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WWF Superstars 9/18/1993

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Superstars
From: White Plains, NY

1.)Bret Hart defeated Blake Beverly
2.)Well Dunn defeated Mark Thomas & Russ Greenberg
3.)Razor Ramon defeated Max Shane
4.)Ludvig Borga defeated PJ Walker
5.)Mr. Perfect defeated Barry Horowitz
6.)WWF Intercontinental Champion Shawn Michaels defeated Dan Dubiel
7.)The Smoking Gunns defeated Mike Bell & Tony DeVito

Angle Developments/Notes:

1. Lawler has left the broadcast table for Bret’s match, though the announcers aren’t exactly in the arena as they do their work at the studio, but we shouldn’t know that. Bret quickly opens the match with a hip toss on Blake. Blake catches Bret and delivers a backbreaker. Blake isn’t able to keep advantage, though. Bret goes for a crucifix but Blake countered with a Samoan Drop. Blake drives Bret down with a neckbreaker but only gets a two count. Blake is getting some quality offense as he gets another two count following a vertical suplex. Blake sends Bret to the floor after avoiding a go behind. Bret slingshots Blake over the top to the floor! Hart clotheslines Blake and comes off the middle rope to deliver a forearm drop. Bret looks for the Sharpshooter and locks it in! Blake gives up quickly. (**1/2. A fine little match here that saw Blake get some quality offense in. I was surprised with how much Bret gave him, but it made for a quality, competitive match.)

2. Joe Fowler hosts the WWF Update and reminds us that the Quebecers won the WWF World Tag Team Championships from the Steiner Brothers. We hear from the new champions and they tell us that the Steiner Brothers will get a rematch if one of the Steiner Brothers can beat one of the Quebecers on RAW. They want their partners to stay at home because they aren’t cheaters.

3. The 1-2-3 Kid made his way out to the ring for his match but Michaels and Diesel were still on the ramp way yelling at a fan. They prevent Kid from walking to the ring and end up attacking Kid. Mr. Perfect runs out and makes the save attacking Diesel and Michaels until referees come out to break them up. Boni Blackstone talks to Michaels and Diesel backstage. Michaels feels like he is provoked because Kid touched him. Diesel chimes in and says no one touches them. Examples will be made every night that Michaels is touched.

Final Thoughts:
I enjoyed the episode this week as there was a lot of wrestling even though they were squashes, they involved the top talent, really. A feud between Kid/Michaels will be interesting and the matches should be some top quality stuff. A fine episode here this week.

Thanks for reading.


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