WWF Superstars 6/12/1993

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Superstars
From: Halifax, Nova Scotia

1.)Steiner Brothers defeated Iron Mike Sharpe & Ralph LaRue
2.)Razor Ramon defeated Burt Centeno
3.)Jim Duggan defeated Mike Bell
4.)The Undertaker defeated PJ Walker
5.)WWF World Tag Team Champions Money Inc. defeated Tony Ray & Buddy Lane

Angle Developments/Notes:
1. Gorilla Monsoon hosts the WWF Update segment. This week he talks about Shawn Michaels winning the WWF Intercontinental Championship by beating Marty Jannetty. It is revealed that Michaels had a bodyguard in his corner for the match and the bodyguard helped Michaels regain the championship. That would be the debut of Diesel. It is also announced that Michaels will defend the championship against Crush at the King of the Ring pay per view tomorrow night. Crush shares his thoughts on the match. He wants Michaels to shine the belt because no one is going to stop him. Michaels is mad that he has been tossed into another match and says him being the champ will not change.

2. 1-2-3 Kid reveals his answer regarding Razor Ramon’s challenge for another match as he will put $7,500 dollars. Kid says that’s more money than he has ever had. Kid says his family is most important to him so he declines the offer, again.

3. Prior to Ramon’s match, Bret Hart appears on the big screen and taunts Ramon for losing to 1-2-3 Kid. Hart pokes fun at Ramon for losing to a kid! Hart promises that Ramon is going to lose to him at the King of the Ring.

4. Boni Blackstone introduces former WWF World Champion and current number one contender, Yokozuna for an interview. Mr. Fuji is by Yoko’s side, as usual. Fuji is sure they will regain the championship that Hogan stole from them at WrestleMania IX! Fuji tells us that he is bulking Yokozuna up from 500lbs to 550lbs! He can’t wait to see all the little kids to cry when Yokozuna splashes down onto Hogan several times. Fuji is obviously confident that Yoko will be regaining the championship tomorrow night.

5. After the Undertaker wins his squash match, the Giant Gonzalez makes his way down to the ring and brawls with Taker. Mr. Hughes comes down to the ring as well and he side slams Paul Bearer! Harvey Wippleman picks up the urn and gives it to Hughes! Hughes hits Taker from behind with the urn several times.

6. The Steiner Brothers come down to the ring after Money Inc. won their tag match. Rick Steiner says that they have heard the champs say they can’t be beaten by anyone. They issue a challenge to the champions for right now! Money Inc. decide to not accept that challenge, though.

Final Thoughts:
A good go home show before the King of the Ring this week. It seemed like most times the show before a pay per view is just a hype job but we got some continuation between Ramon/Kid, Taker/Gonzalez and the developments of a Money Inc./Steiner Brothers feud. Also, the interview segment with Yokozuna was a fine last minute threat by the challenger. I enjoyed the episode this week.

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