WWF Superstars 1/13/1990

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Superstars
From: Huntsville, AL

1.)The Rockers defeated Mike Davis & Lee Peak
2.)Tito Santana defeated Iron Mike Sharpe
3.)The Canadian Earthquake defeated Mike Shelton
4.)Jim Duggan defeated Tony Burton
5.)Ted DiBiase defeated Dale Wolfe
6.)Rick Martel defeated Jerry Monti

Angle Developments/Notes:
1. The Ultimate Warrior was the guest on the Brother Love show this week. Warrior says that Bravo and Earthquake have set into an unnatural place, I think. It’s kinda hard to understand what the hell Warrior is actually saying. Warrior represents the warriors and is going to take Bravo’s strengths while leaving his weaknesses behind. Brother Love sums this up perfectly calling Warrior crazy. Love mentions that Warrior competing in the Royal Rumble and lists several wrestlers who could meet Warrior in the ring. Warrior believes he is going to be victorious.

2. During Rick Martel’s match we heard from Brutus Beefcake who was wearing Martel’s ripped up clothing.

Final Thoughts:
Literally there was nothing to mention here this week. It didn’t help that twenty minutes of the show were missing,but those were just squash matches anyway so I didn’t miss anything, anyway. They are just promoting the Royal Rumble big time and I’d have to imagine it will just become more of a hype job as we inch closer to the event in two weeks. This edition gets a thumbs down from me, there just isn’t anything here to see.

Thanks for reading.

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