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WWF RAW 6/28/1999

Written by: Kevin Kildenberger

PPV was not too bad. I am interested to see what happens. The fans were too as the ratings were high. I am just going to get going, I said a lot when I wrote up the PPV. RAW wins easily but Nitro got a slight bump to a 3.6 while RAW received a 6.8 off of a 6.4 and 7.2. Well, one thing. KotR is supposed to build future stars like Austin and HHH and to a lesser extent Shamrock: He was fairly established by then. Gunn has been receiving a minor push. He and Road Dogg have grown on me. I guess shoving them down our throats work, but there have been less rocket in my pocket jokes. Still, how far can you go with a character named: Mr. Ass? It is a Godawful gimmick….He is doing well as a heel though and we will see what happens. I guess Kane could have won, but he is established and does not need the push or the win. He is perfect as an uppercard monster and winning the Tournament would have done nothing for him as he did not need the rub. The same with Big Show, and besides it sets up a potentially solid feud between the two.

Vince is giddy as there is a celebration tonight and the fans will never forget tonight. Shane has a message and that is he fires Austin…too bad he stumbled over his words! Austin has to be involved in some sort of prelim Tourney. The Undertaker is still the champ and there is no crack in the CM. UT is invited to face HHH at the next PPV….um, that is the opposite of what he just said. Vince repeats himself and here comes the Bossman! Vince tells everyone to get back as he will handle this. He is willing to go face to face with Bossman. Bossman gets in his face and hugs them….another swerve. There is a reason to celebrate. Shane has one more thing and that is “Payback is a bitch” and here comes the fired, not fired, Austin! Austin states that everyone knows that what happened was a bunch of BS. He knew he would get screwed so he took out an insurance policy. It was a new contract. It is worth a lot more money. He took out the clause that he could not assault Vince. As soon as Vince arrives at RAW Austin can punch him right in the mouth and the only thing he could do is pick up his teeth and go about his business. He can go to his house and punch him out! All he could do is whine to his wife that Stone Cold knocked out more of my teeth. He booked himself a title match tonight knowing he would be screwed. He asks for a Hell yeah and the fans explode! If anyone interferes he is DQ’d and loses the belt…..Can’t Vince change that now that he is CEO. Maybe because it was written and notarized? Oh well….

Match 1: Ken Shamrock v. Steve Blackman

Weapons match….Shamrock has recovered quick! Shamrock has the mic and he is not happy about Vince setting him up. He can keep sending hired men but he will keep coming. He calls out Blackman. He comes out and gets pummeled. But Blackman kicks him in the head and whips him hard into the corner and down he goes. Shamrock is bleeding from the mouth again and is oblierated by Blackamn who beats him with a broken Kendo stick. Blackman up and leaves.

*1/2 angle advancement.

Mr. Ass in the ring and he is still wearing the tag belt. The Acolytes did not have the balls to defend the titles and he did. He also beat three men to become King. He has carried people for so long and now it is all about him. Cole tells him that Bradshaw is coming down to get his property. Ass is not worried and he throws out an open invitation. Here comes HHH! Ass is preparing himself. HHH calls Cole over and tells Assman to ease it down. He has no beef with him and this is strictly business. This is about his financial future. He has a question and asks about his royalty check and their’s are lower as Road Dogg and Pac claim to be the sole proprietors of DX. HHH goes off on the fans and he and Ass carried their dead asses around, not the fans the other two. Vince told him that they can go get it. But HHH is busy going after the title, so he will lend him Chyna. All HHH wants is the money and nothing else to do with DX and demands the music be played. Rock runs down and assaults HHH and Ass is knocked down. Rock is peeled off of HHH and held back.

Cole asks Chaz why he broke character. He goes on about all his characters and just wants to be himself.

Austin is lacing his boots.

GTV: Test and Steph are leaving a motel and share a kiss. He is driving a Taurus? Damn dude. My car is better! I will date Steph.

Match 2: Meat v. Chaz

Chaz is still with the girl who played his mom. Thank God they changed his gimmick.

