WWF RAW 4/19/1999

Written by: Kevin Kildenberger

WWF Monday Night RAW 4/19/99

I am doing this after the show again. I have to go…..but the ratings were a 6.1 to a 4.1 win. Last week sucked hairy nuts, but this one is far better. Less McMahon’s equate to a far better show. Some good advancement and solid wrestling. Sorry, no time to edit!Rock comes in driving a car, maybe a Hearse. He is talking about a funeral for Austin. There is a picture of him next to a wreath of flowers. Dirt and everything is set up for it. He takes us through what he did to Austin last week and brags about it. He calls him all sorts of names and ignores the Austin chants. He is going to beat his ass at the PPV and get his belt back. But he is going to bury him there tonight.

Vince and grinning Stephanie are getting geared up to an interview. They make her seem developmentally disabled with her stupid ass grin and nodding of head….then she turns into a “slut.”

Road Dogg comes down and gets the crowd all riled up. He calls Owen a nugget.

Match 1: Road Dogg v. Owen Hart

Road Dogg thinks that they should be the number one contender for the tag titles. If Owen wins they can be the number one contenders for the titles. If Road Dogg wins everyone gets to see Debra’s puppies. Debra grins.

Owen attacks and stomps a hole in him. Road Dogg comes back and shakes, rattles and rolls and gets two. Owen floats over after the whip into the corner but is nailed. Owen ducks and hits two spinkicks. Lawler is going apeshit about puppies. The fans start a mild chant about them too. Owen hammers him in the corner and gives him a backbreaker. Owen connects with a neckbreaker and he gets two. Owen hits the legdrop and pulls him up to his feet. After the whip he lowers the head and Dogg kicks him but is nailed with an enzuguri. Owen bodyslams him and drops the elbow from the middle rope and he gets another two count. Owen takes him down and goes for the Sharpshooter but Road Dogg kicks him off and finishes it just like that with a pump handle slam!

**1/2 Fun match with a shitty and sudden ending.

Debra coyly gets in the ring and is illing to show her puppies. She teases taking offer shirt and we see a bra and JJ runs down and chases off Road Dogg and makes Debra leave.

The camera pans around the parking lot waiting for the arrival of Austin.

UT is giving directions to his minions and does not want to waste time with the Brood and warns them not to fail.

Rock is practing his eulogy.

Match 2 Faroog v. Edge

Farooq is dominating. After some pummeling he powerbombs Edge. But Edge ducks and knocks him down and after some stomps he charges right into a spinebuster…..shit it is a tag match. I am having issues.

Bradshaw comes in and hammers him. Now Gangrel is in after Bradshaw missed an elbow drop. He pounds on Gangrel but gets knocked off the ropes after placing Gangrel up there. Gangrel nails him with a Tornado DDT. But he misses and is hit with a fall away slam. Farooq gets the tag and he unloads on Gangrel and they both team up and hit a neckbreaker. Bradshaw who was tagged in gets two. They double elbow him. Bradshaw goes for a powerbomb but Edge runs in and kicks him in the face. Bradshaw hits Edge and Gangrel is snapped over by Farooq who was tagged in. Farooq briefly has him in a chinlock and Farooq lets him up only to bodyslam him. He jumps on his back a couple of times. He whips him into the ropes but lowers the head and is DDT’d. Here comes Edge and he dropkicks Bradshaw and clotheslines Farooq and Bradshaw clotheslines Edge. He kicks out at two. Gangrel is knocked to the floor and they dual powerbomb him and Christian is taken out. Shamrock runs down and cleans the clock of Bradshaw with a baseball bat. He swings it around the announce table. A minute later the bell rings for a DQ!

** 1/2 This was not half bad.

Undertaker is pissed Bearer tries to calm him down. But failure is not an option. Honestly who cares….what is the big deal. Viscera beats them up.

