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Are You Tough Enough? Season 1 Ep. 3

Triple H stops by to teach the contestants a lesson in respect. One of the contestants realizes they don’t want to live the “wrestler lifestyle.”

We open the show with the contestants complaining about the process. Darryl and Victoria are among them along with Bobby Jo. A lot of them are also jealous of Jason and his physical appearance.

They get their first visitor and it’s none other than Triple H! Considering HHH has never been a fan of Tough Enough, this should be interesting. He is just staring at them and asks them what they did today. Greg says they did mud wrestling and Shadrick tells him about the bumps. They admit they are sore. HHH focuses on Darryl and doesn’t care that he is little bit hurt.

HHH asks if anyone thinks they couldn’t wrestle today. I’m shocked Darryl doesn’t raise his hand. He demands everyone get in the ring. Maven does a back bump as does Josh. Darryl does a back bump and HHH lets Darryl know that he has a rip in his pants exposing his nuts. Darryl’s face is hilarious. Triple H shows them how to do a great back bump.

Greg and Jason are chosen to do punches. HHH likes Greg’s punches and drops him with a right hand. HHH likes Greg’s selling as well. Jason on the other hand refuses to go down for a right hand. That doesn’t sit down with Jason. Bobby Jo admits that she isn’t a fan of the business and HHH isn’t happy about that. Maven kind of admits he wants to be part of the business for the fame and is made to look foolish.

HHH talks about the lack of family and how it’s not a easy life whatsoever. HHH talks about a Goldberg poster being on the wall at the house. He says that Goldberg got everything handed to him and can’t wrestle for more than four minutes and is always out for the weakest of reasons (such as a fingernail and tummy ache). HHH is really discrediting Goldberg here. How was this not used for their feud in 2003 is baffling!

Triple H says he loves and respects the business. He will risk his body until he can do it no longer. He doesn’t do it for the fame or glory. He does it because he loves the business. Triple H is looking right at Jason because he is the biggest guy in the ring and must be the guy with the Goldberg poster. Jason can’t even look at HHH in the eyes. HHH tells them they have the greatest opportunity to be in the greatest business and hopes they don’t mess it up.

If they do mess it up they will piss on everyone in the business. “If you don’t want this then don’t waste our time.” What a great visit from Triple H. That was incredible.

Greg wanted to shake HHH’s hand while Darryl didn’t like the way they were talked to. Greg fully understands the talk. Shortly after HHH left Darryl was joking around with Victoria. He did it on purpose to Victoria because she was hurt. What a moron!

Oh brother, Jason isn’t sure if he wants to keep wrestling. He wants to be a family man and HHH’s talk really got to him. Jason is being exiled from the group. Nidia and Chris (not Nowinski) are flirting and are attracted to each other.

The group is going out tonight with Big John. The ladies take awhile getting ready for the evening. Bobby Jo took two hours to get ready. To the shock of no one Bobby Jo loves dancing and loves her big boobs. Greg isn’t a fan of Bobby Jo’s intentions of using wrestling as a stepping stone.

Jason is talking to his mother on the phone. He admits to packing his bags earlier in the day and isn’t sure what he wants to do. Back to Nidia and Chris, they are flirting the hot tub and it’s just a matter of time. Chris puts her in a headlock and is getting rough with her. He dunks Nidia under water. She gets mad because she didn’t want to be dunked under water. So, Nidia will be taking a step back from him. That was a quick fizzle of a romance.

Nidia is now cuddling with Chris Nowinski on the couch to make the other Chris jealous. Maybe the other Chris has bipolar issues or something.

Big John has a sit down talk with Jason about his feelings. John says that HHH is right when he says the life is difficult. Jason doesn’t want to live that life. Yeah, so the big muscle head is stepping away from the competition. Chris Nowinski thinks it’s a shame for his career opportunity. Darryl is happy because it helps his chances in winning the competition.

Back to the facility Al Snow takes a chair away and puts it against the wall. Great, now Paulina is questioning whether she is good enough to be there. Bobby Jo isn’t sure either.

This episode was great simply because of Triple H. His speech was fantastic and it applies to most of the people looking to win a contract. It especially bothers me how little Bobby Jo cares about the business and is looking to advance her career thanks the wrestling business. That has become a trend in recent years, but maybe some credit goes to Bobby Jo for being the first to be public about her intentions.

Greg, Nowinski and Maven are the top three guys in this no doubt about it. I think Greg is my favorite because he gets the business and he understands how to respect it. Nowinski knows what he has to do and is intelligent. There hasn’t been much spotlight on Maven thus far but he has charisma in his favor.

As for the ladies, Nidia, Paulina and Taylor are the top three. Paulina could be the newer version of Chyna if they wanted to treat her. Or, maybe she would end up like Nicole Bass. Nidia has something about her that makes her likeable.

Darryl still pisses me off.

Feel free to share your thoughts on the program. Thanks for reading.

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