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WWF RAW 7/8/1996

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents RAW
From: Green Bay, WI

1.) The Ultimate Warrior defeated Owen Hart by disqualification
2.) Savio Vega defeated Justin Hawk Bradshaw
3.) Davey Boy Smith & Vader defeated The Godwinns

Angle Developments/Notes:
1. WWF President Gorilla Monsoon opens the show to announce that he has suspended the Ultimate Warrior for failure to appear at live events. The ban will be lifted when he posts an appearance bond. Monson tells us that no one man is above the fans. That being said, Warrior will be in action tonight.

2. Warrior kicks off the show against Owen Hart. Warrior sends Owen over the top to the floor. Shawn Michaels informs us during the match that he and Ahmed Johnson have found a new partner to be at the PPV. Back to the match, Warrior clotheslines Owen to the floor. Warrior slingshots Owen back to the canvas. Owen stops Warrior with a spin kick and follows up with a clothesline. Owen works on Warrior with strikes in the corner. Owen blocks a big splash by getting his knees up. Cornette gets a cheap shot in due to the referee being distracted. Owen celebrates after nailing Warrior with a kick to the side of the head. Owen connects with a missile dropkick but Warrior kicks out of the cover attempt. Warrior avoids a Sharpshooter attempt by kicking Owen away. Bulldog comes out as Warrior gets his second wind. Bulldog misses his attack n Warrior. Vader comes out but is dropped by Warrior. Bulldog ends up recovering and power slams Warrior to allow a three man beat down.

3. Back to Shawn Michaels and Ahmed Johnson who are at the WWF Headquarters. They say their third man is on their way and will be there by the end of the show.

4. As Savio Vega comes out we see Brian Pillman but he is escorted away be officials to the backstage area. Vega hits Bradshaw with a spinning heel kick in the corner. Bradshaw gets the advantage when he manager cheap shots Vega. Bradshaw delivers a big boot to maintain control. Bradshaw avoids a dropkick attempt and leg drops Vega. Bradshaw continues with a pump handle slam and a top rope shoulder block for a near fall. Vega fights back with a back suplex for a near fall. Bradshaw misses a clothesline and Vega manages to hit a spinning heel kick for the win. After the match, Bradshaw attacks Vega with a cowbell.

5. Henry controls Bulldog with a shoulder block and hip toss. Vader cheap shots Henry and tags in to hammer away on Henry. Henry is able to suplex Vader. Henry clotheslines Vader and tags in Phineas. Vader stops Phineas with a powerful clothesline. Bulldog enters but Phineas connects with a running bulldog. Vader returns to splash Phineas in the corner. Henry tags in and clotheslines Vader for a two count. Vader avoids a splash to clothesline Henry. Bulldog scoop slams Henry for a two count. Vader splashes Henry several times as RAW goes to commercial. Vader continues to club away on Henry in the corner. Henry catches Vader in the corner to power slam him! Phineas gets the hot tag and cleans house. Vader clubs Phineas from behind and Bulldog gets the pin following a power slam.

6. Back to the studio, Michaels and Ahmed promote their partner as being the perfect partner. Jim Cornette thinks they are bluffing. Back to the studio, it is revealed that Psycho Sid is their third partner. Sid says there is no one their to help them. Cornette is pissed and shocked at the announcement.

Final Thoughts:
So, the Warrior experiment lasts all of three months. I don’t really think he caught on with the fans like McMahon had hoped. Lets face it, Warrior is from a different era and his act just doesn’t fit in with what the WWF was trying to do at this time. There were several feuds that may have been able to make some money, but Warrior leaving isn’t too big of a deal. My other comment is regarding the mystery partner. How foolish does Michaels look here? He is trusting the same guy who power bombed him over a year ago and aligned himself with DiBiase and the Corporation when that still existed. I suppose having Sid as a fill in baby face for the short term will not hurt, but Michaels being the guy who chose him just seems silly to me. As for the show, I thought the main event was a solid bout as they just slugged it out. Not much going on aside from Warrior leaving and Sid returning.

Thanks for reading.


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