TNA Impact 2/16/2012

Total Non-Stop Action presents Impact
From: Orlando, FL

Tonight, Jeff Hardy gets another shot at the TNA World Heavyweight Championship when he meets Bobby Roode in a no disqualification match. Also, Bully Ray and James Storm look to become the new number one contender. By the way, this is the first show since Vince Russo leaving the company. See what happens as a new era begins for TNA!

The program starts off with a video promoting what happened at Against All Odds last Sunday. Gunner beat Garrett Bischoff and Bobby Roode managed to retain the TNA World Heavyweight Championship after pinning Jeff Hardy when Sting accidentally hit Hardy with the championship.

TNA World Heavyweight Champion Bobby Roode makes his way out to the ring to kick off the show this week. Roode appreciates everyone chanting his name, though they are actually booing him. Roode talks about overcoming the odds to retain his championship at Against All Odds. Roode tells Sting that every week, and month, he fails to get the job done when it comes to taking the belt off of him. Roode assures Sting that there isn’t a damn thing he can do about him being the champion. That statement brings out Sting. Sting admits that Roode got under his skin at Against All Odds. Sting realizes that he accidentally screwed Hardy. So, he is here tonight to get it right with Jeff Hardy. He announces that tonight Jeff Hardy will get a title match against Bobby Roode tonight. Sting proceeds to announce that there will be no disqualifications! That match will be the first match tonight!

New York Giants running back Brandon Jacobs is sitting in the front row for the show tonight.

Opening Contest: For the TNA World Championship: No Disqualification Match
[champion] Bobby Roode vs. Jeff Hardy

Hardy runs into the ring and hits a running forearm shot and a clothesline early on. Hardy follows up with a double leg drop and connects with a splash in the corner. Roode drives Hardy down to the mat with a modified flap jack. Hardy dumps Roode over the top to the floor and dropkicks Roode before hitting a slingshot splash over the top rope to the floor. Hardy whacks Roode over the back with a steel chair. Hardy rams Roode into the guard railing gut first as well. Hardy sends Roode head first into the ring steps to keep control of the match. Roode blocks another shot and goes for a suplex but Hardy counters with a suplex of his own on the floor.

Hardy continues to beat down Roode with a clothesline on the floor and delivers another chair shot over Roode’s back. Roode is begging off from Hardy on the ramp way. Hardy doesn’t let up on the attack and sends Roode into the guard railing and apron. Hardy counters an Irish whip attempt and sends Roode into the ring steps. Hardy leaps off the steps to splash Roode up against the railing as we go to commercial.

We are back in the ring where Hardy hits a front suplex for a near fall on Roode. Roode runs into a back elbow but sends the referee into the ropes to crotch Hardy on the top rope as he tried for a Whisper in the Wind. Roode tosses Hardy under the bottom rope and to the floor. Roode has kept control on the floor by sending Hardy into the guard railing. Roode looks for a pile driver but Hardy counters with a backdrop. Hardy tosses Roode off the side of the ramp way and takes Roode out with a leaping clothesline. Hardy rams Roode into the guard railing back first and goes for the Twist of Fate but Roode shoves him away only to miss a spear and hits the stage shoulder first.

Roode is sent gut first into the side of the ramp way as they make their way back to the ring. Wait a second, Kurt Angle shows up out of nowhere and sends Hardy into the ring steps! Hardy is sent back into the ring and Roode hits a spear! Roode with the cover and wins the match!

Your Winner and STILL TNA World Heavyweight Champion: Bobby Roode via pin fall
Match Rating: ***

Backstage, Bobby Roode is bragging about retaining the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. He wants to know how many chances Jeff Hardy is going to get. Sting enters the scene and says that Roode cheated the system again. Sting tells the champ he isn’t done yet. Sting has a couple of men who are interested in taking the belt from Roode. Sting assures Roode that he isn’t done.

Backstage, Eric Young has a guitar with him. He says he forgot to get something for ODB on Valentine’s Day. Young simply forgot and goes on to talk about beating his blind mother at backgammon. He is going to win ODB back over tonight.

Backstage, Sting is angry and is sick about the TNA World Championship scene. Sting asks James Storm and Bully Ray if they want in the number one contenders match. Ray thinks the match shouldn’t even be happening because he won the championship already. Storm tells Ray he is going kick him in the face tonight.

A video highlighting the injury suffered by Jesse Sorensen is shown.

Second Contest: TNA X-Division Champion Austin Aries & Zema Ion vs. Alex Shelley & Shannon Moore
Aries and Moore kick off the contest. Aries shoulder blocks Moore and quickly goes for a headlock. Aries nails Moore with a seated dropkick after getting out of a head scissors and Ion tags himself in. Moore hits a springboard cross body for a two count and tags in Shelley. Shelley hits a top rope double axe handle before chopping Ion. Ion runs off the ropes to hit a hurricanrana and taunts Aries. Aries chops Ion for a tag but is dropkicked by Moore as soon as he enters the ring. Moore hits a spinning heel kick on Ion and Aries. Moore takes Aries out with a baseball slide on the floor and hits a springboard moonsault on the floor!

Ion dropkicks Moore from behind as he was using Ion’s hairspray. Shelley knocks Ion off the apron and Moore slams Aries before tagging in Shelley back in the ring. Shelley misses the double stomp and misses the Slice Bread. Aries dropkicks Shelley in the corner but Ion tags in rolls Shelley up using the tights for leverage to win the match.

