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TNA Genesis 1/13/2013

TNA Genesis on PPV 1/13/13!

Jeff Hardy defends the TNA World Heavyweight Championship against Bobby Roode & Austin Aries. Plus, Sting looks to get revenge on DOC.

TNA Genesis PPV Results
January 13, 2013
Orlando, Fla.
Report by James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

The first PPV of 2013 opened with a video package that consisted of slideshows of Jeff Hardy’s various facepaint get-ups. The video transitioned to focusing on Hardy defending the TNA Title against Bobby Roode and Austin Aries in a three-way elimination match in tonight’s main event.

Impact Zone: Todd Keneley, Mike Tenay, and Taz introduced the show inside the building, with Taz saying Hardy’s TNA Title is in jeopardy tonight. Matt Morgan’s music then played to bring out the Tag Title challengers to kick off the show. Out next were tag champs Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez. And, Taz is already giving Keneley a hard time on commentary, mocking Keneley for knowing Joey Ryan’s catchphrase.

1 — TNA tag champions CHAVO GUERRERO & HERNANDEZ vs. MATT MORGAN & JOEY RYAN — TNA Tag Title match

Joey Ryan quickly found himself in a rough spot taking offense from both Chavo and Hernandez while Morgan waited on the outside. Joey finally broke free and tagged in Morgan to oohs from the crowd. Morgan slammed Chavo, then reached across the ring to tag in Joey as the announcers noted Morgan’s impressive size. Joey had a chance to score a pin, but he was too busy showboating, drawing a scream of “Pin him, you moron!” from Morgan.

Joey missed with a clothesline, allowing Hernandez to tag in and send Joey flying across the ring. Joey then rolled over to the heel corner, which brought in Morgan. Morgan clotheslined Hernandez, then glared into the hard camera to apparently send another message to Hulk Hogan. Morgan tagged in Joey, who continued to showboat instead of pinning Hernandez, drawing more anger from Morgan. Morgan eventually re-entered and discus-clotheslined Hernandez to cut him off. Morgan then taunted Hernandez before shoving him into the heel corner to bring in Joey.

The heels double-teamed Hernandez in the corner, continuing to wear him down. Morgan then told Joey to go do what he’s doing, but Joey was slow to follow up on Hernandez. Hernandez then crawled across the corner to tag in Chavo as Tenay offered his obligatory WWE (and WCW) reference of the night on Chavo’s background. Hernandez thought he made a tag to Chavo, but the ref blew the call and disallowed the tag. So, the heels resumed control wearing down Hernandez. It sounded like a small child was crying near an arena mic as the heels continued to work on Hernandez. It didn’t feel like they were actually trying to win the Tag Titles, though.

Hernandez came back on Joey with a backbreaker, drawing more anger from Morgan for losing control of the match. Hernandez then made a legal tag to Chavo, who sunset-flipped Joey into a flip splash of sorts. Chavo then channeled Eddie Guerrero before setting up for and delivering Three Amigos suplexes. No WWE reference from Tenay, surprisingly.

Chavo climbed to the top turnbuckle to finish the match as Morgan watched Chavo. Morgan then walked into the ring and stood in front of Chavo. This brought Hernandez into the ring. Morgan refused to go down, then grabbed both men for a double chokeslam, but they escaped. The tag champs then dropkicked Morgan, who fell over Joey. Morgan angrily slipped out of the ring, then Hernandez grappled Joey and pulled a Hernandez by nearly botching a powerbomb dropping Joey on his neck. Chavo re-grouped by quickly going to the top rope for a frogsplash. It was good for the win.

Post-match, the tag champs celebrated on the outside as Morgan walked around Joey inside the ring, contemplating whether to send Joey another message. TNA then cut backstage.

WINNERS: Chavo & Hernandez at 11:30 to retain the Tag Titles. The heels made things interesting with their in-fighting, but there was never a sense of urgency to actually capture the titles, making the outcome predictable. (**)

Backstage: Jeremy Borash brought in Mr. Anderson, who mocked a question about his stance on Aces & Eights. Anderson said everyone wants to form groups around here, but he’s just hanging out having a good time – a really good time. Anderson then noted Kurt Angle was the one who called him out for a fight on Impact, and now Samoa Joe wants to call him out. Anderson sarcastically said he appreciates Joe blaming him for Angle’s demise, so he’ll see him out there tonight.

Impact Zone: Samoa Joe was introduced first for the special challenge match against Anderson. Anderson then came out and told the crowd to shut up while he’s introducing himself. Anderson then angrily finished his introduction, as Tenay noted Anderson is angry about the Packers losing last night.


