoko away. Tatanka attempts the End of the Trail but Yoko is too heavy. Yoko connects with a belly to belly suplex and hits the Bonsai Drop to win the bout.

16. Gorilla Monsoon predicts that Yokozuna will retain the WWF World Championship. Stan Lane thinks Lex Luger will walk out as the champion. Johnny Polo picks Bret Hart to win the WWF World Championship by beating Yokozuna.

17. To close the show, Men on a Mission do a rap for the event.

Final Thoughts:

I enjoyed the special March to WrestleMania X. I thought they did a very good job promoting the key matches and feuds throughout. The Hart/Crush match was pretty good and Crush winning so close to Mania gives him a lot of momentum even if he were to lose to Savage at the pay per view.

The match of the night, or show, was the main event. In my opinion, it flowed very well and Tatanka played the underdog role well. Crush/Hart is a close second for the best match, though.

Overall, a fine show with some good hype for the pay per view.

Thanks for reading.

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