WWF Superstars 3/17/1990

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Superstars
From: Phoenix, AZ

1.)Brutus Beefcake defeated Terry Zeller
2.)Bad News Bron defeated Steve Diloni
3.)Ted DiBiase defeated Pez Whatley
4.)Dusty Rhodes defeated Darryl Nickel
5.)Jim Duggan defeated the Black Knight

Angle Developments/Notes:
1. We see footage from last weeks program where Earthquake attacked Hulk Hogan until the Ultimate Warrior ran out to make the save. Hulk Hogan shares some comments regarding Warrior. He is happy that he took on Dino Bravo to prove that his arms are the strongest arms on the planet. Hogan says he felt the darkness and the cold hush. He didn’t like the feeling because the darkness is not for them. Hogan says they are divided now, two powers are apart. Ultimate Warrior chimes in with some of his comments. He is talking to his hands saying that there can’t be anymore fear. Warrior tells Hogan that this means nothing. I guess people are going to be falling from the ceiling and sacrifice themselves for him. Warrior understands that this has no reasoning. He accepts what he must do to Hulk Hogan. Warrior is going to protect Hogan from natural disasters. However, he has no control over the warriors. Thus, he can’t protect Hogan from the power Ultimate Warrior!

2. Bobby Heenan and the WWF World Tag Team Champions Haku and Andre the Giant were the guests on the Brother Love Show this week. Heenan says they have a problem, with that being Demolition. The WWF World Tag Team Championships belong to them and believes his men are the problem solvers. Haku says the titles will stay with them. Andre says that Demolition will stay the ex-champions. Heenan finishes off saying they are going solve the problem they have.

Final Thoughts:
As you can tell, not a whole lot happening on this program. I guess since we are getting closer to WrestleMania there won’t be much more angle developments and just simple promos that they do during the matches. So, I’m going to give the episode a thumbs down this time around. There just wasn’t anything going on here.

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