Once the bell sounded, the two men came face-to-face for some jaw-jacking. Joe then smacked Anderson’s cap off, drawing oohs from the crowd. Anderson just chewed his gum harder before Joe yelled in his face some more. Joe followed with a pieface that sent Anderson reeling to the ropes. Anderson breathed, then slowly removed his t-shirt and chucked it in Joe’s face to distract him. Anderson landed rights, but Joe came back with rapid-fire blows. Joe followed with a big corner smash into an enziguiri. Joe screamed at Anderson that it’s for Kurt. Sure, the story is Joe wants to defend Angle’s honor, but they haven’t really established a deep connection or bond between Joe and Angle since it just came along recently via common enemy of Aces & Eights.

Anderson had enough of this match and rolled to the outside to catch his breath. Joe then quietly slipped out of the ring to slap Anderson across the chest. “Answer me!” he shouted in Anderson’s face. Joe then forearmed Anderson in the face, but Anderson came back with a knee beneath the jaw. Joe quickly brushed that off and knife-edge chopped Anderson, rocking the Impact Zone. But, Anderson clipped Joe’s knee to drop the big man.

Back in the ring, Anderson landed a clothesline for a two count. Anderson was slow to follow up, though, allowing Joe to rock him with jabs. But, Anderson went back to the left knee with a dropkick, and followed with another clip. Anderson delivered consecutive stomps to the knee, then tried a third, but Joe lifted him over the top rope to the floor. Joe then built a head of steam to deliver a suicide elbow that connected on the outside.

Back in the ring, Joe landed jabs to the face, then an atomic drop into a running boot and flying butt splash. Joe then snap-powerslammed Anderson for a two count. Anderson went back to the knee, though, before landing a dropkick to the face. Anderson tried to follow with a fireman’s carry, but Joe slipped out and delivered a frontslam out of the corner.

At 10:00, Joe set up Anderson for the Musclebuster, but he spotted Mike Knox standing in the crowd and released the hold. Joe, momentarily distracted, then turned around and met a Mic Check from Anderson. Anderson pinned Joe for the win. Afterward, Tenay said it’s awfully suspicious that Knox appeared when Anderson was in deep jeopardy.

WINNER: Anderson at 10:45. Good match. Anderson looks refreshed, and the two had good chemistry here. The finish seemed more fitting for TV, but it fit yet another “whose side is he on?” story with Aces & Eights. (**1/2)

Backstage: JB brought in Kenny King, who said he is a freight train and only Superman can stop him. King said Christian York has no shot against him, and he vowed to pull all of York’s hair out so that he can get to the X Division gold. King said he thinks Rob Van Dam is soft now, and isn’t the same guy who was kicking Sabu and Jerry Lynn in the head 10 years ago. More like 15 years ago. King said he will be the new emperor of the X Division.

Impact Zone: Christian York was introduced first for the X Division tournament final match. Tenay said the winner will immediately face Rob Van Dam for the X Title. King was out next.

3 — CHRISTIAN YORK vs. KENNY KING — X Division #1 contender finale

The announcers stressed both wrestlers needing to be in good physical condition to wrestle back-to-back matches if they want to be X champion. King and York traded nearfalls early on before missing each other with simultaneous dropkick attempts. King and York then squared off after coming to a stalemate. King decided to slap York in the face instead of shaking hands, then hid behind the ref. York came back with a slap to the face, then chopped King across the chest. York looks more natural in the ring so far.

York nailed a leg lariat into a knee drop for a two count as he maintained control of the action. The action then spilled to the outside, where York delivered a head scissors. Back in the ring, King decided he wanted a handshake. York accepted, King tried a sneaky boot, but York saw it coming and intercepted. York tried a Tornado DDT, but King blocked and sent York to the outside. King bounced York’s head off the ring steps, then rolled him back into the ring for a two count.

York made a comeback at 6:00 with clotheslines into a high knee beneath the chin for a two count. The two men then battled on the ring apron as Tenay talked about the X Division putting TNA on the map. Back in the ring, York scored a close nearfall following a double stomp to the back. York then tried to build momentum, but King intercepted with a leg lariat. King followed with a swinging slam for a close two count.

“Christian, Christian” chant from the crowd as King took York to the top turnbuckle. York escaped, then body-pressed King, but King rolled through and tried to pin York using his feet on the ropes, but the ref saw it and stopped his count. King argued with the ref, then avoided a running corner splash from York. King followed with double knees to the chest for a close nearfall. York then tried to come back with a move, but King yanked York down by the hair.

