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WWF Superstars 6/6/1992

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Superstars
From: Lexington, KY

1.)WWF Intercontinental Champion Bret Hart defeated Tom Stone
2.)The Nasty Boys defeated Reno Riggins & Major Yates
3.)Kerry Von Erich defeated Mike Collins
4.)The Beverly Brothers defeated Mike Samples & Scott Bailey
5.)Crush defeated George Anderson
6.)High Energy defeated Kato & Kevin Kruger
7.)Repo Man defeated Dan Robbins

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.Mr. Perfect talks about Big Bossman getting beaten up by Nailz last week on Superstars. They talk about Papa Shango lighting his opponents feet on fire last week as well. There will be an interview with Shango later in the show.

2.The WWF Intercontinental Champion kicked off the action this week. Thoughts from Shawn Michaels were aired during the match. He says that he is going to take the Intercontinental Championship from Bret Hart. Hart won the match with the Sharpshooter.

3.We see footage from last weeks show where Big Bossman was viciously attacked by Nailz with a nightstick. Nailz handcuffed Bossman to the op rope and beat on him before handcuffing Bossman’s arms behind his back. We hear from comments from Nailz who says that it was the first beating of several more beatings coming his way. Nailz doesn’t believe there is anyone who can stop him.

4.We hear from High Energy during the Nasty Boys match. They said they weren’t going to stop until they reach the top because they are High Energy. Knobbs power slams Yates and Saggs hits a top rope elbow drop for the win.

5.Kerry Von Erich won his squash match after a tornado punch.

6.The Beverly Brothers competed in tag team action this week. They go to the floor and paint “LOS” onto a fans LOD shoulder pads toy. That stands for the Legion of Sissies. Blake gets the pin fall after a face buster. After the match, the Beverly Brothers paint the face and chest of Mike Samples to add insult to injury.

7.Crush competed in singles action this week as well. He obviously has zero issue with Anderson. He wins the match with the Kona Vice. After the match, Crush helped his opponent up but the jobber just fell back down!

8.Mean Gene is standing on the podium as he gets ready to interview Papa Shango. Gene talks about Shango putting a curse on Warrior. A few weeks ago, the curse kicked in on Warrior and caused him to vomit backstage. Warrior thought he was free of the curse, but then some kind of liquid came out of his head. Shango asks how does it feel to not be in control. He says that Warrior has entered the dark world of Papa Shango. He has stepped into his black circle. The black circle is closing on Warrior! Gene says thank god that the interview is over and Shango puts a spell on Gene to cause the liquid to come out of his right arm.

9.We hear from the Nasty Boys during the next match involving High Energy. They say that they are going to short circuit High Energy! Owen holds Krueger so Koko can hit a dropkick off the middle rope and Owen gets the three count.

10.Repo Man competed in the main event. We hear comments from Repo Man who said he is the best dog catcher in the WWF and says the British Bulldog will obey him. Repo won the match with a single leg Boston Crab. After the match, Repo ties up his opponent and drags him around the ring a couple of times.

Final Thoughts:
I find some of these angles to be actually kind of interesting. The Beverly Brothers are doing a good job of getting under the skin of LOD, for sure. They may not be regarded as a good team but I found them to be a decent team that could get some good heat from the crowd. I’ve always liked Papa Shango and find his mind games with Ultimate Warrior to be another interesting feud. He clearly doesn’t have a shot with Warrior in a match, but at least they are giving Warrior something to do. I thought it was a fine episode for Superstars this week.

Thanks for reading.


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