WWF RAW 2/11/2002

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Our video shows the promo for the Steph/Triple H wedding vow renewal, with clips of Steph in her gown (for her wedding with Test, of course) and the obvious false statement of this being the only storybook wedding in the WWF. Anyway… The pyro flares and the crowd roars, and we are LIVE from Little Rock, where we’ll see Torrie vs. Stacy in a Bikini Match. But first…

Undertaker Interview
Taker rolls out and down to the ring. Damn, that’s what he calls an ovation. Taker didn’t know what to expect, but now he knows they respect the man who finally shut the Rock’s mouth. Oh, now the fans want to boo, like the backwoods response he expected from these drunken hillbillies. He learned a long time ago to not look for much respect from those who can’t respect themselves. Last Thursday, however, a man who has nothing but respect for himself, showed Taker no respect at all. Rock cost him the Hardcore Title. Nobody disrespects him like that, because if you do, you’ll end up like Rock did, getting Tombstoned on a car. But it doesn’t end there. No, we’re just getting started. The beatings will continue until he teaches Rock the word ‘respect.’ …dun…dun…dun…Dun Dun! WWF Co-Owner Ric Flair comes out and steps straight into Taker’s Yard. Flair wants to follow through on what Taker is talking about, because in Flair’s opinion, Taker was the most respected wrestler of all time, from the ring to the dressing room. Whether the fans liked him or hated him, they respected him. But last Thursday, he lost all that respect. He gave Rock a concussion and a serious neck injury. Who are you, Taker yells, to say you don’t respect me? Well, he’s Ric Flair, and he owns half the company. Well when Vince gives Taker the word, he’ll bust Flair’s ass. Until that happens, Flair says, he has some bad news for Taker. Firstly, Rock will indeed be at No Way Out, and he’ll bring everything he has. Secondly, tonight, Taker will have to fight…Steve Austin! WHOO!

In the back, Jericho makes his way to the ring.

“The End” plays, and another nWo promo airs, with the No Way Out sign seemingly guaranteeing their return at that particular PPV. Fade Out.

Edge vs. Chris Jericho (Non Title
Edge nails Jericho as he poses, knocking Jericho to the outside. On the outside, Edge beats him around to the announce table and back into the ring. Jericho comes back with chops, but Edge clotheslines him down and hits a spinning heel kick. Facecrusher by Edge 1-2-shoulder up. Jericho pokes Edge in the eyes and chops away, hitting a back elbow. Elbow drop by Jericho and a kick to the back. Rib-breaker by Jericho and a couple kicks to the ribs. Boot choke by Jericho. Jericho goes for Edge, who sidesteps, causing Jericho to ram into the ringpost. Clotheslines by Edge, who stops before a dropkick, catapulting Jericho into the ringpost 1-2-shoulder up. Facecrusher by Jericho, but he misses the Lionsault. Edge goes for the Spear, but Jericho sidesteps and looks for the Walls, but Edge rolls him up 1-2-kickout Edge looks for the Buzzkiller, but Jericho kicks him back and drops him on the ropes. Jericho grabs his WWF Title belt and re-enters the ring, but Edge Spears him down 1-2-shoulder up! Jericho hits Edge in the ribs with the Title belt and quickly hits the Breakdown 1-2-3!

In the back, Michael Cole asks Vince why he’s here. Vince says that it may be because he likes hogs… or maybe it’s because he’s still the Co-Owner… or maybe because this is the last Raw before the nWo takes over at No Way Out. Cole asks if it may be so he can walk Steph down the aisle, but only says that may be it. Fade Out.

In the back, Triple H looks at a video of Kurt attacking him and gets very upset, but Steph stops him. She reassures him that she is fine, as is the baby. Trips says he promised not to attacked Kurt tonight, but he’s got something to attend to right now.

Goldust vs.
In the ring, Goldust tries to attack Rikishi early, hitting a jumping calf kick. Head clap by Goldust and a takedown. Uppercut by Goldust, but Rikishi hits a Samoan Drop. Clothesline by Rikishi, who drags Goldust to the corner. Rikishi looks for the Bonzai Drop, but Goldust gets his knees up and into Rikishi’s groin. Goldust sets him up for the Shattered Dreams, when RVD gets onto the turnbuckle and hits a leaping side kick. After a short brawl, the DQ bell rings. RVD whips Goldust into a Rikishi Superkick, knocking him out of the ring. Fade Out.

In the back, Trips receives a package from Arn Anderson.