At 10:00, King cockily tried to roll up York, but York transfered King’s weight into a quick roll-up. It was good for a three count, giving York the upset win.

WINNER: York at 10:10 to earn an X Division Title shot in the next match. Good match. They over-thought some sequences at the end, but this was York’s best showing in TNA, as he seemed more natural throughout, rather than looking like he was going through a series of pre-hearsed moves. (**1/2)

Post-match, an angry King dropped York with a facebuster. King then mocked RVD by doing RVD’s pose as York sold in the ring. RVD eventually came out to defend his title as King disappeared. Once in the ring, RVD checked on York, asking if he still wants to wrestle. RVD said they don’t have to do this as York sold and tried to recover to his feet. RVD then tried to help up York, but York brushed him away. York slapped RVD in the face, so the ref called for the bell.

4 — X Division champion ROB VAN DAM vs. CHRISTIAN YORK — X Division Title match

RVD quickly dropped York to the mat in response to York’s pre-match slap, then hit Rolling Thunder for a two count, only. RVD continued to torment York with a surfboard stretch, but York refused to give up or take a three count. RVD then dropped a leg across York’s neck to continue the assault. York suddenly came back with a leaping kick the jaw that resulted in a two count. RVD had enough of this and wanted a Five-Star Frogsplash, but York moved. York tried a side-roll pin, but RVD escaped just in-time. RVD then popped York in the face with a thrust kick to cut off the challenger.

The two men came to their feet and traded blows before RVD kind of dropped York in-between the ropes. Odd spot. RVD then tried again and draped York across the top rope, hanging him out to dry. RVD then landed a leaping kick that sent York tumbling to the mat. RVD said it was winning time, and this time he connected with Five-Star. It was good for the pin and the win. After the match, RVD helped York to his feet, then applauded York, which the crowd joined in. York caught his breath as RVD posed with the title belt.

WINNER: RVD at 5:30 to retain the X Division Title. Good story to the match as TNA tried to brighten York’s star by having him put up a good fight following King’s attack. This was also a good role for RVD playing veteran. (**)

Backstage: JB brought in Joseph Park to preview his first official match on the roster. Park said he’s so excited, almost like when he won his first legal case. JB asked what his strategy is tonight, and Park said he won’t reveal that. “Kay-fab,” he said. Park offered the “green-hornet” joke again to say he might not be experienced, but he stands before JB tonight not as an attorney, but as a wrestler. “A trained, professional wrestler ready to do battle!” he declared. … “You think I’m ready, right, JB?” he asked, unsure of himself. JB opined that he thinks he’s ready. Park puffed out his chest and walked off. TNA then went to a video package on Park’s OVW training.

Impact Zone: Aces & Eights’s music played to bring out TNA TV champion Devon. Cue up another WWE reference from Tenay as Devon confidently walked to the ring dressed in all-black long-sleeve shirt, vest, and jeans. Generic babyface music then played to bring out Park waving his fist toward the crowd and dressed in a black tracksuit. Some jazz music was mixed in for Park’s theme for some reason. After Park nervously wiped his face with a towel, the bell sounded.

5 — JOSEPH PARK vs. TV champion DEVON — non-title match

Devon trash-talked Park, who tried to get the crowd behind him. They eventually locked up at 1:30 and Devon shoved Park into the ropes. Devon went back to trash-talking Park, who nervously circled the ring before locking up again. Devon slapped around Park, who sold patheticness to build crowd sympathy. Devon continued to embarrass Park, who tried to get the crowd behind him again.

Devon decided this was too easy, so he dropped down to the mat to allow Devon to go amateur style. Park approached Devon and gripped him, then Devon tried to fight out, but Park maintained his grip and suddenly lifted Devon into the air and slammed him to the mat for a takedown. Devon rolled out of the ring, angry, as the crowd went wild. Devon regrouped, then re-entered the ring to start knocking around Park after being embarrassed. Park suddenly delivered an armdrag, then a second. The crowd popped for Park, who decided to attempt a splash, but Devon avoided. Devon then knocked Park to the outside.

On the floor, Devon slapped around Park before landing right hand blows. Devon engaged the crowd in some trash-talk before rolling Park inside the ring. Back in the ring, Devon ripped off the top turnbuckle pad to expose the steel. Devon then slapped around Park as Park audibly called a spot. Devon tried to slam Park into the exposed steel, but Park blocked. Devon dropped him with a spinning elbow, though. Devon wanted to end the match, but Park avoided. Park then tackled Devon and landed strikes.

