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WWE SummerSlam 2012 Predictions!

Tomorrow night World Wrestling Entertainment returns to pay per view with the biggest event of the summer. That’s right, it is time for SummerSlam! Here is the card and my predictions for the event.

For the WWE United States Championship:
[champion] Santino Marella defends against Antonio Cesaro

According to reports, Santino isn’t exactly happy in the WWE due to his lack of payoff for a recent international tour. I’m not sure this is going to be some kind of punishment for speaking out, but I see him dropping the championship to Antonio. Cesaro came into the WWE and got a slow buildup by getting several wins. Now, he is virtually lost in the shuffle. If they are going to want to make him a player on the Smackdown brand, then he needs to win a title match. So, this is a good time to see if Antonio can carry the ball. I swear, if Marella wins with the Cobra here I may break a television.

For the WWE World Tag Team Championships:
[champions] Kofi Kingston & R-Truth defend against the Primetime Players

If AW hadn’t gotten fired for his remarks, then I would have no problem picking the Primetime Players to win the championships here. For some reason, I still have a feeling they will win the titles. My thinking is that a new person will become their manager and provide some kind of distraction to allow them to win the championships. I don’t know who either team would face aside form the Uso Brothers, so that doesn’t exactly help. In any event, I’m going to pick the Players here.

For the WWE Intercontinental Championship:
[champion] The Miz defends against Rey Mysterio

Miz just recently won the belt and Rey just recently returned. There is no story between these two men and not a reason for me to exactly care about this match. I have a hard time seeing Miz lose the championship so quickly, but I also don’t see Rey losing cleanly here. So, I’m going to pick Rey to win by disqualification.

Chris Jericho vs. Dolph Ziggler
Well, Jericho is leaving right after SummerSlam to go on tour with his band Fozzy. So, this should be rather easy to predict. You have to promote the guy who is going to be with the company and who is getting the push. Dolph happens to have both of those checked off. Ziggler gets a big win here.

Kane vs. Daniel Bryan
Two jilted lovers of AJ. One actually got all the way to the alter while Kane just didn’t like crazy girls. So, he actually isn’t jilted. In any event, I’m leaning towards Bryan to win this one. The guy is, well, crazy over with the fans and needs to be pushed better than he has been in recent weeks. I’d expect Bryan to steal a victory here over Kane.

For the WWE World Heavyweight Championship:
[champion] Sheamus defends against Alberto Del Rio

They cancel the match only to reinstate it. Didn’t understand the point of that one, really. I’ve been liking the change in attitude with Del Rio being a lot more violent and brutal with his attacks. Still, Sheamus is not going to lose the strap to Del Rio here. I just don’t see it happening. If I had to guess, the guy to really threat Sheamus for the strap would be the returning Wade Barrett or a guy like Randy Orton. Del Rio, he just isn’t going to make it as a champion and that’s been proven. Sheamus wins to end the feud.

Grudge Match:
Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar

Lesnar should have won his match against John Cena back at Extreme Rules as that killed some of his momentum. If he were to lose to Triple H here, there would be NO POINT in having Lesnar compete in the WWE. Yeah, I get that they could be using Lesnar to put over their own guys, but for goodness sake, Triple H doesn’t need to win here. He isn’t even a full-time guy anymore. Lesnar should take Triple H out of action until the Rumble or something and regain his momentum. I don’t expect Triple H to get dominated, but Lesnar wins this one. He should, at least.

For the WWE Championship:
[champion] CM Punk vs. John Cena vs. Big Show

Right off the bat we can eliminate the Big Show from winning this match. There aren’t any reasons to expect him to win here. This comes down to Punk and Cena. Basically, the winner of this match will meet the Rock at the Royal Rumble, in my eyes. On one hand, we have John Cena. The man lost to the Rock this past year at Mania and has made it clear he wants to wrestle Rock at this coming up Mania as well. Then, we also have WWE Champion CM Punk who has never wrestled the Rock and has a grudge against him and has been vocal about it. Who is going to win between the two? Well, I’m going to pick the man a lot of people hate. That’s right. John Cena is going to win the WWE Championship in my eyes. This is my understanding. Cena would win and go on to battle Rock at the Rumble. Assuming everything goes right in a perfect world, Rock would beat Cena yet again and win the WWE Championship. That would lead to Rock defending against Punk (maybe throw Cena in a as a three-way) at Mania for the WWE Championship. I’m just thinking way too far ahead now. I’ve been liking the new role for Punk, but it’s time to move the strap for a little while. Yeah, he is stale, but Cena hasn’t been the champion in a while. It might be a little refreshing. Plus, if it leads to what I’d like to see at Mania, I’d be okay with it.

Those are my predictions for SummerSlam tomorrow night. Feel free to share your own!

Thanks for reading.

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