WWF Superstars 4/10/1992

Written by: Tom Hopkins

Wrestlemania is still fresh in everyone’s minds as we enter the Mobile Civic Center in Mobile, Alabama. Vince McMahon is with Mr. Perfect and Perfect doesn’t look too happy about Flair losing the title. Oh, and the Ultimate Warrior reappeared!

We see clips of Macho Man’s celebration from Wrestlemania (coming soon on video – April 23rd!) Bret Hart won the IC title, too, and we see the aftermath of that. Clips of Undertaker’s match is also shown. We see the whole ending sequence of the Hogan match, too, with Shango coming out to help Justice and Warrior coming out to make the save. Sid was irate after the match, though I can’t understand why. He was disqualified because of Shango’s interference, not because of anything Warrior did. He calls out the Warrior and luckily we hear the Ultimate Warrior’s response. He’s been sitting on his throne in Parts Unknown waiting for challengers.

-Barry Horowitz vs. Owen Hart-

It feels like it’s been a long time since I’ve seen Owen wrestle on Superstars. McMahon rides Perfect about Flair’s loss while ignoring Hart’s own match against Skinner. Hart flips all over the ring and draws some big pops from the crowd. McMahon mentions something about Hart hanging out with Koko B. Ware. I don’t know about you but I’d imagine there was some high energy between the two. Horowitz gets caught with a belly to belly and Owen ends this with a big splash off the top. Man, Owen was light-years ahead of everyone else by this point in time.

-Papa Shango vs. Mike Casey-

Mike Casey is small and puny looking that even McMahon is surprised. Oh, and Perfect’s still pissed off about Wrestlemania. THEY WAS ROBBED! McMahon mentions the curse Shango put on Hogan and I believe it had something to do with him never being able to leave the business, working in TNA and having to do Rent-A-Center commercials with a taller Troy Aikman. Seriously, Troy almost dwarfs Hogan! Shango does some ultimate fighting before it was vogue and then after beating Casey with a shoulderbreaker at 1:26 he mentions something about riding some sort of ho train. That sounds like some crazy voodoo thing I don’t want to get involved with. I really wish someone had the right to censor things like that.

Sean Mooney! He has no witty segue this time. Tatanka thanks everyone for the banners and signs that have been in the arenas as he remains an undefeated, proud Native American. The Beverly Brothers, with the Genius, continue being non-entities. They are also undefeated, though I can’t name anyone they’ve beaten other than jobber teams.

Oooh, some dude with a creepy voice is calling out the Boss Man!

-Sgt. Slaughter & Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs. Tony Stevenson and Jobber #1-

I didn’t catch the name of the other jobber. Neither McMahon or Perfect care either since Perfect is still harping on Savage cheating and using doctored photos. Sarge whips Stevenson into Hacksaw’s three-point stance clothesline to end this at 1:38. I can’t stand really even watching Duggan matches anymore.

Mean Gene makes his first appearance in the show telling us the news that Macho Man won the title at Wrestlemania! I would hope that anyone watching the show would know that since that is ALL anyone was talking about the first 20-minutes of the show. We see the ending of said match as well as Flair complaining about Savage’s tainted victory. Flair promises to get his title back and kiss Liz again!

-Shawn Michaels vs. Dale Wolfe-

Shawn is now the #1 contender for the IC title, though if you thought about it logically Piper should be the #1 contender. Wolfe chases Michaels out of the ring but falls victim of a stomp on the way back in. And that’s why you’re a jobber, Dale. Michaels hits a super-kick and then ends it with his Teardrop Suplex at 1:45.

Paul Ellering is in Chicago in some sort of alleyway. He talks about the Legion of Doom and that they are coming back to the WWE better than ever now that their leader is back.

-The Mountie (w/Jimmy Hart) vs. Jobber-

He’s the Mountie! He’s handsome, he’s brave and he’s strong. McMahon and Perfect talk about a Mountie/Boss Man feud despite the fact they fought at the previous year’s Summerslam. Mountie ends this with a standing dropkick. That’s a pretty weak finisher.

McMahon showcases the newest issue of WWE Magazine featuring a beautiful cover with Liz on it.

Mooney hypes the issue before introducing promo’s from Skinner and the British Bulldog.

This just in – Shawn Michaels has Left the Building!

-Sonny Trout vs. The Undertaker (w/Paul Bearer)-

McMahon and Perfect make a LOT of fishing jokes (You trying to lure me in?) and it’s actually quite funny. You didn’t say that on Porpoise did you? Wait, you’re not trying to change your Tuna? Man, that’s the best commentary I’ve ever heard on Superstars! Tombstone sends Trout floundering at 1:40 for those keeping score at home.

We head over to Mooney once again who brings us some promo’s from Repo Man and Tito Santana. Next Week! Piper’s Pit (with Macho Man)!

-The Bottom Line-

This was a very good post-Wrestlemania episode. Yeah the matches were dull (as usual) but we got a nice array of post-Wrestlemania fallout as well as some EXCELLENT commentary from Perfect and McMahon. Really, the Taker/Trout match was super fun to listen to. I really can’t hate too much on this show.

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