Random Ramblings #15: Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, ADR & more.

Who wants to see Hulk Hogan as TNA World Champion? No I.

Hulk Hogan is at it again, Kevin Steen is a good guy after all, Flair returns, Alberto Del Rio recent run and more!

Rambling #1: Boy, Hulk Hogan sure knows how to ruin a great day. The other day I stumbled upon an article that stated Hogan had a desire to become the TNA World Heavyweight Champion in 2013. Now, at first glance, I got sick to my stomach. The guy is 59-years old and his body is falling apart. There is no benefit in having Hogan win the championship. It sounds like his ego is getting the better of him as he probably wants to be known as someone who held the WCW, WWE and TNA World Championships. Kurt Angle holds that honor too, but that was when WCW dissolved into the WWE. Booker T stole the TNA World Championship in ’08, so he was close on that one too. I can only hope that Dave Lagana prevents this from happening. Odds are that Hogan did this just to rile up the internet fans. It’s pathetic that a man would do that. Stop acting like a child, old man.

Rambling #2: Credit to current ROH World Champion Kevin Steen for dropping the “Kill Steen Kill” in light of the tragedy that saw children shot and killed in Connecticut. This just shows the class act that Steen is, which is the complete opposite of the character he portrays on television. If you have never respected Steen previously, you should start.

Rambling #3: Ric Flair returned to the WWE this past Monday. It was rather surprising since the WWE is involved in a lawsuit with TNA over contracts and whatnot. I enjoyed the segment he was involved in with the Shield and thought everyone looked good. I’d like to see Flair become the on screen general manager of RAW and/or Smackdown. His presence just livens up the product, which feels weird saying considering his age. I just hope he doesn’t compete in the ring.

Rambling #4: I was pleasantly surprised to see that Extreme Rising decided to remove New Jack from their 12/29 event because of the injuries he suffered on their previous show. I feel like a lot of companies would turn a blind eye in favor of making money on the cage match. Instead, they are looking out for the health of their workers. I don’t know how New Jack feels about it, but since I haven’t read anything about Jack wanting to kill Shane Douglas or anything, maybe he is taking it well.

Rambling #5: CZW Cage of Death 14 got 1,000 internet buys. In comparison, TNA Final Resolution got 11,000 buys on pay per view. You would think a company that has national television exposure would be able to dwarf an independent company when it comes to pay per view buys. Maybe the expression that TNA is an independent promotion with national television exposure is true?

Rambling #6: I have a hard time buying into Alberto Del Rio having a successful run as a babyface. He just looks too much like a heel and his rich, snobby persona won’t translate well. Ricardo Rodriquez is a true babyface, and if they ever decided to have him wrestle, he could be a solid midcarder for them, similar to Santino Marella.

Rambling #7: To the shock of no one, it was revealed that Sting was the guy behind the 1.3.13 vignettes. I’d assume he will lead a team against Aces and Eights into Lockdown. I simply don’t care about it though. Sting going over the future of the company (DOC, mostly) is not a good idea. But, I digress.

Those are my ramblings this time around. Feel free to share your own.

Thanks for reading.

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