Your Winners: Austin Aries & Zema Ion via pin fall
Match Rating: **

Backstage, TNA Knockouts Champion Gail Kim is walking with Madison Rayne. Kim wants to know when the Knockouts will realize she can beat everyone. Rayne tells Kim that lately they have been having their issues. Rayne puts Kiom over a great champion and a great friend. Rayne notes that the winner tonight is the number one contender. Rayne doesn’t want to fight anymore.

Third Contest: #1 Contenders Battle Royal For The Knockouts Championship
It looks like all the Knockouts are in this match, so there isn’t really a need to list them all. Madison Rayne says that Gail Kim doesn’t owe anyone a championship match. Instead, she is being nice enough to give the ladies a chance at her championship. Well, Rayne isn’t involved in the battle royal. The final four are Angelina Love, Velvet Sky, Tara and Sarita. Tara is the first eliminated of the four after she has injured her knee. It looks like Sarita hit a baseball slide to cause the elimination. Sarita tosses Angelina Love over the top to the floor as he was trying to get rid of Sky. By the way, Mickie James was not in the battle royal either. Sky avoids Sarita and she crashes to the floor. Rayne enters the ring and eliminates Sky to win the match! Rayne has swerved Gail Kim!

Your Winner: Madison Rayne

Backstage, James Storm talks about his match with Bully Ray. Storm says this is a fight and he will punch Ray right back in the face. There is only going to be one person standing tonight, and it’s him.

Backstage, the new TNA World Tag Team Champions Samoa Joe and Magnus talk about feeling good to be the champions. Magnus considers themselves to be the best tag team in the world. They laugh at the thought of a giant known as Matt Morgan and the unbeaten Crimson. Next week, they will have a rematch with the former champions.

Eric Bischoff, Gunner, Ric Flair and a Chelsea make their way out to the ring. I wonder if that is the same girl who was associated with Desmond Wolfe two years ago. Anyway, Bischoff thanks Gunner for taking care of Garrett Bischoff at Against All Odds. They are going to celebrate with some cigars. Eric says his son will never be able to accomplished what he has accomplished in the wrestling world. Eric suggests Garrett to get any other job aside from wrestling. They drink some champaigne to end the segment.

Backstage, Bully Ray continues to believe that the match shouldn’t be happening because he should already be the champion. He is going to hit the Bully Bomb on Storm to take on Bobby Roode for the title.

Backstage, Eric Young has caught up to ODB and asks her to sit down. Young sings his ridiculous song telling ODB that he loves her best when she smacks his ass. ODB stands up and slaps Young’s ass. She decides it’s time for his present.

Main Event: #1 Contenders Match For the TNA World Heavyweight Championship
Bully Ray vs. James Storm

Storm works on Ray’s left elbow early on with a few elbow strikes but Ray reaches the ropes rather quickly. Ray backs Storm into a corner but misses a chop and Storm hammers away on Ray with several strikes and stomps. Storm hits a clothesline in the corner and follows up with an arm drag for a two count. Ray trips Storm and delivers an elbow drop to his left leg several times. Ray continues to hammer away on Storm’s left leg and takes off Storm’s boot. Ray kicks Storm’s left leg and yanks off the knee pad as well to drive Storm’s leg down into the mat without any protection. Ray looks to get a submission with a single leg Boston Crab but Storm doesn’t give in. We go to commercial with Ray still in control.

Ray splashes Storm in the corner with a forearm shot. Ray dropkicks Storm’s left leg for a near fall. Ray continues to just work on Storm’s injured left leg. Storm hits a Code Breaker to make his comeback. Storm avoids Ray and hits the super kick to win the match.

Your Winner: James Storm via pin fall
Match Rating: **

After the match, Storm celebrates his win with some beers. He goes over to Brandon Jacobs who gets in on the celebration. They dump dome of the beer onto the fans. Bully Ray attacks Storm on the floor and looks at Jacobs who is backing off. Ray grabs the beer and insults Jacobs calling him a punk. Ray spits the beer into Jacob’s face. Jacobs shoves Ray down and is held back by Storm. Jacobs is pissed but is being held back by several agents and Storm.

Backstage, James Storm and Brandon Jacobs talk to a camera guy. Jacobs says he showed up here to support his friend James Storm and will show how to beat Bully Ray. Jacobs couldn’t believe that Ray spit beer in his face and gave him one big push. Storm says that Jacobs is going lay the Smackdown next week. There is going to be payback next week.

Sting has made his way out to the ring to finish the show. He calls out Bobby Roode to have a conversation. Roode takes his time coming down to the ring. Sting announces that at Lockdown it will be TNA World Heavyweight Champion Bobby Roode against James Storm inside a steel cage. Roode doesn’t take that news well and low blows Sting! Roode knee lifts Sting in the midsection. Roode delivers another kick to Sting’s ribs. Roode puts Sting’s sun glasses on and nails Sting with the championship causing Sting to be busted open! Roode mounts Sting and hammers away on him with right hands. Roode kneels over Sting and tells him to learn to mind his own business before slapping his face to end the program.

Final Thoughts:
I don’t think this was on par with the England shows, but it was still an enjoyable program. The opening segment and match was well worth the time given to it, though I do wish that Roode had gotten more offense in. He looks kind of weak constantly getting dominated and then needing help with his victory. Yeah, it gets him heat but does it make him credible? I also liked the swerve by Madison Rayne to get a title shot against Gail Kim. I just thought it was clever. Lastly, the main event was kind of boring but it was a fine overall match considering the story and all that attached to it. I’m very interested in seeing a Roode vs. Storm cage match in Nashville. That crowd should be going nuts for Storm.

Overall, for the first show since Russo’s departure I’m going to give the show a slight thumbs up.

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