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AIW Hell On Earth 11/25/2011

Written by: TJ Hawke

November 25, 2011
Cleveland, OH

Commentators: Aaron Bauer, Rickey Shane Page, Pedro Deluca, Greg Iron, & Matt Wadsworth

B.J. Whitmer is seen outside the building before the show. He says he is walking out of this building later as Absolute Champ. Chest Flexor tells Mia Yim backstage she has to take out Mickie Knuckles and bring the AIW Women’s Title back to Flexor Industries.

Matt Wadsworth is introduced as the new owner of Absolute Intense Wrestling. Wadsworth said Chandler Biggins and John Thorne didn’t know what to do about Chest Flexor and Flexor Industries, so he offered to step in and handle things. He said Thorne and Biggins are still consultants, but the buck will stop with him. He says that Flexor Industries is not going run wild anymore. He says Chuck Taylor and The Batiri will be at their next show. This speech went too long, but he got his point across, and the fans seemed pleased with this story. He finished by saying that he wants AIW to be the best promotion in the world.

Eric Ryan vs. Façade
Rickey Shane Page said that the winner of the match gets his spot in the four corner elimination match to determine the #1 Contender for the Absolute Championship.

They started trading holds, until Ryan got the advantage with some armdrags. Façade came back with a very complicated armdrag of his own. Façade booted Ryan to the outside. Façade went for a dive, but Ryan blocked it. Façade got trapped in the Tree of Joey Lawrence. Ryan went for a Ghetto Stomp, but Façade avoided it and hit a stunner. They battled to the back, and Samuray Del Sol came back with both of them. It’s a triple threat match now! This has happened at every AIW show from 2011 that I have watched.

Eric Ryan vs. Façade vs. Samuray Del Sol
Del Sol kicked Façade and hit Ryan with an Arabian Press Moonsault. Façade then came back with a double jump 450 Splash on both of them. Del Sol hit big armdrags on both of them. Ryan superkicked Del Sol. Façade hit a big running knee on Ryan: 1…2…Del Sol broke it up. Del Sol gave Façade a bridging powerbomb suplex: 1…2…Ryan broke it up with a Ghetto Stomp. Ryan then gave Del Sol the Liger Bomb: 1…2…3! Ryan gets a spot in the #1 Contenders match tonight.

Fun match. It probably would have been better if it just started as a triple threat right away though. Del Sol is starting to get a lot of positive attention in the independent wrestling world.
Match Rating: **1/2

Da Latin Crime Syndicate (Joey The Snake & K. Fernandez) vs. The Olsen Twins (Colin Delaney & Jimmy Olsen)
Match started as a brawl outside the ring. The fight spilled into the crowd, and Colin threw a chair into Fernandez’s face. Fernandez came back with a chair shot to the neck. Luis Diamante and Isaac Montana came out and also attacked The Olsens, which gives the advantage to the Syndicate. They finally get into the ring, and the referee signals for the match to start. Wow, that was just a pre-match brawl. The Syndicate worked over Jimmy for a long time. The Syndicate hit a double stomp/Elevated DDT combo, which I have somehow never seen before. Jimmy sent the Syndicate into themselves, and then Colin made a hot tag. Colin went for a plancha, but Joey blocked it. Jimmy hit a neckbreaker/DDT combo on Joey. Colin then hit a diving elbow: 1…2…Fernandez broke it up. The other members of the Syndicate tried to interfere, but the Olsens blocked it. The Olsens then put the whole Syndicate into a compromising position in the middle of the ring. Colin wiped out Montana with a suicide dive. Colin’s momentum took him backstage. The Syndicate then double teamed Jimmy with a Powerbomb/Jackknife pin combo: 1…2…3!

This match was OK. The Syndicate are never going to be “workrate” guys, but they got the crowd to hate them effectively enough. I enjoyed the brawling section more than the stuff in the ring personally.
Match Rating: **1/4

Colin gave Jimmy a beer after the match. Colin then punched out Jimmy and took his beer. Why Colin, Why???

Josh Prohibition vs. Gregory Iron
These two have been feuding for a while. The crowd seems to be 50/50 on both men, which could be an interesting environment.

