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WWF Superstars 4/28/1990

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Superstars
From: Glens Falls, NY

1.)The Hart Foundation defeated Pez Whatley & Bob Bradley
2.)Dino Bravo defeated Mitch Ryder
3.)Tito Santana defeated Akeem by count-out to advance in the WWF Intercontinental Championship Tournament
4.)Rick Martel defeated Paul Roma
5.)Earthquake defeated Paul Perez
6.)Tugboat defeated Joe Champ

Angle Developments/Notes:

1.The tournament for the vacant WWF Intercontinental Championship starts tonight when Akeem squares off against Tito Santana. Plus, Hulk Hogan is on the Brother Love Show!

2.We see footage from WWF Wrestling Challenge involving Bad News Brown. Brown said he isn’t afraid of anything or anyone. He doesn’t need a manager or a partner. Brown is given a box by Mean Gene. He doesn’t want the present but yanks it out his hands to see what it is. He opens it up and its a fake snake. Yeah, it’s another angle involving a wrestler being afraid of a snake. Brown doesn’t know who gave Gene the snake and says whoever gave it to him will pay for it. We hear from Jake Roberts who says he wanted to make Brown a little happy. He hopes Brown enjoyed his gift.

3.Santana avoids Akeem in the corner a few times to open the bout. Santana works on Akeem with several right hands knocking the big man to the floor. Santana takes Akeem down with a wrist lock and works on his arm. Akeem misses a splash in the corner and Santana delivers a dropkick, twice. Akeem kicks Santana chest first into the corner but Santana comes off the ropes and nails Akeem with a flying forearm shot. The referee counts ridiculously fast and Akeem loses by count-out.

4.Martel attacked Roma before the bell and sends Roma to the floor. Roma is able to avoid Martel and the Model hits the ring post arm first. Roma leg drops Martel’s arm back in the ring a few times to keep control of the bout. Roma scoop slams Martel before heading to the top rope where he hits a top rope forearm smash for a near fall. Roma has gotten a lot of offense in here. Martel stops Roma with a cheap shot and avoids a dropkick by holding onto the ropes. Martel locks in the Boston Crab and gets the victory.

5.It’s time for the Brother Love Show. Love calls Hulk Hogan half the man he used to be and says that no one loves him anymore. Hogan comes out and the crowd clearly shows him that they still love him. Hogan asks Love if he looks battered and torn. Hogan poses quite a bit to prove that he is healthy. Love doesn’t know what to think of all this. He does know what to think of Earthquake, the man who was responsible for Hogan to lose the WWF World Championship. Love claims that when Quake hits a ten on the scale, Hulkamania will be DEAD! However, Hogan says that Hulkamania will never die! Hogan says they will have a chance to prove which force is the strongest force in the universe between Hogan and Quake!

Final Thoughts:

Roma/Martel was a good, quick television match which saw Roma get a lot of offense in. The Hogan interview seemed to be a way to not give Warrior credit for his championship win but instead put that credit on Earthquake. It promotes Quake, and gives Hogan an excuse, I suppose. I thought it was a fine segment that promoted a Hogan/Quake match nicely. I’m going to consider this a good episode of WWF Superstars.

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