Coach asks Stone Cold about his match with the Undertaker, and how it may affect him against Jericho on Sunday. Austin says he’s excited now, but when he got here, he was nervous, because this is a dry county. What?!? A dry county? He got hives, his liver is twisted. So he got Debra, went to the liqour store, got beer, vodka, tequilla, whiskey, and more beer, so he can drink all night long in this place. But now he’s excited because he gets to fight the Phenom, the Dead Man, the Undertaker. Taker called these people hillbillies? Eh-eh. Austin and these fans are going to disrespect all over the Dead Man’s ass. On to Sunday, he’s going to take those Undisputed Titles, because Stone Cold said so. Now he’s got a guy’s ass to kick, and a whole lot of drinking to do. Fade Out.

In the back, a man and a woman practice the song they will sing for Trips and Steph, while a minister reads over the Book of Vows.

Godfather vs. Kurt Angle
In the arena, the Godfather comes out with four escorts. Kurt runs in and starts pounding on Godfather as he helps the escorts out of the ring. Big Boot by Godfather, but Angle takes out his knee and stomps away on it. Elbow drop to the knee by Angle, who then wraps the knee around the ringpost. Angle with a knee wrench into the AngleLock for the quick submission victory. After the match, Kurt again goes for the AngleLock and then stomps Godfather out of the ring. Angle takes a mic. Tonight is supposed to be Triple H’s special night. Well that’s fine, even though Steph could do much better. He’s here now to make a personal vow of his own. He, Kurt Angle, hereby takes this match at No Way Out, to kick Triple H’s butt, to make him tap, to take his WrestleMania Title Shot, and to become the Undisputed Champion, as long as they both shall live. Amen.

Another nWo promo, with Nash laying down for Hogan, and then all their antics throughout the WCW. Fade Out.

In the back, Trips returns to his room with the package, asking the various party-goers to leave. He gives her a gift, which turns out to be a ring with a rather large diamond.

Undertaker vs. Steve Austin
In the arena, Taker comes out, sans motorcycle, followed by Stone Cold Steve Austin. As Austin comes down the ramp, Jericho runs out and beats down on Austin, laying into his back again and again. A group of refferees come down and finally pull Jericho off and force him to the back. Meanwhile, Taker goes to the already beaten down Austin and punches him down the ramp. Body shots by Taker, who then chokes Austin with his shirt. In the ring, the bell finally sounds, and Taker stomps away. Knockdown punches by Taker, who goes outside and chokes Austin on the ropes. Back in the ring, Austin explodes with punch after punch. Lou Thesz by Austin with the mounted punches and then the elbow drop. Taker hits a leaping clothesline and then another that sends Austin over the top. On the outside, Taker knees Austin again and again. Austin whips Taker into the stairs and stomps away. Taker comes back and whips Austin over the barrier to the crowd. Clotheslines and elbows by Taker. Taker clotheslines Austin over the barrier and back to ringside. Back in the ring, Taker stomps and pins 1-2-shoulder up. Taker whips Austin into the turnbuckle and locks in the choke coming out, but then he lets go. he sets Austin for the Tombstone, but Austin floats over and hits the Stunner out of nowhere! As Austin crawls to make the pin, Jericho runs in, this time from the crowd, stomping away on Austin. As the DQ bell sounds, Jericho grabs him belt, but Austin spinebusters him down. Big Boot by Taker, and Jericho starts stomping away on Austin. Jericho gets his belt again and nails Austin with it. Jericho gets Austin’s beer cooler and brings it into the ring. He pops open a Steveweiser, takes a swig, and nails Austin with it. He spits some beer on Austin and nails him with the can again. Then Jericho just grabs the whole cooler and smacks Austin with it, the impact smashing the cooler open and cans flying everywhere. Jericho pops open another beer and pours it on Austin’s fallen body. Fade Out.

During the break, Jericho ran out of the arena and hopped into a limo, leaving his troubles behind.

Booker T vs. Tazz
Booker T and Test come down. Tazz comes down with his Tag Team partner Spike. Booker kicks Tazz in the gut and clubs away on his back. Punches by Tazz in the corner, but Booker clotheslines him down 1-2-kickout. Tazz with a T-Bone suplex on Booker, then a head-and-arm suplex 1-2-shoulder up. Booker hits the scissors kick on Tazz, then the Spinaroonie, to which JR says: “That’s just downright silly.” But in doing so, Tazz gets up and locks in the Tazzmission! Test fakes getting into the ring, causing Spike to jump on the apron. As the ref yells at Spike, Test really does come in and Big Boots Test down. Booker covers 1-2-3!

Over at WWFNY, the Dudleys say that Stacy embarassed Torrie last week, and now she’s fighting in a Bikini Match? That just spells more embarassment for Torrie. But BuhBuh asks why the Dudleys haven’t been granted a Tag Title Shot at No Way Out yet.

Another nWo promo, focusing on the prolific spray-painting jobs done, whether on property or fallen opponents. Fade Out.