Chaz starts strong and works over Meat. PMS interferes. But Chaz wins.


Terry Taylor is asking Test about what was seen. The Posse tackle him and beat his ass. He is tossed into a Coke machine and hammered some more.

Holly is in the ring and he has clearly cracked up. He wants Kane to get his big red diapered ass down here.

Match 3: Hardcore Holly v. Kane

Holly gets in some offense but Kane goes off. Show comes down and chokeslams Kane and Holly wins.

*1/2 Angle advancement.

Holly taunts Kane and is goozled and chokeslammed! Another one! Now another one! A fourth one! A ref rolls him to the floor.

Rock has the mic. Last night the entire world witnessed the Rock beating the Undertaker twice. UT woke up with a tat on his head that said his head was stuck up his ass. Rock wants to serve him up a Rock Burger with cheese and a nice drink of Monkey piss! Jesus he is over….about time they let him run free.

Match 4: Rock v. HHH

HHH runs down and is greeted by a Rock Burger and pummeled. HHH reverses the whip and Rock dodges two lariats but not the high knee. HHH hammers him in the corner and punches him into the canvas. Rock fires back and HHH reverses the whip but walks right into a DDT and Rock gets a two count. Rock slugs away on HHH in the corner. Mr. Ass is in the ring and he knocks out the Rock with a club.

*1/2 Um, that was short but it is setting up a nice long feud. A feud that has been done before…..but HHH and the Rock are much bigger than before.

Cole is updating us on the Rock’s condition and there is a commotion as Val and Prince Albert are brawling!

Ho Time….Godfather comes down.

Match 5: Godfather v. Edge

They lock up and Godfather slams him. Droz and Albert have come down. Edge comes back with a kick and neckbreaker. Edge goes up top and gets two after a nice flying crossbody. Godfather fights back and it is Ho Train time! Droz runs distraction and the ref cannot hear Prince Albert grunt as he press slams the Godfather and Edge gets the win after the spear.

*1/2 Come on, every match has been short….

Godfather is tied up in the ropes and the Ho’s try to save him. They are going to pierce one of the Ho’s and Edge comes in and clears the ring with some help from a revived Godfather. The Ho’s hug Edge. He leaves with the one he saved.

Gangrel is in the crowd not looking happy.

Ass tells someone not to come out unless needed.

Match 6: Mr Ass v. Bradshaw

Bradshaw runs down and clotheslines Ass to the floor and then runs his head into the steel steps. Farooq belts him with his tag belt. Ass is rolled back into the ring and Ass just gets the shoulder up off the pin. Bradshaw clotheslines him and works him over. Ass makes a comeback and pounds him with fists and then whips him into the corner. Ass charges and leaps. Bradshaw catches him and strikes with a fall away slam. He places Ass up top but is crushed via a Tornado DDT. Ass runs into him and that just staggers Bradshaw but a dropkick drops him. Farooq is on the apron and Gunn shows his ass and Farooq swings the belt and hits Bradshaw.X Pac runs down and blindsides Ass and he turns into the clothesline from Hell and is pinned and the fans loved it! Chyna runs down and attacks Pac but Road Dogg comes down and clears her and Ass out.

** Best match of the night.

Ivory comes down with Bass. Man Ivory sounds like a man. She is a real champ not just a Barbie Doll and she just does it….I am confused. There are no real challengers, so she will do something different. It will by like Rocky. She is the champ and will give a nobody a shot. A girl hops over the railing and security heads her off. Ivory wants her to stay. It is obvious that she is a plant by her dress alone. The girl is now scared but Ivory hits her and she is tackled. Nicole grabs the girl and powerbombs her. Ivory acts like she is going to help the girl and clotheslines her and pulls her hair. The security guard holds Ivory back.

Cole is with Vince. Vince is not worried about tonight as he took the heart out of Austin.

JJ grabs Debra as he is tired of waiting for her make up to be done.