Prohibition gets the referee to repeatedly check Iron for foreign objects. Prohibition uses that to jump Iron. Iron sent him to the outside quickly though and hit a suicide dive. They brawled some on the outside of the ring. Back in the ring, Iron hit a springboard back elbow. Iron got trapped in the corner, and Prohibition hit a big dropkick. Prohibition got the heat after that. The heat segment went on for a good while, without Iron getting many hope spots. Prohibition kicked his head in a condescending way. Iron finally came back with a middle rope hurricanrana and a tornado DDT! Both men were down after that. They got to their feet and traded big forearms until Iron hit a Stunner: 1…2…NO! Iron went for a middle rope dive, but Prohibition caught him and gave him a TKO: 1…2…NO! Iron avoided the Drunken Driver and hit a Paydirt: 1…2…LEG ON THE ROPES! Pohibition blocked another Paydirt. Iron avoided the Drunken Driver again. Prohibition “accidentally” knocked referee, Jake Clemons, and kicked Iron square in the nuts: 1…2…3!

This was a well worked match, but obviously it is just a middle chapter in a longer feud. Iron is a talented wrestler (not just a talented handicapped wrestler), but his tag team work is what I like best about him. Prohibition is a great heel.
Match Rating: **3/4

The Chad (w/ Chest Flexor) vs. The Duke
Chad jumped Duke before the match. Duke came back quickly though and hit a running senton: 1…2…NO! Duke sent him to the outside with a clothesline. Duke beat him up on the outside. Jock Samson then jumped out of the crowd and attacked The Duke. The referee immediately called the bell. Izeah Bonds showed up and ran him off.

The Duke is never going to be my favorite wrestler, but I would be more OK with The Duke if the fans liked him. Here, they seemed very indifferent towards him. A Samson/Duke feud doesn’t excite me much, but we shall see how the crowd takes to the feud.

Bobby Beverly jumped Izeah Bonds after all this, which started…

Bobby Beverly© (w/ Chest Flexor and The Chad) vs. Izeah Bonds (w/ The Duke) [Intense Championship]
Beverly defeated Marion Fontaine at AIW’s last show to win the Intense Division Championship. Sugar Dunkerton was suppose to challenge for the title, but I guess he had travel issues.

Beverly worked over Bonds on the outside. Back in the ring, Bonds made a comeback and hit a slingshot somersault plancha onto all of Flexor Industries. Back in the ring, Beverly cut him off with a series of kicks. Beverly went back to working him over. Bonds came back with a Polish Hammer-like move: 1…2…No. Spinebuster from Bonds: 1…2…No. Beverly came back with a Saito Suplex: 1…2…No. Beverly went back to working him over some more. Bonds came back and hit a standing moonsault: 1…2…NO! Bonds went for a top rope moonsault, but Beverly avoided it. Beverly then connected with a kneeling superkick: 1…2…3!

This defense was fine, and I liked how strong it made the champion look. Not every challenger has to look like he is on the champion’s level, and this should make the next challenger who does better more over as a result.
Match Rating: **1/2

The Irish Airborne (Jake Crist & Dave Crist)© vs. Flexor Industries [Aeroform (Flip Kendrick & Louis Lyndon) with Chest Flexor, The Chad, and Bobby Beverly] [AIW Tag Team Championship]
Aeroform turned heel at the last show and joined Flexor Industries. They defeated Tim Donst and Johnn Gargano, to apparently earn this tag title shot.

