WWF Superstars 3/27/1993

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Superstars
From: North Charleston, SC

1.)Crush defeated Lee Armstrong
2.)The Headshrinkers defeated Unknowns
3.)The Nasty Boys defeated Duane Gill & Barry Hardy
4.)Lex Luger defeated Unknown

Angle Developments/Notes:
1. Mean Gene is standing in the ring with Jack Tunney for the contract signing for WWF World Champion Bret Hart and the number one contender Yokozuna. They are looking at each other face to face while Gene tries to get them to sit down. Hart signs his name while Yoko dies the same but hasn’t stopped looking at Hart. Fuji talks about Yokozuna becoming the new WWF World Champion at WrestleMania. Hart says he will be focus and one hundred percent. Yoko rams the table into Hart and splashes Hart in the corner. Yoko comes off the middle rope and hits the Bonzai Drop! Hart manages to struggle to his feet but falls down again in front of Yokozuna. Hart gets to his feet again and tries to hold his championship and manages to get it up before dropping to a knee.

Final Thoughts:
Yeah, that was the only segment that was of note on this weeks program. I enjoyed it and thought it was done nicely. Although there may have been only one segment that was interesting and not involving a squash match, I’m going to give the show a mild thumbs up. It was a big segment and involved the top feud going on at the time.

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