Match 6: Jeff Jarrett (c) v. X Pac for WWF IC Title

They go back and forth. Pac misses the Buster and is tossed to the floor and then thrust into the steps. The fans want Puppies. Back in the ring JJ is hammering Pac who tries to fight back but he is kneed and given a Russian sweep. JJ gets two. Pac is run into the corner and whipped into the other one and down he goes. JJ sends him for the ride but Pac ducks only to be grabbed and put in the sleeper. Pac is up and reverses it and so does JJ and Pac escapes with a back kick to the nuts. Pac punches him a couple of times and drops him with a spinning heel kick and now a powerbomb. JJ barely gets his shoulder up. JJ fends him off and goes up top and flies off the top connecting with a crossbody but Pac rolls on top getting another near fall. Pac sets him up in the corner after a series of kicks and it is Buster time. Here comes Ass and he misses with the guitar and is kciked to the floor. Debra takes off her blouse and JJ is walloped with the guitar but Debra distracts the ref and Pac keeps his head lowered so Billy can hit the Famouser. JJ wakes up quick enough to roll over and get the win. Here comes Road Dogg and Chyna and the brawl is on and officials swarm to break it up.

** Overbooking 101.

Match 8: Undertaker (c) v. Steve Austin for WWF Title

Undertaker greets Austin with a series of hard rights. Austin ducks a blow and it is Thesz Press time! He pounds him and gets two after an elbow drop. UT reverses the whip but Austin avoids the charge. He goes for the Stunner but UT escapes and heads to the floor. Austin is on the apron and sledges UT. They battle on the floor after the Undertaker pulled him out. Back in the ring the continue to battle and Austin gets two after a clothesline. UT drops him and gives him a stomp. Bearer walks over and wallops Austin with his shoe. UT works over the neck as Austin hangs over the apron and then clotheslines him to the floor. UT takes his time going after a crawling Austin and punches him in the head and then drives him headfirst into the steps. UT kicks him in the gut as he methodically picks him apart. Austin wallows againt the barrier but gets his second wind and kicks UT numerous times. He goes for a piledriver but Bearer has the shoe and Austin gets in his face: Let him hit you, a DQ means UT forfeits the title. Oh well. Back in the ring UT regains the offensive and goes back to work inside the ring. He stomps on him and then whips him hard into the corner. Down he goes and after a two count UT chokes him out. Austin leaps up as UT yells at the ref and goes for a bodyslam but UT falls on him and gets two. He keeps him grounded with a rear chinlock. Austin is still down after about a minute. Austin finally powers to his feet and gutpunches UT. He goes off the ropes but is downed by a back elbow. UT bodyslams him. He has the arm and it is rope walk time. UT clobbers him and gets a two count. He pulls back on the neck. UT is up and down goes the Undertaker courtesy of a jawbreaker. Austin is dumped to the floor and over the barrier. Austin is rolled back into the ring and one punch sends him down and Undertaker gets two and goes back to work on the neck. Again Austin powers up and punches free and this time going off the ropes they clothesline each other and both are down. Austin pushes him into the corner after he gets up and pounds him. UT tries to fend him off. Stunner! He has him but the ref is positioned perfectly and Paul pulls him to the floor. Austin runs out and decks Paul. A wobbly UT is up and Austin goes back after him and another Stunner! Austin wins!

**** Great TV Match.

UT recovers quick and blindsides Austin, busting him open and Austin tries to fight back but is pummeled…..

**1/2 The problem with a 24 hour delay from starting and finishing is that you forget what you saw. I will go by the ending. A great match. The rest not so much. WWF has a title change on TV? Uh-oh….kidding. Rock was feuding with UT and HHH and that would have made for some solid matches but whatever works I guess. Austin does not need the title but now with the four of them, there is still a lot of potential. Mankind should be back soon after knee surgery….other than that? Not too many contenders for the belt…..the midcard is still stale. But it was fairly entertaining overall, convoluted and overbooked but they can do drama and the main event was a blast. Now we will see how the Rock reacts. UT has said this angle with the CM killed his character, so I wonder if he will be taking hiatus soon….He has always been a transitional champ, up until now that is.


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