UWF Live Event 5/12/2007

Written by: Bob Colling

United Wrestling Federation Live Event
: 5/12/2007
From: Greensboro, NC

1.) Jerry Lynn defeated CW Anderson
2.) D”Lo Brown defeated Raven
3.) Daffney defeated Gail Kim
4.) Chris Harris defeated James Storm
5.) Dustin Rhodes defeated Bobby Houston & Damian Wayne
6.) Steve Corino defeated Ric Converse
7.) Rikishi and Team Mackiton defeated Diamond In The Rough & Jake Manning

Angle Development/Notes:
1. The show kicks off with former ECW wrestlers CW Anderson and Jerry Lynn competing in singles action. A competitive start that saw Lynn arm drag CW several times causing CW to want a timeout. Lynn connects with a head scissors to send CW to the floor. CW works on Lynn with lefts and rights. Lynn hit’s a cross body but is dropped by CW following a left hand. Lynn fights back with a shoulder block and a reverse DDT for a near fall. CW counters a cradle pile driver with a backdrop and connects with a super kick for a two count. Lynn counters a spine buster attempt with a rollup to win the bout.

2. Sgt. Slaughter comes out to be the special referee for the next match. Raven cuts a promo saying he wants silence when he speaks. He calls everyone maggots and spits on Brown. Raven controls Brown with a hammerlock and bits his fingers. Brown turns the table by yanking Raven down by his hair. They do the comedy spot where they run the ropes until Raven gets gassed and passes out. Steve Corino runs out to revive Raven but Brown ends up sending him to the floor. Raven super kicks Brown but only gets a two count. Raven locks in the camel clutch but Brown fights out and low blows Raven. Raven drops Brown with a power bomb out of the corner but Slaughter sees him using the ropes. So, Slaughter ends up to dropping Raven with a clothesline. Slaughter puts the cobra clutch on Raven as well. Brown ends up hitting the Sky High for the win.

3. It’s time for a women’s match and I don’t really care. Jackie Moore is the special referee for the match. Kim shoves Moore and Daffney rolls Jim up for the win due to Moore doing a fast count. Kim cleans house after the match, but she still lost.

4. Former partners collide when James Storm squares off against Chris Harris. Storm rips on the fans saying that they suck and need to show him respect. Storm gets the early advantage with chops but Harris recovers with strikes of his own. Harris drops Storm throat first across the guard railing. A few times and rams Storm head first into a fans chair. Harris hip tosses Storm onto the floor. Storm kicks Harris as he climbs the top rope and puts him in a tree of woe to deliver a kick to his face. Storm continues with an elevated DDT but Harris kicks out at two. Harris rolls through a sunset flip and almost gets the Sharpshooter on. Harris hit’s a leaping clothesline and a running bulldog for a near fall. Storm blocks the Canatonic by hitting a helicopter slam. Harris connects with a middle rope ace crusher but Storm kicks out again. Storm rolls through a top rope cross body for a two count. Storm rolls Harris up in the corner and uses the ropes for leverage to win the match. Well, that doesn’t last because the referee restarts the match. Harris wins it five seconds later by doing the same thing Storm just did.

5. I’m guessing Houston and Wayne are local talents because I have never heard of them. Rhodes teams with Houston early on to work on Wayne but that doesn’t last long. Wayne and Houston argue over who is going to pin Rhodes when they work together. The answer is neither of them. Rhodes pins Wayne following a running bulldog.

6. Corino rips on a fan who has Ric Converse’s name buzzed into his head as being a retard. Converse hammers away on Corino to open the match and they head to the floor. Corino rams Converse into the railing to get the advantage. Corino low blows Converse as he tries to enter the ring. Converse nails Corino with a yakuza kick to regain control. CW Anderson chokes Converse being the referees back to help Corino. CW gives Corino an object to hit Converse and he delivers a blow to Converse’s throat. Corino shoves his thumb up Converse’s butt while he has an abdominal stretch locked in. Yeah, that happened. Converse drops Corino with a side Russian leg sweep. Converse hit’s a missile dropkick for a near fall. Converse brings Corino down to the mat with a superplex but Corino kicks out at two. Corino connects with an STO but Converse came back with a DDT. Converse hit’s the Richter Scale but the referee is pulled out by CW! Corino nearly wins following a northern lights bomb. Corino is able to low blow Converse behind the referees back and nails Converse with a kick to the face for the win.

7. TJ shoulder blocks Young and follows up with a few strikes for his teammates. Manning enters but is hip tossed by both Macks. Kirby hit’s a springboard leg drop on Manning and follows up with a springboard bulldog. Skipper enters the ring but he is met with a clothesline. Kirby connects with a flipping Stunner from the apron back into the ring. Kirby delivers a back stabber on Skipper as well for a two count. The Mack Brothers take both Young and Manning out with somersault dives on the floor. Rikishi looks to give Young a stink face moments later but Young bails from the ring. Young stops Kirby with a roundhouse kick and Manning blocks a hurricanrana attempt to deliver a power bomb turned into a backbreaker! DIR continue to work on Kirby with a double axe handle/power bomb combo. Rikishi eventually gets the hot tag and cleans house. Rikishi back splashes Manning in the corner and delivers the stink face. Rikishi proceeds to sit on Manning to win the match.

Final Thoughts:
I’m not sure what I was expecting this show to end up being, honestly. The match of the night was Harris vs. Storm for sure. The other matches just weren’t all that interesting to me. I mean, they have two special referee matches right after another. I didn’t get that booking decision. The other highlight was Kirby Mack and what he can do in the ring. He takes a lot of high risk moves and was the only reason why the main event had anything good about it. I didn’t enjoy the show, but it wasn’t that long of a show, so I’m not mad about it. There is nothing to see here, folks.

Thanks for reading.

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