WWF Superstars 10/17/1992

Written by: Tom Hopkins

Gene Okerlund brings out Bret Hart to the stage that has been set up in Saskatoon, Canada. It’s a big night for Bret – he’s the NEW WWE Champion. Bret had surprisingly won the title from Ric Flair at a Saskatoon House Show and I was floored when that happened back in the day. Bret thanks everyone who has helped him along his career, from his father to other wrestlers, to his fans and even to Ric Flair who gave him the shot at the title. Hart even thanks God.

Vince McMahon and Mr. Perfect make their debut at the announce booth and Perfect is none too pleased that his guy, Ric Flair, lost the title to Bret Hart. Perfect makes excuses for Flair by telling us that Flair was sick that night. Perfect claims Flair will reclaim the WWE Title. That would never happen as we know now.

Shawn Michaels (w/Sensational Sherri) vs. Steve Gillespie
Shawn would end up winning the IC title from British Bulldog, who was wrestling tonight, and also the WWE title from Bret Hart, who we already saw. Perfect calls Hart the shortest WWE champ of all time, instead of shortest-reigning. He wouldn’t be, but the man directly involved in the shortest reign in history is on this show tonight as well. Wow, there’re lots of connections to be made on this episode of Superstars! Shawn slides around Gillespie and makes him look foolish. Shawn follows with a dropkick and a chinlock. Shawn connects with a top-rope flying clothesline and then super-kicks Gillespie down. The teardrop suplex ends this at 3:12.

Tatanka vs. Brian Jewel
Perfect scoffs at Tatanka’s stupid hair-do until McMahon tells him that the red hair represents the blood trails the Native Americans had to march. Jewel tries shoulderblocks that fail miserably and then gets powerslammed. Perfect says that Jewel is now showing much “psychology.” Hmm, I wonder how often that word makes it into the WWE shows in regards to in-ring action. McMahon hypes IcoPro during the match before moving onto the officiating of the WWE. Tatanka throws chops, even a tomahawk off the top, before ending with a Samoan Drop at 3:06.

Here’s Lord Alfred Hayes at the Update Center, brought to you by the WWE Rampage Coliseum Video. Umm, where’s Gene? Hayes talks about Hart’s WWE Title victory and the accolades from the WWE wrestler’s are flying in. We hear from The Ultimate Maniacs (Savage and Warrior) who congratulate Heart. We also hear from the opposite side of the coin – Flair, Ramon and Mr. Perfect.

Big Boss Man vs. Barry Horowitz
Barry ducks away from a charging Boss Man and promptly pats himself on the back. Boss Man connects with a big boot and Boss Man rewards himself with a pat on the back. Boss Man stops by with a floating promo and he’s glad that Sgt. Slaughter is now enforcing the WWE officiating rules. Boss Man likes that but then he has no problem hitting a defenseless Horowitz with a closed fist. No wonder Nailz hates Boss Man! Boss Man ends this with the Boss Man Slam at 2:05.

McMahon talks about Hart’s title victory and pisses off Perfect to the point where Perfect smacks the headset off of McMahon. That was pretty cool.

We jump into the middle of the Event Center with Sean Mooney to hear from the Nasty Boys. They want the titles from the Natural Disasters. Harvey Whippleman is also here with Kimchee and their guy, Kamala. This just continues the feud with Undertaker.

British Bulldog vs. Jim Peterson
McMahon mentions that Bulldog won his title from the current the World Title. Bulldog keeps this going for a while before ending with a running powerslam at 2:26. I was wholly uninteresting in this match so sorry for no play-by-play, but really, it’s a squash match so how much can there be?

Bulldog has the heart of a champion, according to McMahon, and speaking of champions – here’s a video of Bob Backlund at his home being an average joe.

Okerlund is here with his Survivor Series report! He recaps the match we already know – the Ultimate Maniacs vs. Flair and Razor Ramon. Did they have a team name? Flair for the Gold would’ve worked but I guess that was already used in WCW. Undertaker will be facing Kamala in a Coffin Match. Undertaker has some comments for Kamal and they tell Kamala he will be going into the casket. The Natural Disasters and Bushwhackers are teaming up to battle the Beverly Brothers and Money Inc. The stipulation here is that if one member of a team is eliminated the other one is as well. We hear from the face squad who tell the heels they will be a Bush Disaster. Oh, how clever!

Money Inc. vs. Jim Powers & Bobby St. Laurent
Money Inc. walk out but it is a picture of the Natural Disasters with the Tag Titles showing on the big screen. That riles up DiBiase and IRS. I mentioned how a wrestler on this show was involved in the shortest WWE Title reign in history and he’s in this match. DiBiase had Andre The Giant win the WWE title form Hogan and DiBiase was immediately given the title. The WWE president said that Andre actually forfeited the title in doing that. Anyway, IRS says he will be voting for the presidential candidate who promises the most taxes. So, that makes IRS a Republican? I believe the big sticking point that cost George Bush (the first one) the election was that he promised no new taxes in 1988 and of course he lied about that little promise. Bill Clinton would win that election and the heart of Monica Lewinsky some years later. One of the jobbers scores a couple of two-counts on Money Inc but his offense his short-lived. The Beverly Brothers pop-up for a brief comment about their upcoming Survivor Series match. IRS ends with the flying clothesline at 3:27.

Bret Hart vs. Bill Jordan
Hart clotheslines Jordan to the outside. McMahon shows the cover of the WWE Magazine and I recognize it right away since I had that issue. I can’t believe that was almost 20-years ago. Hart ends this with a Sharpshooter at 3:25.

We take one last trip to the Event Center with Sean Mooney who starts by congratulating Bret Hart on his title win. We hear from High Energy and oddly enough Owen doesn’t mention his brother winning the title. Wow, sour grapes even in 1992. Shawn also shows up bragging about his greatness. Shawn wants the IC title. Next week on Superstars – more Survivor Series matches announced as well as action from Crush, Papa Shango, the Undertaker, Nailz and the Natural Disasters. There’s a little addition of Hart’s celebration after winning the WWE Title.

The Bottom Line
I liked the big news about Bret’s title win, though no footage was shown which was a downer. The Survivor Series hype was decent but everything else in this episode fell flat. Take a pass.

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