WWF Superstars 1/6/1990

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Superstars
From: Huntsville, AL

1.) Brutus Beefcake defeated George South
2.) Koko B. Ware defeated Alan Martin
3.) Mr. Perfect defeated Mark Reagan
4.) The Big Bossman defeated Tony Montana
5.) The Bushwhackers defeated Tom Ziegler & Iron Mike Sharpe
6.) Greg Valentine & The Honky Tonk Man defeated Paul Roma & Jim Gorman

Angle Developments/Notes:
1. During Brutus Beefcake’s squash match, we heard from Rick Martel who insulted Beefcake’s choice in clothing and appeared on the podium to showcase himself. Martel considered himself to be what a man should look like. He considers Beefcake a bum and an insult to fashion. Beefcake chases Martel off the podium and ends up cutting up Martel’s clothing that he had left on the podium.

2. As the Bushwhackers competed in tag team action, the Bolsheviks made their way out to the ring and began to wave their Soviet Union flags.

3. This week, Brother Love was joined by Bobby Heenan, Jimmy Hart, Sensational Sherri and Mr. Fuji to discuss the Royal Rumble match. Sherri puts over Randy Savage as being the man who will win the Rumble. Jimmy Hart says he has an unbeatable trio which consists of Greg Valentine, Dino Bravo and the Canadian Earthquake. Slick thinks they are dreaming and reminds them about his man Akeem. Mr. Fuji thinks the Powers of Pain will win the Rumble. Bobby Heenan looks to put them all in their places. He notes that he has Andre the Giant, Rick Rude and Haku! They all begin to argue while Brother Love closes the segment.

4. We see footage from last week where the Ultimate Warrior attacked Dino Bravo because he was attacking a jobber after a match. Warrior sent Bravo crashing over the top to the floor. That caused Earthquake to enter the ring and distract Warrior so Bravo could hit Warrior with a chair a few times on the floor. We hear from Bravo who says that Warrior shouldn’t stick his nose in his business. Warrior also chimes in with some words. Warrior says that Bravo will realize how weak he is when Warrior brings all his powers to the Royal Rumble!

5. During the last match, we heard from Ron Garvin who said that after the submission match at Royal Rumble there will no longer be Greg Valentine in the WWF.

Final Thoughts:
It was a fine episode to kick off the year for Superstars. The angle between Martel and Beefcake was set up nicely and since Martel is still a fresh heel this could probably have some legs to it. The Brother Love segment was weak, though. All that did was remind people of the heels that could possibly get their hands on Hogan but it didn’t interest me all that much. It was your standard episode of Superstars with nothing hurting the show, really.

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