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WWF Superstars 10/10/1992

Written by: Tom Hopkins

Gene Okerlund and the Survivor Series Update Desk start this episode off. Gene is here to tell us the Thanksgiving Eve tradition continues with a huge match announced: Ric Flair & Razor Ramon vs. The Ultimate Warrior and Randy Savage. Gene calls this the greatest main event in Survivor Series history.

Razor Ramon cuts a promo against Randy Savage which is aired in the arena before he makes his way to the ring.

We’re joined now by Mr. Perfect and Vince McMahon who will be calling the action tonight.

Razor Ramon vs. Steve May
Ramon tells the ring attendant that if anything happens to the gold then something will happen to him. May ducks a clothesline and tries a crossbody but is caught and Ramon gets a fallaway slam. Ramon continues with an abdominal stretch and a top-rope back suplex. He ends with the Razor’s Edge, which was still unnamed. Perfect made a reference to a Razor’s Edge in this match and I wonder if that’s where McMahon got the name for the move.

McMahon and Perfect talk about the main event of Survivor Series. McMahon thinks that the team of Flair and Ramon will be torn apart.

Max Moon vs. Jerry Fox
I suppose Komet Kid didn’t last long as a name. Finkel calls Fox Maxamillion Moon, so I guess Max is his nickname. Max rolls around in the ring and dropkicks Fox to the outside. McMahon talks about Moon being a great athlete named Curt something. I love the little elbow nudge comment there from McMahon. Moon hits a second rope bulldog and follows with a spinning heel kick. Perfect mentions that Moon must be from some other country and he was – he was the lucha wrestler known as Konnan. It looks like there’s a bit of clipping here during and armbar spot. Moon ends with the running somersault slam at 2:35.

Mooney makes his first appearance on the episode with his normal seat at the Event Center. The Beverly Brothers are here and they want the Natural Disasters! Crush is also here. He talks to the Hawaiians who were hit by the hurricane. He goes on to say he’s not a fan of poor sportsmanship in the WWE. I guess punching a defenseless jobber square in the face while he’s on the mat is alright? He did do that in his last match on Superstars.

High Energy vs. Brian Jewel & Ken Johnson
Jewel and WWE Hall of Famer Koko B. Ware start. For some reason Jewel is wearing cowboy boots of some sort. Owen arm-drags Johnson and backdrops him coming out of the corner. Jewel tags in and takes a DOUBLE back body drop that was delivered with gusto. High Energy ends with their version of the Hart Attack (top-rope dropkick instead of a clothesline) and Owen just rolls through to get the pinfall at 3:05. Perfect calls High Energy’s tights the worst he’s ever seen. I am inclined to agree.

Nailz vs. Eric Freedom
It’s ironic Nailz is fighting the one thing he was looking for while in jail. Nailz dumps Freedom to the outside and then grabs a microphone. Nailz talks to the crowd with his distorted voice and asks where the Boss Man is. Boss Man doesn’t show and the match never occurs. At least I didn’t have to watch him wrestling.

Mooney is back at the Event Center with more promo’s. We hear from the Bushwhackers who sing Mary Had a Little Lamb. I have no idea what happens after that. These guys are insane! Repo Man also pops in and he’s going repossess his way to the top!

It’s another look back at Bob Backlund! This has a bunch of newspaper articles and some vintage footage.

Kamala (w/Harvey Whippleman & Kimchee) vs. Kevin Kruger
During the early 90’s it was clear that Harvey and Howard had one of the best feuds. The amount of disdain in Howard’s voice when introducing Harvey is awesome and it is just a subtle little thing that I find missing from WWE television today. Before the match Undertaker shows up on the video wall and tells Kamala to rest in peace. Kamala is a bit spooked and Kruger takes advantage by attacking from behind. Kamala no-sells and just chops Kruger down but he seems too preoccupied with Undertaker. See, if this was 2011 they would set up their Survivor Series match by having them wrestle on Raw 3 times in a row with various screwjob finishes in various combinations of tag and singles matches. Kamala ends with the big splash and when he finally covers he gets the pinfall at 1:17. Bearer comes out with a casket and when Kamala sees it he freaks out again.

Bret Hart vs. Bill Jordan
Hart clotheslines Jordan to the outside. McMahon shows the cover of the WWE Magazine and I recognize it right away since I had that issue. I can’t believe that was almost 20-years ago. Hart ends this with a Sharpshooter at 3:25.

We take one last trip to the Event Center with Sean Mooney. Rick Martel is here and he’s still in vogue. British Bulldog is out here barking some promo, too. Next week Superstars will feature Shawn Michaels, Boss Man, Money Inc, British Bulldog and an interview with Ric Flair & Razor Ramon. Cameras finally catch up to Kamala at the end and he’s still scared.

The Bottom Line
This was a very quick episode – lasting only about 37-minutes. It seemed like a full episode but something must’ve been cut out for this to be 10-minutes shorter than almost every other episode. The running time made for an easy episode to sit through but there still wasn’t a lot here outside of the main event announcement. I do like how matches were built towards the PPV back then – it was special to see star wrestler’s go at it in the ring. It’s not like now where every Raw features what would’ve been a PPV match in the early 90’s.


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