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Random Ramblings #13: Pearce & Cabana, Joey Ryan and Sami Callihan!

Lets ramble about Adam Pearce and Colt Cabana shooting on the NWA, Joey Ryan involvement in the X-Division and Sami Callihan getting a tryout with the WWE.

Rambling #1: Over the weekend a video was posted showing former NWA World Champion Adam Pearce and Colt Cabana burying the NWA. This wouldn’t be a problem had they not been feuding against each other for over two years in an attempt to make the championship mean something. Their matches for the seven levels of hate had been getting much attention on the internet. But, the NWA got new investors and apparently didn’t want Cabana to be their champion. I’d imagine this is a shoot as I can’t see the NWA allowing both men to just rip on the promotion. I don’t understand why Cabana and Pearce would kill their feud like that. What does this do? How does this benefit anyone? Personally, I’d never just kill off a two year feud because a promotions didn’t want the championship on me. It’s one promotion and really the NWA isn’t that big of a deal nowadays. Nonetheless, it just seems like their feud means nothing now and may not be remembered for what it was. They seemingly didn’t care enough about it by ripping on the promotion, why should the fans?

Rambling #2: This past Impact saw Matt Morgan attack Rob Van Dam and Joey Ryan posed with the championship. For some reason, I don’t see Joey Ryan fitting in with the X-Division. When I think about the X-Division I think about flips and dives and it being a spot fest. Ryan will provide more of a wrestling feel to the division, but I’m not sure about a feud with RVD. I mean, it’s great to see Ryan feuding with a guy like RVD, but I don’t have high expectations for the match. As for Matt Morgan, the guy has had a lot of chances to shine and having Ryan as a mouthpiece of sorts could really benefit him. It’s an interesting duo and I hope TNA is able to make them a force to be reckoned with.

Rambling #3: Sami Callihan recently got a tryout for the WWE this week. I enjoy Sami Callihan and his character, but I’m not sure if he will pan out in the WWE. Yeah, he is great on the independent scene and puts on great matches, but the WWE would obviously handcuff him. If I guy like Chris Hero and Jon Moxley are signed by the WWE and haven’t made their debut after about two years, how long will take for Sami to even get a shot on the roster? Hell, remember Tyler Black? Callihan might never see the main roster and would be stuck in FCW for awhile. I’d much rather see Sami on the indy’s where he excels with great matches. Obviously he would make more money with the WWE, but wouldn’t have the freedom he has on the indy’s. I hope he gets a fair shot in the WWE if he signs, but his lack of size is an issue for them and that might hold him back. I’ll be rooting for Callihan to break through the glass ceiling and make a name for himself on a national stage. He still needs to get signed in the first place, though.

Those are my ramblings this time around. Feel free to share your thoughts below.

Thanks for reading.

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