WWF RAW 6/26/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents RAW
From: Danville, PA

1.)The Smoking Gunns defeated Jason Arndt & The Black Phantom
2.)Skip defeated Scott Taylor
3.)Man Mountain Rock defeated Phil Apollo
4.)King Mabel defeated Kenny Kendall
5.)Savio Vega defeated WWF Intercontinental Champion Jeff Jarrett by disqualification

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.)Last night at the King of the Ring, Bret Hart was able to defeat Jerry Lawler in a Kiss My Foot match. Hart shoved his foot down Lawler’s throat, and also shoved Lawler’s own feet down his throat! Since that happened to Jerry Lawler, Shawn Michaels will be the special guest color commentator for the program.

2.)The Smoking Gunns opened up the action competing in tag team action. They won the squash match following a side slam/top rope leg drop combo on Phantom.

3.)We go to a dentist office where Jerry Lawler to getting his mouth fixed. Lawler gives Bret Hart’s feet credit for being the nastiest feet ever. Lawler is chewing a lot of gum and says that his dentist is going to drill his way to the top. The dentist is Dr. Isaac Yankeem and he will take care of Bret Hart.

4.)Skip continued his winning ways in the WWF when he pinned Scott Taylor after a top rope hurricanrana.

5.)We are told that WWF World Champion Diesel will defend the championship at In Your House next month against Psycho Sid in a lumberjack match!

6.)Backstage, Savio Vega cuts a promo saying that he is going to bring the WWF Intercontinental Championship home to his friends!

7.)Man Mountain Rock competed in singles action this week. Rock won his match with an arm bar.

8.)The 1995 King of the Ring winner, Mabel, competed in singles action this week. Mabel won the squash match after a belly to belly suplex.

9.)Next week, Waylon Mercy will make his debut on RAW. We see a video of Mercy saying that he is here to protect people and whatever. When he gets to the WWF he says the wrestlers lives are going to be in his hands. For those who don’t know, Mercy is Dan Spivey of NWA fame.

10.)It’s time for the featured bout of the evening as the WWF Intercontinental Championship is on the line! Roadie tries to attack Vega from behind but fails. The distraction allows Jarrett to briefly work on Vega. Vega hip tosses Jarrett and drops him with a right hand. Vega gets a near fall after an axe handle shot off the middle rope. Vega hammers away on Jarrett in the corner and scoop slams Jarrett. The champ is in trouble! Jarrett accidentally knocks Roadie off the apron, who has a few words for Shawn Michaels at the commentary table! After a commercial break, Jarrett has gained control of the bout until he misses Vega and splashes the middle rope on accident! Roadie trips Vega or tries to and Vega baseball slides Roadie into Michaels. Michaels leaves the table to go at Roadie. Jarrett jumps off the apron but is punched by Michaels before being sent into the ring. Vega nearly pins Jarrett with a rollup. Roadie enters and clotheslines Vega to cause the disqualification. After the match, Shawn Michaels enters the ring and helps Vega clean house to stand tall in the ring.

Final Thoughts:
It was a decent program this week. The featured bout didn’t have a lot of rest holds or anything so that was a pleasant sight to see. The interaction with Michaels and Jarrett was a bright spot and the crowd was heavily into that. It was a fine episode which seemed to go by rather quickly to me. That has to be a good thing, right?

Thanks for reading.

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