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WWF Superstars 5/28/1994

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Superstars
From: Albany, NY

1.) WWF Intercontinental Champion Diesel defeated PJ Walker
2.)The Smoking Gunns defeated Iron Mike Sharpe & Tony DeVito
3.)the 1-2-3 Kid defeated Adam Bomb to qualify for the 1994 King of the Ring Tournament
4.)Yokozuna defeated Cory Student
5.)IRS defeated Mike Maraldo
6.)The Heavenly Bodies defeated Mike Davis & Phil Apollo

Angle Developments/Notes:
1. Bomb works over Kid early on with a knee lift and rams Kid head first into the corner. Kid is tossed across the ring and Bomb follows up with a clothesline. Bomb catches Kid and delivers a back breaker. Adam gets a near fall following a snap suplex. Kid backdrops a charging Bomb over the top to the floor. Kid goes for a slingshot dive but Bomb catches Kid and slams him on the floor. Kid gets distracted by Harvey Wippleman on the floor and Bomb keeps control of the bout. Bomb crotches himself on the middle rope after Kid avoided a splash. Kid nails Bomb with a spinning heel kick but only gets a two on the cover. Kid hits a cross body off the top but the referee is distracted by Harvey. Bomb drives Kid down with a side slam. Kwang comes down to the ring and tells Bomb to pick Kid up. Kwang accidentally spits green mist into Bomb’s face and Kid rolls Bomb up for the win. Kid gets a quick pyro for the win. <strong(*1/2. It was alright but not too great or anything. This is the start of Bomb’s face turn, folks.)

2. We hear from Ted DiBiase who is at a funeral parlor. DiBiase says it smells like money in there. DiBiase says everyone has a price for him. Even the Undertaker has a price for him! DiBiase says that the Undertaker will be his once again. He is trying to get the Undertaker to be his property!

3. Footage from earlier is shown. Adam Bomb is searching for Kwang and is yelling at Harvey Wippleman. Harvey doesn’t know where Kwang is.

4. Harvey Wippleman talks about Adam Bomb facing Kwang next week. There isn’t any sound as they are having an issue. So, we don’t know which corner Wippleman will be in.

Final Thoughts:
A lackluster episode this week. I’m not interested in a Bomb/Kwang feud and we are getting that for at least one week. There wasn’t any major segments, really. The angle involving DiBiase could be good, just because he is a great talker, but there wasn’t anything here to keep me interested throughout.

Thanks for reading.


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