Match 3: Godfather (c) v. Hardcore Holly for WWF IC Title

Godfather declares that Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy! Holly attacks him as Godfather takes off his jewelry. Godfather fights back but is whipped into the corner, however he explodes out and clotheslines him getting a two count. Holly runs right out and grabs a weapon and the ref takes it away and he is rolled up and nearly pinned. Holly is whipped into the corner and it is Ho Train time and he picks up Holly and he swings him and out goes the ref. The bodyslam, yes a bodyslam against the Hardcore champ would have beaten him. Holly grabs the baking sheet and bashes the shit out of the Godfather. He knocks him to the floor and he flings him into the steps. He bounces off! Ouch. Holly breaks a broom over his back and they are in the ring and this hting has broken down. Holly is out and here comes Goldust and he attacks Godfather….Snow runs down and knocks out Holly with Head and Godfather gets the win.

** A mess but fun…..Goldust is taking on Godfather and Al is taking on Holly at the PPV so it worked.

UT is on the phone telling someone to get it done.

Steph is giggling like a schoolgirl as her daddy talks to her.

Rock is getting his shoe shined by some babe and he tells her to shut her mouth!

Match 4: Ken Shamrock v. Big Bossman

Bossman runs down and tackles him and pounds on him. Bossman is thrust into the steps and then bashes his head into them and now throws him into them again. The ref warns him but is chased off….it is No Holds Barred. He rolls him back into the ring and now the match begins. Shamrock boots him in the skull and he stomps on him. Bossman gets his head bounced off the top buckle but he fights back and kicks Ken in the head. He jumps on him and rakes his face. Bossman shows some agility with an enzuguri! He catches Shamrock coming off the ropes and gives him not one but two spinebusters. Now he gets a couple of two counts. Bossman measures his punches and kicks and Ken tries to fight back but Bossman pounds him some more with hard rights. Shamrock strikes with a hurracarana form nowhere and now a belly to belly and just like that it is over.

** This was No Holds Barred?

UT is on the TitanTron and he asks if Ken knows where his sister is at. UT is knows and Ken should not have left her in a dirty hotel room and UT says she is in room 223 and Ken runs off.

The Mean Street Posse shows up at the announce table.

Match 5: Mankind v. HHH

Mankind takes it to him. He hammers him in the corner. He goes to jaw with Chyna and is decked. HHH now pounds him in the corner. Mankind fights back and out of the corner and HHH is backdropped. HHH pokes him in the eye but Mankind reverses the whip and HHH is hung upside down after crashing into the corner. Mankind knees him and kicks him a few times. Mankind charges again but misses. HHH knees him to the floor. Chyna comes over and bodyslams him….Jesus her chest looks plastic. HHH baseball slides him into the announce table and then drives him into the steps. Back in the ring HHH suplexes him. He drills him with his knee and gets two. He punches him in the face and the ref warns him form using a closed fist. HHH rakes the face and chokes him out on the ropes. Mankind gets his head run into the corner but elbows out and hits him a few times but gets another knee to the face and he is clotheslined to the floor. HHH goes after him and Mankind blocks going into the steps and HHH’s head eats it, but HHH reverses the whip and Mankind’s hip bounces off. Ouch. Back in the ring HHH kicks and punches him in the corner. Mankind is whipped into the corner and off the rebound he goes for the Pedigree but Mankind somehow escapes as HHH basically let him; he pushes him into the corner and Mankind falls headfirst onto his nuts. Socko! Of course he walks over to where Chyna is and she pulls him down and pulls him into the post crotch first. DQ. Mean Street Posse runs in and attacks. Test and Bossman are there too. HHH has a chair. Show waltzes out and HHH shoves Test into Show and he is chokeslammed.

**1/2 Decent but a lame ending. Really it could have been better. HHH has gotten worse as a wrestler. He has 8000 knee hits or whatever. Still HHH and Mankind need to be strong.

Mankind has the mic and he while he appreciates the sentiment he reminds Show that they have a date with destiny in the Boiler Room.

Rock is on the phone. He is bragging about what he did to Austin. He does not think he will show up. He talks about the car and it is mileage and how much he paid.