Park started his comeback with awkwardly slow forearms, then became lost in the corner turnbuckles. Park counted to three, then kind of forced himself onto the second turnbuckle. After all of that time spent, Park still managed to land a splash for a two count. Park then ate the exposed buckle moments later, silencing the crowd. Devon kind of talked to himself as Park suddenly came to his feet with blood coming from his nose. Park then saw the blood and transformed into Abyss. Park delivered Black Hole Slam, then wanted a chokeslam, but seemed to lose his strength. Park started looking around the arena as Devon waited, then rolled up Park with a handful of tights for the pin and the win.

WINNER: Devon at 11:17. This started off hot, then lost steam toward the end. For a change-of-pace match in the middle of a PPV, it was decent, overall. But, it also has potential to cause problems for the rest of the show by getting the crowd up for the cheap, goofy material to where the crowd doesn’t invest in the serious material later on. (n/a)

After the match, Devon smiled at his work as Park asked himself what happened. Park sold near-tears, then Devon snuck back into the ring and smashed Park from behind, drawing boos. Devon shouted at the crowd, “Screw you!” then took his TV Title and left the ring.

Backstage: JB brought in Austin Aries for an interview. In the background in the arena, the crowd “oohed” all-together for something happening back inside the Impact Zone. Aries revealed his strategy with Bobby Roode to eliminate Jeff Hardy, then find out who the best pro wrestler is between him and Roode. Aries claimed to be the common denominator in pro wrestling.

6 — KNOCKOUTS GAUNTLET MATCH — #1 contender match — Taryn Terrell referee

Gail Kim was out first, then Miss Tessmacher. Tenay explained that the winner is the last Knockout standing, and will receive the next title shot against KO champion Tara. Gail pinned Tessmacher for the first elimination. Gail then tried to brawl with the next entrant, ODB, on the entrance ramp. They eventually fought back into the ring. In the ring, Gail pinned ODB for the next elimination.

Mickie James was out next for a WWE flashback with Gail Kim. Mickie controlled early on, with Gail wearing down from her third “match” of the series. But, Gail still found a way to beat Mickie, continuing her run through the Knockouts. Velvet Sky was the last line of defense. Gail, now seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, controlled Velvet early on. But, it was fool’s gold for Gail, who lost steam at the end, and Velvet won the gauntlet.

WINNER: Velvet Sky at 11:55 to earn KO Title shot against Tara. Despite Velvet winning, the heel (Gail) came out of this stronger than the face (Velvet) with Gail surviving three competitors – which seemingly cancelled out her cheating ways – before Velvet swooped in at the end for the win.

Backstage: JB recapped Velvet’s win before noting James Storm vs. Daniels is now a #1 contender match to the TNA World Title. Daniels and Kaz then walked into the interview. Daniels ran down Storm and his country style, then claimed Hogan has seen how high-class they are and has awarded him with a TNA Title opportunity. Daniels over-confidently vowed to shake his ass, then beat Storm next.

Impact Zone: Bad Intentions were out first, followed by James Storm, who threw his ring jacket over Daniels’s head. The ref wanted to give Kaz the boot from ringside, but Kaz produced a lamented pass that appeared to have been made at Kinkos an hour before the show and claimed to have a managerial license on a piece of paper sticking out of his pocket. Tenay and Keneley asked why Kaz was allowed to apply for a managerial license, Taz argued that he’s a qualified wrestler, Tenay said he’s not a qualified manager, though, and Taz huffed and puffed about it not mattering anyways in his book. Cue the opening bell.

7 — JAMES STORM vs. DANIELS (w/Kazarian) — #1 contender match to the TNA World Title — winner receives title shot on January 24 Impact

Storm quickly knocked Daniels to the floor, then chased away Kaz. Storm blasted Daniels back into the ring, where Daniels dropped to his knees to beg off. Storm smiled, then punched him in the face. Daniels took control for a while, Storm waited out Daniels’s attack, then made a comeback to wake up the crowd. Storm delivered a top-rope elbow, but Daniels escaped a pin.

Daniels cut off Storm, then cockily climbed to the second rope for a high-impact move, but Storm cut him off. Storm then nailed Eye of the Storm, but Daniels kicked out just before three. Storm followed with Tennessee Slam before hitting Closing Time. Storm warmed things up for the finish, but Daniels ducked and hit Angel’s Wings. Daniels only scored a two count, though. Ringside, Kaz sold shock.

