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WWF RAW 8/7/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents RAW
From: Louisville, KY

1.)WWF World Tag Team Champions Yokozuna & Owen Hart defeated Razor Ramon & Savio Vega to retain the titles
2.)Fatu defeated Tony DeVito
3.)Kama defeated Tony Haste
4.)WWF World Champion Diesel defeated Sir Mo

Angle Developments/Notes:
1. Sir Mo cut a promo saying that part one of the royal plan will take place tonight when he takes on Diesel. Diesel also shared some comments saying that Mo will be welcomed into the castle of coolness. Yep, those were two cheesy promos.

2. The action starts off with a tag team rematch since last week they couldn’t settle their issues. Yoko catches Ramon coming off the ropes with a scoop slam. Vega soon enters to work on Yoko’s left arm. Owen enters as well to change the pace of the contest. Owen and Ramon counter several arm holds until Ramon sends Owen to the floor. Yoko works on Razor with a few headbutts. Owen plants Ramon with a DDT for a near win early on. Owen drops Ramon with a spin kick but can’t put him away. Razor tries to fight back but is sent over the top to the floor by Owen. Ramon hammers away on both Yoko and Hart but is stopped by Owen with a spinning heel kick. Hart hits a top rope diving head butt for only a two count! Ramon collides heads with Owen as he runs the ropes. Vega gets the hot tag and hammers away on Yoko and even knocks him down with a spinning heel kick! Ramon trips Hart and Yoko hits a Samoan Drop followed by a leg drop to pin Vega! It was a decent match, but last weeks contest was just better. The crowd didn’t buy into the bout until the last thirty seconds, really.

3. Time to get a Report Card from Dean Douglas. The word today is teamwork. Douglas is saying that Ramon and Vega failed at showing us teamwork. Douglas gives them a grade of two T’s. He calls them a Terrible Twosome. Oh that Douglas sure is clever.

4. Jerry Lawler was with Dr. Issac Yankeem. Lawler cut a promo on Bret Hart saying that nothing can protect Bret from Yankeem.

5. Sid called in during Kama’s match because he is upset over being replaced by Ramon at SummerSlam. He was supposed to wrestle Michaels at SummerSlam but now its Michaels vs. Ramon in a ladder match.

6. Mo sucker punches Diesel in the corner and delivers a flurry of blows. Diesel turns the tables with knee lifts and a clothesline in the corner. Diesel scoop slams Mo and jumps onto his back as he hung over the middle rope. King Mabel makes his way down to the ring to distract Diesel. Mo is able to send Diesel over the top to the floor. Shawn Michaels comes down to the ringside area to stop Mabel from doing anything. Mo sends Diesel into the ring post. Diesel is able to come back moments later and powerbombs Mo. After the match, Mabel and Michaels get involved with Mabel attacking Diesel. Michaels tries to crossbody Mabel on the floor but is rammed back first into the ring post and slammed on the floor instead! Diesel leaps off the apron to hit Mabel and checks on Michaels. Jerry Lawler is very happy since he will be wrestling Michaels next week!

Final Thoughts:
It was a fairly enjoyable show this week. The tag match wasn’t as good as last weeks but it was still a quality bout for television standards. The main event between Diesel and Mo was rather comical since there is no way Mo would get a victory over the champ. I can’t give this a thumbs up as it was just very average. So, I’m going to just say a thumbs in the middle. Not good but certainly not bad.

Thanks for reading.


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