Things started surprisingly slow until Dave showed off his incredible athleticism and sent Kendrick to the outside with a fancy armdrag. Jake then wiped out Kendrick with a tope suicida. Lyndon went to take out Jake with a moonsault to the floor, but he hit Kendrick by mistake. Dave wiped out both of them with a Fosbury Flop. Dave is one of the sneaky great athletes in pro wrestling. Best part of this sequence: the champions stayed in control of the match after connecting on high risk dives. I officially love this match. Back in the ring, Dave hit a Lionsault on a standing Kendrick for a nearfall. Lyndon attacked Dave from the apron, which allowed Kendrick to cut him off in the ring. Aeroform worked over Dave for a while. Dave came back with a moonsault that hit Lyndon in the head with his knees. That was cool. Kendrick prevented Dave from making a tag though, and he sent Dave to the outside to be attacked by Flexor Industries. Back in the ring, Aeroform went back to working over Dave. Lyndon came back with moonsault knees of his own. Dave then came back with running ace crusher through the ropes on Lyndon and then a slingshot clothesline (kind of) on Kendrick. Jake made a hot tag. Kendrick killed Jake with a reverse hurricanrana, and Lyndon then hit a bridging German: 1…2…DAVE MAKES THE SAVE! Kendrick then killed Dave by dumping him to the floor, back first. Aeroform then double team Jake, and Flip then hit a springboard corkscrew moonsault: 1…2…NO! Kendrick went for a slingshot plancha on Dave, but Dave hit a jumping knee! The Airborne went for their Double Stomp/Tombstone combo, but Beverly distracted them. The Airborne still managed to connect with a double stomp/DVD combo: 1…2…NO! Flexor Industries then crotched Dave and distracted the referee, which allowed Lyndon to roll up Jake with a handful of tights: 1…2…3! NEW CHAMPS!

These two teams are a lot fun, but I think they can do better than this. Aeroform are actually better at being heels than I expected since their offense is so fan-friendly.
Match Rating: ***

The Irish Airborne call them bitches and ask for their rematch right now with Flexor Industries sent to the back. Lyndon says that they can get a title shot…after they work their way back up the tag team division ranks. The crowd wants the rematch now. “WHERE IS WADSWORTH?!” Wadsworth left the commentation station (shaped like a table) and went backstage. Wadsworth came back out and into the ring. Wadsworths said that Irish Airborne got screwed. Aeroform says they are not fighting champions. Irish Airborne chase Aeroform out of the building. At first, I was wondering there was another screwy finish after the show opened with Matt Wadsworth promising to get rid of the nonsense. However, the fact that Wadsworth can’t immediately stop the shenanigans is very logical.

Uhaa Nation vs. AR Fox
AR Fox draws “CZW!” chants. That is the first time I’ve heard that (besides the only CZW show I ever saw). These tore it up at the last AIW show. Fox won that with Lo Mein Pain.

Fox kicked Uhaa to the floor early. Fox went for a somersault plancha, but Uhaa avoided it. Fox somehow landed on his feet, but he then walked into a ring apron powerbomb. Uhaa rolled him back in the ring to work him over. Uhaa killed him with a German suplex. Fox avoided a Brogue Kick and enzugiri kicked him to the floor. Fox followed that up with a suicide dive. They brawled on the floor after that. Fox brought him back in the ring to work him over. Fox went for a top rope move, but Uhaa hit a dropkick. Uhaa hit a bridging German suplex: 1…2…NO! Fox ended up on the ring apron, but he ran up the turnbuckle and hit an ace crusher back in the ring for another nearfall. They got to their feet and started trading some strikes. Fox hit a superkick and rolling DVD: 1…2…NO! Fox went for a Frog Splash, but Uhaa got his knees up. They traded Cross Rhodes attempts, until Uhaa managed to hit it: 1…2…NO! Fox sent him to the outside again and hit a SPRINGBOARD 450! Fox struggled to his feet after that, and he then immediately walk into a Brogue Kick! Back in the ring, Uhaa went to the top rope, and Fox crotched him. Fox went for the Lo Mein Pain, but Uhaa blocked it. Uhaa then hit a Buckle Bomb, Tombstone Piledriver, and a STANDING SHOOTING STAR: 1…2…3!

These two have incredible chemistry and they always manage to bring out the best in one another. This is easily the Match of the Night so far.
Match Rating: ***3/4

Tim Donst vs. Johnny Gargano vs. Marion Fontaine vs. Rickey Shane Page
Gargano came out wearing the Open the Freedom Gate Title that he had just recently won in DGUSA. Fontaine lost the Intense Championship in his last AIW match, so I am puzzled as to why he is in this match. Eric Ryan came into the match as a replacement for Rickey Shane Page, but RSP showed up right before the match. I guess the story is that he has an ankle injury, but he is going to tough it out for a chance at the Absolute Title. Ryan left the match without putting up a fight. For some reason, Dave Dawson, the crooked Flexor referee, is the official for this match. At least there is no Flexor Industries member in the match……..or is there?!?!