Daniels tried to follow with the Best Moonsault Ever, but Storm got his foot up to block. Storm with another Closing Time, then got the crowd fired up for a Last Call Superkick, but Kaz got on the ring apron. So, Storm dropped him with the Last Call. Great sell from Kaz. Daniels then followed right up with a quick slam before using the ropes for leverage to score a quick three count. Ringside, a shocked Daniels declared, “I did it!” Daniels and Kaz then recovered up the ramp as Tenay noted Daniels gets a title shot in two Impacts.

WINNER: Daniels at 13:25. Standard cheat-to-win tactics from Daniels after an okay match. It’s about that point in the PPV where the Impact Zone starts to get tired. (**1/4)

Impact Replay: Bully Ray proposed marriage to Brooke Hogan. Over the video, Taz said he’s still shocked by this. TNA did not keep in a replay of Ray’s look toward the ringside camera as Hulk Hogan angrily stomped away to the back.

Impact Zone: Bully Ray was introduced, along with Brooke Hogan. Bully walked Brooke into the ring, then asked the crowd if they know who they are. Ray said he’s Bully Ray, this is fiancee, and they are getting married this Thursday on the Impact Zone. Ray continued that they’ve tried to figure out who to invite to the wedding. Brooke then whispered in Ray’s ear, and Ray relayed that everyone in the Impact Zone should be invited.

Ray pulled out his “Twitter machine” and pulled up an App on his phone. Ray said he’s going to film everyone in the Impact Zone and send out the video on Twitter. Ray filmed the crowd as Taz said it appears Ray didn’t hit record. Ray then thanked everyone for having their backs on “this whole situation.” Ray’s music hit, then he walked Brooke out of the ring.

Video Package: Aces & Eights wreaking havoc in TNA. They focused on Sting, reminding people that, yes, the million-dollar-man Sting is in a match tonight since it hasn’t been mentioned yet.

Impact Zone: Aces & Eights’s music played to bring out D.O.C., who slowly made his way through A&E’s own ring entrance into the ring. Sting then came out dressed in a t-shirt and trademark black pants without his bat. Sting slowly made his way out to the ring, and D.O.C. tried to attack him on the outside, but Sting ducked and threw D.O.C. into the guardrail. The fight continued ringside as ref Earl Hebner tried to get them into the ring. But, the fight spilled into the ring entrance area for Aces & Eights. This allowed A&E members to sneak-attack Sting, giving D.O.C. an opening. D.O.C. then dragged Sting back to ringside and into the ring. Ref Hebner reluctantly called for the bell.

8 — STING vs. D.O.C.

D.O.C. continued to work on Sting before sending him to the outside. On the floor, D.O.C. threw Sting into the ring steps, slowing down the pace. D.O.C. then dragged Sting back into the ring and continued the assault as Keneley wondered aloud how much longer Sting can continue to wrestle. D.O.C. awkwardly flung Sting to the mat and applied a rear chinlock as Taz noted he wishes D.O.C. kept the mask on because he’s pretty ugly.

Sting suddenly tried a Scorpion Deathlock, but D.O.C. clutched the ropes to block. D.O.C. then dizzied Sting with a forearm, but missed with a corner knee. Sting tried to mount a comeback, then set up D.O.C. for a Stinger Splash and connected. Sting hit a Scorpion Death Drop, and it was good for an anti-climatic win. “Wow,” Taz said, expecting more from the finish.

WINNER: Sting at 5:53. Sting’s had a long career, had some great matches, and been part of some significant angles, but it’s time. Unless, TNA can protect him in multi-man matches or put him in an underdog role against an established main-event heel where Sting can work from underneath and build sympathy. But, this was almost sad to watch. And, working with a former WWE mid-carder in a PPV semi-main-event slot built around a hokey feud with a fake motorcycle gang did not help matters. (1/2*)

Post-match: Aces & Eights surrounded the ring to frighten Sting. Suddenly, Bully Ray’s music played to bring out Bully, who chased away A&E as Sting watched inside the ring. Bully then entered the ring and showed respect to Sting, who slipped out of the ring while trying to catch his breath.

Backstage: Bobby Roode addressed his TNA Title shot tonight. Roode said the ending will be different than past matches involving Jeff Hardy and Austin Aries because the It Factor takes home the title tonight.

Video Package: TNA Title feud and how Hardy, Roode, and Aries are on a collision course tonight.

