WWF Superstars 7/21/1990

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Superstars
From: Dayton, OH

1.)Ted DiBiase defeated Jim Powers
2.)Nikolai Volkoff defeated Pez Whatley
3.)The Legion of Doom defeated Black Bart & Tom Stone
4.)Dino Bravo defeated Paul Roma
5.)The Rockers defeated Al Burke & Bob Bradley

Angle Developments/Notes:
1. Big Bossman shares some comments during DiBiase’s match. Bossman says that Ted can look forward to serving hard time!

2. Mean Gene hosts the WWF Update. Gene tells us that at SummerSlam, Dino Bravo will be in Earthquake’s corner and Tugboat will be in Hulk Hogan’s. Also, Gene tells us that Brutus Beefcake got injured in a boating accident, but the WWF Intercontinental Championship will be defended by Mr. Perfect at SummerSlam.

3. A vignette promoting the return of Sgt. Slaughter is aired. Slaughter demands that us maggots should be on our feet. He used to be proud of his country but now that the fans have supports Nikolai Volkoff Slaughter feels that America has gone soft!

4. This marked the debut of the Legion of Doom in the WWF. Their finishing move is the Doomsday Device.

5. Brother Love’s guest this week is the number one contender to the WWF World Championship, Rick Rude! Rude thinks that Love is looking too far into the future. Rude is going to be wrestling the Ultimate Warrior before SummerSlam. Rude is confident that Warrior will go down. Rude notes that the man who leaves the cage is the man who wins the match. He says that Warrior will be climbing the cage to escape the punishment that Rude will be inflicting on him! Rude has beaten Warrior before and he will do it again! Bobby Heenan chimes in and says that a storm is coming at SummerSlam. Lightning will strike again and Rick Rude will be the new WWF World Champion!

6. Bravo beat Roma fairly easily and afterward hit Roma over the back with a megaphone. The Rockers come down for their match and check on Roma to see if he is okay. Roma shoves them away and says he doesn’t need any help from them. Michaels is trying to calm Roma but Paul shoves them away. Hercules runs out and stands next to Roma to back the Rockers away from him. A brawl ends up happening with the Rockers sending Roma and Hercules to the floor with double dropkicks! This looks like the formation of Power and Glory.

Final Thoughts:
A very good episode of Superstars this week. We get a debut of LOD, a formation of Power and Glory, a vignette to debut a new heel in Slaughter, and Rude hyped up the title match with Warrior. There was a lot going on here and made for a good time viewing it. Hopefully as SummerSlam gets closer there will be more focus put on the WWF World Championship. Warrior has been on the back burner as of late.

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