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WWF Superstars 4/3/1992

Written by: Tom Hopkins

It’s Wrestlemania Eve! Vince McMahon and Mr. Perfect join us in the announce booth in Mobile, Alabama at the Mobile Civic Center. McMahon talks about a special video tribute to Hulk Hogan, who is wrestling in his LAST Wrestlemania. Perfect mentions a Elizabeth CENTERFOLD that will be shown at Wrestlemania when Flair wins! Speaking of Liz, she’ll be interviewed tonight. There’s also a STACKED line-up of matches tonight, too.

-British Bulldog vs. Brad Avery-

Bulldog works his usual squash match (standing suplex, chinlock, running powerslam) which is so uninteresting that Vince and Perfect talk only about the Liz and Flair situation. Liz actually has proof that the pictures are fake though Perfect says he has the negatives to prove it. Bulldog ends this at 1:18. I don’t think Vince uttered Bulldog’s name once during the match.

Gene is at the Update Center (brought to you by the Wrestlemania VIII hotline – open now!). This is it – Wrestlemania is TOMORROW! We go to Monday’s Wrestlemania special with Vince interviewing Elizabeth. Liz is ANGRY, though not as angry as Savage can get. Liz and Randy have proof that the photos are false and Randy is on his way to the WWE offices to show them the proof. She also can’t believe that people believe Flair, the dirtiest player in the game. The negatives actually show Randy in the photo’s instead of Flair showing that Flair is not only the master of the figure-four but also the master of Photoshop.

-Tatanka vs. Someone wearing Bret Hart’s Tights –

Vince and Perfect are STILL talking about Liz. Perfect says that the negatives are in fact tampered because they had a month to doctor them! We hear from Martel in a cutaway promo and he calls Tatanka classless! The jobber’s name is Sandy Beach by the way, which is just an awful name. Samoan Drop ends this at 1:53. Isn’t it sort of ironic that his finisher was named after another place that the US took as its territory?

Hey, Lou Ferigno is on the cover of the latest WBF magazine!

Sid Justice tells Hercules to turn leave the ring before he is forced to destroy him but Hercules refuses and he wants a match!

-Hercules vs. Sid Justice-

Big boot, powerslam, thanks for coming Hercules. This one is over at 0:18. This was actually from about two weeks ago at an MSG show. It’s a great way to build up Sid as just a beast, by having him destroy one of the better known wrestlers instead of Sandy Beach.

Sean Mooney is here at the Event Center, marveling at Justice’s quick work of Hercules. He introduces some promo’s. First up are the Natural Disasters who want the tag team belts from Money Inc. at Wrestlemania. Jake Roberts has words for Undertaker and he gives a nice promo which was better than his squash at the hands of the Dead man. We hear from the Undertaker, too. This was #2 on his streak.

-Shawn Michaels (w/Sensational Sherri) vs. Roddy Piper-

This is from March to Wrestlemania and is Joined In Progress. Piper walks into a super kick at the hands of Shawn but this wasn’t Shawn’s finisher so he just shakes it off and gets back up. Weird moment as both Gorilla and Heenan talk about Piper knocking out Mr. T at Wrestlemania II and Monsoon even called him a bum. I wonder what Mr. T did to earn the ire of Monsoon and the WWE. Shawn bumps like crazy here and makes Piper look really good. Michaels blocks a bulldog attempt by tossing Piper off and Piper collides with the referee. Shawn nails Piper with Sherri’s boot and he covers but the ref is still out. Bret Hart runs down and tosses a boot to Piper now. Piper swings but the ref caught it and he disqualifies Piper at 2:17 (shown). Piper then blames Hart for losing the match and yells at him. This was quite a fun match, albeit way too short. And at least now I know why Shawn and Bret had so much heat – Bret had it against Shawn from the beginning! Match was about *1/4 from what I saw.

Man, Superstars hyped the Sid/Hercules and the Piper/Shawn match at the top and I was psyched, but we ended up getting less than 3-minutes of action. Bummer.

It’s time for a Wrestlemania Report! Gene tracks down Flair and Perfect (fresh off their private jet) and Flair is flabbergasted that Liz tells people they are lying. Liz was there and she loved it! Flair hypes his big “surprise,” too. I’m sad we never got to see it. Gene, back at the Update Center, continues bringing us the rest of the matches on the show as well as promo’s from some of the competitors. We hear from the team of Duggan, Slaughter, Virgil and Boss Man, Shawn Michaels (w/Sensational Sherri), Tito Santana, and Sid Justice (w/Harvey Whippleman).

-Jake Roberts vs. Scotty Allen-

Jake breaks clean because you can trust him! Scotty Allen’s the name on the tights of Jake’s for so I’m assuming that’s his name. McMahon actually quotes one of Piper’s old sayings about changing the questions once you think you have the answers. He doesn’t actually give Piper his due for the quote, though. Knee-lift, short-arm clothesline and a second short-arm clothesline end this at 2:06. No DDT? Not for that jobber!

It’s Event Center time! We hear from Money Inc, Roddy Piper and Bret Hart (which is just the same promo as last week’s show).

Vince McMahon introduces video highlights of Hogan’s past. We see clips of Wrestlemania III and his battle with Andre the Giant, with current commentary by Heenan and Monsoon. We also see clips of Hogan battling Ultimate Warrior at Wrestlemania VI. This is odd, why show this when Warrior isn’t in your promotion? Hmmm. Vince has a sit-down chat with Hogan. Hogan defines Hulkamania – an intangible goal where you must fight every moment of the day to achieve. Hogan also says he’s the only one who can decide if Wrestlemania is his last match. Hogan still isn’t sure yet if it is.

That’s all for this week. BUY WRESTLEMANIA VIII!

-The Bottom Line-

This was a very enjoyable episode. I loved the Wrestlemania hype and miss it in today’s shows. The Piper/Shawn match was really fun, albeit too short, and even the squash matches seemed interesting. Definitely a passable show and if you really like hype shows it is recommended.


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