Gargano and Fontaine started off the match, and they displayed their great chemistry. Fontaine has his detractors, but I enjoy him a lot. Donst tagged in. Fontaine tried to do some shenanigans, but Donst would have none of it. RSP tagged in, so he and Donst traded some holds. Gargano and Fontaine apparently got bored, and all four men were in the ring, traded strikes. Gargano and Donst got sent from the ring, which allowed RSP to kill Fontaine with a powerbomb. Gargano prevented RSP from doing a dive. Fontaine thanked Gargano by giving him a somersault plancha. Donst then gave Fontaine plancha armdrag…yes. Donst and RSP started to brawl in the ring, until Donst, Gargano, and Fontaine all took RSP down with a triple team move. RSP went to the top rope, but Gargano crotched him. Gargano went to superplex, but RSP crotched him and Gargano ended up in the Tree of Joey Lawrence. Donst superplexed RSP, as Gargano gave Donst an avalanche German simultaneusly. Fontaine then hit Gargano with a Coast-To-Coast dropkick!!! RSP gave Gargano a World’s Strongest Slam and Fontaine a powerbomb at the same time! All four men then killed each other with more moves until all four of them were down. RSP then set up a bunch of chairs on the outside. Gargano went for a suicide dive, but RSP caught him. Donst wiped them both out with a suicide dive of his own. Fontaine then hit all of them with a springboard elbow to the floor. RSP placed all three on the chairs. RSP went for a somersault plancha…but the other three wrestlers rolled away and RSP landed on the chairs!!! AHH!! Back in the ring, Donst hit Fontaine with belly-to-belly suplex and a STO: 1…2…NO! Gargano caught Donst with a slingshot spear. Fontaine then hit Gargano with a bridging Drunk Slam: 1…2…NO! Gargano then killed Fontaine with a Lawn Dart and a Hurt’s Donut: 1…2…3! Fontaine is eliminated from the match.

All of Flexor Industries came out, as the crowd chanted, “FUCKING PUSSIES!” Page hit Gargano with an enzugiri and a senton atomico. Donst then locked Page in with From Dusk to Donst. Donst broke the hold, and Page then left the ring. The referee signaled nothing. What is going on? Apparently Page was eliminated.

Gargano and Donst started trading strikes. Gargano hit Donst with a Hurt’s Donut: 1…2…and the referee stopped counting for no reason. Donst rolled up Gargano: 1…2…3! Dave Dawson made the fastest count ever to end the match. Gargano and Donst are both pissed. The story is that Flexor Industries wanted Donst to win and/or they wanted Gargano to think Donst joined Flexor Industries.

All four men busted their asses in this match. That four-way section of the match didn’t work perfectly, but it was always entertaining. Then the Flexor Industries storytelling kicked in. It seemed like Rickey Shane Page never actually tapped out, but I was honestly confused by what happened there (Sidenote: What was the point of the Rickey Shane Page ankle injury angle if it didn’t lead to anything?). [Edit: Rickey Shane Page revealed on commentary that he indeed did tap out]. I appreciate what AIW is going for with the Flexor Industries screwjobs. The middle chapters of a crooked referee angle are still very frustrating to me though. The angle can’t be properly assessed until the story is complete down the line.
Match Rating: ***1/4

Mickie Knuckles vs. Mia Yim (w/ Chest Flexor) [AIW Women’s Champion with Special Guest Referee: Gail Kim)
Knuckles was once known as “Moose” in a brief run in TNA. I believe she was the enforcer for the Beautiful People. I’m not sure if Gail Kim has a storyline reason for being the referee, but she certainly looks pretty. Speaking of looking unbelievably gorgeous, Mia Yim. She will be in the WWE soon. Chest Flexor wants Flexor Industries to have all the gold in AIW. Flexor says that Gail Kim is going to favor Yim, because they are both of Asian descent. Kevin Ford said it best, “Well that’s just flat-out racist.”