Match 6: Billy Gunn v. Jeff Jarrett

JJ attacks him right at the bell and stomps away. Gunn ducks and then strikes with a clothesline. JJ runs into a powerslam and he gets two. Here comes Owen and he is called a nugget. Gunn is tossed over the top rope and Owen assaults him. Road Dogg runs down and he is accosted by the ref and Gunn is doubleteamed some more. Back in the ring Gunn gets a near fall after a sunset flip. But JJ slams him and gets two. JJ mounts and pounds him in the corner and he is slammed. But he recovers only to lower his head and get bulldogged. Gunn misses the dropkick. Owen belts him but Road Dogg flies in and decleats Owen. JJ misses the leap as Gunn moves; he was up against the ropes. Both men JJ and Road Dog collide. Road Dogg is on the apron and he clocks JJ but is knocked off the apron. JJ stumbles into a neckbreaker. Debra takes off her shirt. Gunn moons her and she just stands there and grins! JJ tries to get up but is nailed with the Famouser. Owen jumps in to stop the count. The match is tossed, the heels are cleared out and Debra tries to strip but JJ escorts her out.

**1/2 Another mess but okay.

Rock is told he has an interview and he tells the lady to beat it.

Match 7: Big Show v. Viscera

Show shoves him down. Viscera fires back but he is tossed. Viscera tries to beg off, and lures Show in. He headbutts him and rocks him with a few blows. He squashes him in the corner; he tries again but runs into a big boot. Cue Undertaker and here he comeswith Bearer. Undertaker gets right in Show’s face. UT winds up and decks him and after two or three shots Show blocks and fires back. UT goozles him but Show does it too! Viscera nails him and Show tries to fend off both men but he is staggered from numerous blows from both men. They are wearing him down as he falls to his knee. Here comes Mankind! Viscera can barely turn his fat ass towards him and he gets rocked. UT is knocked to the floor by Show and Mankind holds Viscera as Show boots him to the floor.

NR Angle advancement…UT v. Show? I could get behind that.

Vince is with a googly eyed Steph who stares at him creepily. Vince is talking about his boy Shane. He has always been proud of Shane until last Monday. Cole is conducting this interview. Now to Stephanie who does not know what to think. She speaks with a stupid grin on her face. This is really bad. The one person who has stood by her is her daddy. Vince runs off screaming at some dude and threatens him. It is Mideon and Vince attacks him; he tries to run him over but is pulled out of the car and Mideon drives off.

Match 8: Val Venis and Sable v. D’Lo Brown v. Ivory

Sable comes down and I guess they are going to have some sort of a shitty wiggle off. She really bugs me. Nope she is talking about something else. Is this a match? Ivory runs down and she attacks Sable. Brown and Val pound each other. Nicole Bass comes down and chokeslams Ivory.

Not sure what I saw, nor do I care.

Rock comes down and does his eulogy. It is not nice, filled with lots of name calling. He calls him a Roody-Poo and calls him a coward and all sorts of things. Austin shows up in a Monster Truck and somehow gets the keys to Rock’s car and positions the car, the one he was talking about on the phone earlier. Austin revs up his Truck and drives right beside it. Rock is in the ring freaking out about the car being his. To the horror of the Rock Austin drives over it twice. He now drives into the arena. Austin puts his head out the window and guzzles a beer! He now starts to drive over the Hearse and the Rock is quite bitter. He and the Rock meet up by the graveyard and start brawling. Austin is tearing into him like me at a buffet table. Rock is getting run all over the place. He is whipped into the tire and clotheslined. Now into railings and every other object. He takes the belt and knocks him into the open grave hole! Austin has a cooler of beer and dumps some down and he drinks some. Shane knocks him out to a shovel to the back and takes back the belt.

*** close to a ***1/2 A much better show. I mean there was no real main event but it still worked. There was some quality wrestling. They set up the PPV, and the Show/UT showdown has serious potential. Rock and Austin is finally getting the attention it deserves. When the McMahon’s are not the focus=a far better show. Let the wrestlers do the work and not a long twenty minute opener that gets tiresome….okay I gotta go!

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