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WWF Superstars 2/3/1990

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Superstars
From: Birmingham, AL

1.)Dusty Rhodes defeated Tony Burton
2.)Rick Martel defeated Reno Riggins
3.)Jim Duggan defeated Mike Davis
4.)Jake Roberts defeated Ted DiBiase by disqualification
5.)The Canadian Earthquake defeated Mike Justice
6.)The Powers of Pain defeated Chris Walker & Butch Stanley

Angle Developments/Notes:
1. Well, I just noticed we are in a sweeps month, so it looks like we will get featured matches on Superstars for the next month. I can’t say that I hate that.

2. Mean Gene highlights what happened at the Royal Rumble when Brutus Beefcake cut off The Genius’s hair until he was attacked by Mr. Perfect. Perfect ended up using a chair on Beefcake ramming the chair into Beefcake’s midsection several times. We hear from Perfect and Genius. Perfect says no one sticks their nose in his business. Beefcake chimes in saying that trying to bust him up with a chair went overboard and he is going make Perfect lose his hair!

3. DiBiase works on Roberts with right hands early on and traps Roberts in the ropes after they collide. That allows DiBiase to get several shots in on Roberts and begins to yell at Virgil for not getting close to Roberts because of the snake. DiBiase wants Virgil to get the belt but he doesn’t. Roberts battles back with a hip toss and a knee lift. DiBiase bails to the floor to avoid a DDT attempt. Roberts counters a pile driver attempt with a backdrop. DiBiase counters a DDT with a backdrop of his own. DiBiase avoids another DDT attempt by bailing to the floor. Slick was at ringside but heads to the backstage area randomly. Roberts brawls with DiBiase on the floor until the Big Bossman appears from behind and hits Roberts with his nightstick! That causes the disqualification. Bossman handcuffs Roberts to the top rope and grabs the bag with Damien inside of it.

4. It’s time for the Brother Love show which will feature Ted DiBiase, Big Bossman, Slick and Virgil. DiBiase says that there isn’t anything in the world that his money can’t buy. He gets whatever he wants. DiBiase says he bought the best police protection money can buy. DiBiase thanks Slick for Bossman’s services. Bossman doesn’t know anything about a payoff. Slick says that DiBiase gave them a small donation. Bossman is upset about not knowing about the payoff. DiBiase wants Bossman to deliver the goods right now by getting his championship back. Bossman tells DiBiase that no one tells him what to do! What is going on!? DiBiase tells Bossman any man with brains wouldn’t pass up what he is offering. DiBiase wants Bossman to tell him he is scared. Bossman makes it clear that he isn’t afraid of anyone and that includes DiBiase! Bossman grabs the championship and tells DiBiase that he is going to have to earn the championship back! Bossman puts the belt back into the bag and heads back to the ring where he gives Roberts the key to the handcuffs. Bossman returns to the Brother Love set and shoves Slick down! This is the official face turn of the Big Bossman!

5. We hear from WWF World Champion Hulk Hogan who says that he has never had his stomach turning and his heart feel like he has cancer. He needs to know who is the stronger force between himself and the WWF Intercontinental Champion Ultimate Warrior. Hogan noticed the question marks in his fans eyes. Hogan has been having dreams of wiping Warrior’s paint off to see who he really is. Hogan issues a challenge to Warrior for the WWF World Championship! We also hear from WWF Intercontinental Champion Ultimate Warrior who growls and rambles. Warrior says that he has finished off everything before they ever became war. What is this guy talking about? Warrior knew that Hogan wouldn’t come from behind when he turned his back to Hogan at the Rumble. Warrior will confront Hogan face to face. This is going to be the Ultimate Challenge, I guess.

6. We heard from the Rockers during the Powers of Pain match where they said they aren’t going to run away from the Powers of Pain.

7. Speaking of the Powers of Pain, they will be take on Demolition next week on Superstars!

Final Thoughts:
I’m going to consider this a great episode of Superstars. The angle between DiBiase/Bossman/Roberts was nicely done and Bossman looked great in it. It gives the WWF a top mid-card babyface now to work with and he is fresh so the feuds are there to make for some interesting programming. That was the highlight of the program, but the promos by Hogan and Warrior to essentially promote their Mania match was memorable as well. Partially because of how ridiculous the promos were. Still, this gets a thumbs up from me, no doubt about that.

Thanks for reading.


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