The crowd was into Knuckles, and they chanted “You’re Gonna Get Your Fucking Head Kicked In!” Mia Yim flipped the bird rather than shake hands. Yim and Knuckles started on the mat, trading holds. Yim and Knuckles also traded some brief kicks. Flexor distracted Knuckles from the outside, which allowed Yim to get the advantage. Yim worked Knuckles over, and she then tossed her to the outside for Flexor to do more damage. Yim gave her a big soccer kick from the apron. Yim brought Knuckles back in the ring to work her over more. Yim went for a cross-body, but Knuckles caught her. Knuckles gave her a big spinning urinagi. Knuckles then hit a Northern Lights Suplex: 1…2…NO! They both got to their feet and started trading some big strikes. Kuckles managed to get the advantage after some big knee strikes and a back senton. Yim got a single leg crab, but Knuckles made the rope. Yim then hit a GERMAN SUPLEX ON KNUCKLES! Kunckles got to her feet immediately and hit a German suplex of her own. Flexor distracted Knuckles again, which allowed Yim to hit a high kick to the face and a big knee to the temple: 1…2…NO! Yim went for a corkscrew senton, but Knuckles rolled out of the way. They both struggled to their feet. Knuckles avoided a couple strikes and hit a pumphandle slam: 1…2…3!

This was a very enjoyable match. I haven’t see Knuckles in years, and she showed a lot of charisma here. Yim seems to be a women wrestler who is very much on the rise, and I will be shocked if she doesn’t get into the WWE developmental system one day soon.
Match Rating: ***

Yim shoved Gail Kim after the match. Kim came back with a running clothesline and then she gave Chest Flexor the Sole Food. The AIW fans responded to Gail Kim like she was a star. She did well her role, and she seemed to enjoy making this appearance.

Shiima Xion© vs. BJ Whitmer [Absolute Championship]
The Flexor Industries referee, Dave Dawson, is not the official for this match. Whitmer defeated Eddie Kingston and Davey Richards at the previous two AIW shows, so he is very much deserving of this title shot. Zema Ion and Flexor Industries screwed Rickey Shane Page at the last AIW show.

They started the match, trading holds. Whitmer was in control for most of this. Whitmer actually locked in the Mexican Surfboard. Daniel Bryan needs to start using that in the WWE again. Xion tried to run away, but Whitmer brought him back to ringside where he beat the shit out of Xion. Whitmer got distracted by Chest Flexor, which allowed Xion to cut him off with a reverse DDT on the ring apron. On the floor, Whitmer gave Xion a big boot to the face. Xion came back with a back body drop onto the chairs in the crowd. Xion was able to work over Whitmer in the ring after this. Xion worked him over for a while. Xion hit a Russian Legsweep and then immediately transitioned into a crippler cross-face. Rickey Shane Page admitted on commentary that he actually tapped out in the elimination match earlier. One mystery solved. Whitmer came back with a big spinebuster and a series of running forearms. Whitmer hit a vertical supplex and a northern lights suplex: 1…2…NO! Xion escaped another suplex and hit a middle rope moonsault: 1…2…NO! Xion transitioned it into a crippler crossface! Whitmer escaped, but he walked into three superkicks: 1…2…NO! Whitmer came back with a snap STO and locked in the Peruvian Necktie! The referee got pulled out by The Chad on the outside. Xion had tapped when the referee was pulled out. Back in the ring, Xion hit a big DDT! The crooked referee, Dave Dawson runs in and fastst counts! WHITMER KICKS OUT AT 2! The crowd chants for Wadsworth again. Xion went to the top rope, but Whitmer met him up there and hit a super exploder suplex! BUT DAVE DAWSON IS TYING HIS SHOES! Whitmer gives Dawson a Buckle Bomb! Whitmer gives Xion a Buckle Bunb and a Sick Kick: 1…2…FOOT ON THE ROPES! Whitmer goes for another exploder, but Xion rolled him up: 1…2…NO! Whitmer hits two big boots. Flexor distracted Whitmer, and that allowed Xion to get an O’Connor Roll with a handful of tights: 1…2…3!

This was a good match. The beginning sections of the match were well worked and the crooked referee added a lot of drama to the match. Whitmer was on a tear in 2011 and some of his best stuff happened in AIW.
Match Rating: ***1/2

Flexor Industries attacks BJ Whitmer after the bell. Johnny Gargano chases them off with a steel chair. Matt Wadsworth comes into the ring. Gargano whispers something in his ear. Wadsworth announces Johnny Gargano vs. Dave Dawson for the last show of 2011. The crowd chants “Dave is Gonna Die!” Shiima Xion was awesome after this announcement, trying to comfort Dawson. Shiima Xion hasn’t technically come back to AIW yet since this match. His next scheduled appearance is for Absolution 2012.