Impact Zone: Austin Aries was out first for the PPV main event. Bobby Roode then took his sweet time coming to the ring as the second challenger. Jeff Hardy’s music played to a big reaction from the crowd before Hardy made his way into the ring. JB handled formal ring intros before the bell sounded.

9 — TNA World Hvt. champion JEFF HARDY vs. BOBBY ROODE vs. AUSTIN ARIES — three-way elimination match for TNA World Title

Hardy used early energy to fight off both heels and land offense, but Roode finally cut off Hardy and tried to get Aries on the same page wearing down the champ. The heels then took turns canceling each other out, but neither one could put away Hardy. Hardy then ran off a downed Roode to splash Aries in the corner. Aries wanted a double Swanton Bomb, but Roode popped to his feet and crotched Hardy.

As Hardy sold on the mat, Roode approached him to deliver offense. Aries then took his turn. The heels eventually became frustrated and walked around the ring with hands on hips. They decided to trade slaps to Hardy’s chest before Roode demanded the spotlight to superplex Hardy. Roode took his time, then executed as Aries waited in the corner. Roode covered, but Hardy kicked out, frustrating the heels again. Roode then came up with an idea. With Hardy perched on the top rope, Roode placed Aries in the Electric Chair to set up for a super move, but Hardy punched Aries (and Roode) away. Hardy then delivered a Whisper in the Wind onto both men as Aries hung in the air on Roode’s shoulders. Unique set-up and move.

At 10:00, Hardy tried to follow up on the outside with a splash to Roode, but Aries shoved Hardy off the apron to the floor. Hardy brushed that off, then ran off the ring steps to splash Aries into the guardrail. Big crowd reaction for that move. Back in the ring, Hardy tried to run off Aries’s back to splash Roode, but Roode was faster and ran off Aries’s back to spear Hardy in mid-air. Roode covered Hardy, but the Champ kicked out in-time.

At 13:30, Roode held up Hardy and Aries smashed him with a discus elbow. Aries tried a desperation pin, but Hardy managed to escape. Roode then tried to pin Hardy. “Dammit!” Roode shouted in frustration. Aries followed with a big corner dropkick. He wanted the Brainbuster, the crowd went quiet thinking Hardy was done, and Hardy kicked out. Aries flipped out, then Roode told Aries to do his spinny-thing. Aries went for a 450 Splash, but Hardy broke free of Roode’s grip to avoid. Roode, angered, tried to Fisherman-Suplex Aries for a pin, but Aries kicked out.

Roode and Aries started battling with Hardy on the floor, but neither heel could put away the other. Roode then placed Aries on the top turnbuckle and the two men battled up-top before Aries came off the top with a missile dropkick. Aries then nailed a corner dropkick and wanted a Brainbuster, but Roode slipped out. Roode nearly pinned Aries with a handful of tights, but Aries kicked out. Suddenly, Hardy re-entered and kind of pinned Roode with his legs as Aries also pinned Roode with a backslide. Bottom line is Roode was eliminated via three-way pin spot. The crowd went quiet, unsure what they saw.

*** Roode eliminated by both at 18:50 ***

After the elimination, Aries was informed that Hardy was credited with the fall. Aries, with his ego damaged, argued with the ref. It cost him time, as Hardy managed to recover and drop Aries with Twist of Fate. Hardy then climbed to the top rope and nailed the Swanton Bomb for the pin and the win.

Post-match, As Hardy celebrated in the ring, the announcers called this a very gutsy performance from Hardy. Ringside, Aries pulled his hair out, upset over how the match went down. Aries and Roode were then shown sitting down on the floor a few feet away from each other, exhausted from their failed attempt to eliminate Hardy. TNA replayed high points from the main event, then returned to Hardy celebrating in the ring. Keneley said 2013 might just be the Year of the Enigma. Hardy’s music played again as the PPV signed off at 9:49.

WINNER: Hardy at 20:22 to retain the TNA World Title. Strong match incorporating the feud into the match story. The crowd bought into the nearfalls, which was a good sign after a heel, Daniels, become #1 contender earlier in the show, which signaled that the face, Hardy, was likely winning this match. (***1/2)

What’s Next?: TNA has two months until the next PPV, so Hardy-Daniels on the Jan. 24 Impact will be the bridge that sets up the Lockdown TNA Title match during the U.K. TV tapings later this month.

Overall: Strong first hour, strong main event, and weak middle. It added up to feeling like just another TNA PPV rather than a big night as one of the Remaining Four PPVs on the schedule.

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