Mad Man Pondo vs. Masada [Hell on Earth Rules]
Believe or not, this is the first time I’ve seen either of these guys. Masada had a run in ROH way back when, but I never saw any of those matches.

Masada broke a light tube on a ring post before he even went into the ring. Pondo puts over AIW for doing a show in a church called “Hell on Earth.” Pondo puts over Masada as his friend. He says he and Masada won’t do any of the high flying or technical moves the other wrestlers did earlier. Mondo then puts over the departed JT Lightening.

They hug before the match. THEY’RE HARDCORE! They slug it out. Pondo pulls out a barbwired bat 30 seconds in. Masada gives Pondo a suplex on the bat. Masada uses the barbwire to do more damage to Pondo. Pondo came back with a DVD on the bat. Ouch. Pondo’s arm and forehead were cut open. Pondo attacked Masada with a fork, which busted up Masada’s foreheard. Pondo pulled out some Christmas tree balls. Pondo DDTed Masada onto them. Pondo then kicked a light tube into Masada’s balls. Pondo attacked Masada more with light tubes. Pondo put him in a chair and then hit a diving flip onto Masada. Pondo went to the top rope again, but Masada hit an enzugiri. Masada put a stop sign down and then hit a super hurricanrana. Masada’s hand went into some broken glass on the way down. Masada just destroyed Pondo after this. He hit him square on the head with a light tube. Pondo came back with a swinging neckbreaker (WRESTLING!) and a mirror over the forehead. Pondo brought out a sledgehammer and a cinder block. Pondo hit him in the balls with a sledgehammer and then threw the cinder block at his lower back. Pondo placed the Cinder Block in between Masada’s legs and hit it with the sledgehammer. Pondo then stapled dollar bills to Masada’s body. Pondo then stapled Masada’s groin. Mondo sets up a table on the outside. Masada called for chairs and a whole bunch were thrown in. Masada came with a suplex. He then placed Pondo onto a setup of chairs. Masada then hit a picture-perfect moonsault: 1…2…NO! Masada carved Pondo’s head with another broken light tube. Pondo came back with a snap suplex on the floor. Masada puts Pondo on the table. Rickey Shane Page says the table won’t break. Masada hits a slingshot somersault plancha and the table doesn’t break. Masada goes back to the middle rope and hits a diving elbow that causes the table to break. Masada pulls out some BBQ skewers and grinds them into Pondo’s head. Pondo was gushing blood. AHHH! THE SKEWERS WERE STUCK IN PONDO’S HEAD! Masada stuffed more skewers into his mouth. Masada then killed him with a chairshot onto the head: 1…2…3!

Well, that was a deathmatch. I expected to hate this match, but it actually worked really well, and it didn’t make me squirm until the very end. If you are a fan of death matches, apparently you should really go out of your way to see this one. The style is not for me, but the crowd clearly enjoyed themselves.
Match Rating: ***

After the show, we got several promos. Jock Samson says he is old school and he is not a spot monkey. Jock says he is bringing his cowbell. Johnny Gargano tells Dave Dawson that it sucks to be you, because you are going to die. Uhaa Nation and AR Fox both want a rubber match. They say it will happen in 2012 (They were supposed to have an iron man match, but Uhaa blew out his knee at a DGUSA show before it happened). Gregory Iron challenges Josh Prohibition to a tag team match. Tim Donst was backstage and he was attacked by Johnny Gargano. End Scene.

Final Thoughts: This show started off just OK, but once the tag title match started, we got a lot of solid-to-good matches. What was most interesting to me is how different all of the main matches were. There was almost literally something for everybody. AR Fox and Uhaa Nation almost stole the show again, and Shiima Xion had another good main event. If you are turned off by Death Match wrestling (like I am), the main event should not affect your enjoyment of the show. This show wasn’t as good as AIW’s last two shows, but at nearly four hours, you get a lot of bang for your buck.

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