Stacy vs. Torrie [Bikini Match]
Stacy comes down in a black silk robe. She takes the robe off, revealing a yellow and pink bikini. Torrie comes down in an aqua bikini. Torrie slaps Stacy and clotheslines her down. Torrie with a Sunset Flip for a two-count, and then multiple reversals of pins. After a rolling fight, Torrie slaps Stacy. She runs at Stacy, who sidesteps and schoolgirls her 1-2-3!

In the back, Trips eyes the still un-opened package, as Steph laments her father apparently not walking her down the aisle. Trips says this isn’t about her father, it’s about the two of them. They lock lips and Steph goes to get dressed. Fade Out.

In the back, Mr. Perfect is playing chess against the 1999 Amateur Champion. Perfect knocks a piece from the table. As the Champ picks up the piece, Perfect re-arranges some pieces, allowing him to put the Champ in checkmate. Now that’s Perfect.

Rob Van Dam vs. Christian
As RVD poses, Christian runs out without his fancy entrance, allowing him to take RVD by surprise. He knocks RVD to the outside and smashes him into the barrier. Back inside, Christian rakes RVD’s eyes and then chokes him in the corner. RVD hits a beautiful springboard crossbody off the top turnbuckle 1-2-kickout. Mounted punches by Christian for a two count. He hits a powerslam 1-2-shoulder up. Christian locks in the sleeper, applying pressure with the knee to the back. RVD uses the crowd to fight up and out of the hold, but Christian kicks him back down. Christian with a choke on the ropes and a snapmare, again going to the sleeper. Again, RVD fights out of the hold, and again Christian knees him down. Spinning heel kick from RVD, then a kick to the corner. Monkey flip by RVD. He picks up Christian and hits the flipping slam right into a springboard moonsault 1-2-shoulder up. RVD goes for Rolling Thunder, but Christian gets his knees up 1-2-kickout. Christian looks for the Unprettier, but RVD punches up. Christian ducks the enziguri and hits a reverse DDT 1-2-shoulder up! Christian falls to his knees, throwing a temper tantrum at his failure to get the win. Meanwhile, RVD climbs the turnbuckle and hits the Five Star on the crying Christian 1-2-3! As RVD gets up the ramp, Goldust appears on the Tron, saying that what RVD did to him earlier was an impressive matinee, but No Way Out will be the Feature. This is the big time, Robbie boy, going toe-to-toe with the man whose name he will never forget…oooooooh…Goldust.

In the back, Trips is approached by Arn, who says that Linda has been calling Flair’s office repeatedly, asking for Trips. Fade Out.

In the back, Trips is on the phone with Linda. Linda says that she has something important to tell him. She asks if Trips has seen the package she sent him. Trips opens it and finds a tape. Linda says she got the tape anonymously and immediately sent it to him. Trips plays the tape and finds that the doctor Steph had been seeing about the baby is actually an actor. As the realization that Steph has been lying sets in, Trips stands speechless, his face turning from disbelief to complete anger.

In another room, Steph shows off her dress to the singers. Vince comes in and gets the singers to leave. Vince says Steph looks nice. For the record, Vince will not forget the things she said about watching him die, but he will forgive, because she is a McMahon, and she is Daddy’s Little Girl. As they embrace, Fink rushes in to warn Vince, but Vince forces him out before he can relay the message. Fade Out.

Triple H/Stephanie Renew Their Wedding Vows
Triple H comes out to his music, oddly with a smile on his face. “Here Comes The Bride” plays, and Stephanie and Vince come out, the father walking his daughter down the aisle once again. We are gathered here tonight, to celebrate one of life’s greatest moments, to add to the words which will once again join Hunter and Stephanie in marriage. Let them act so they never bring shame into their union. Help them remember to be each other’s sweetheart so they may meet the problems of life more bravely. May the home they create tonight truly be a place of love and harmony. Bless this marriage we pray. The singers come out of the ramp and sing for the couple. The whole time, Steph presents a larger-than-life smile and sways to the music, looking from her husband to the singers to her father and back again. On the other hand, Trips stares, giving his wife a loving smirk when she looks at him, a deep glare when she isn’t. Now, the most important part of the ceremony. Each has written their own vows. Steph takes Hunter as her husband again, in front of the entire world because she wants to share how she felt since she first laid eyes on him. His smile lights up her heart. His touch makes her feel safe. His words give her encouragement. They were destined to be with each other. She loves him. Now, it’s Hunter’s turn. That was so beautiful, he says. He’s overwhelmed. He too wants to stand in front of the world and say how he feels about her. How he felt since the moment he saw her, and how he feels right now. They’ve been together for more than two years, through ups and downs. Despite it all, when she said Trips would be a father, it was the greatest moment of his life. Since that day, he’s seen Steph differently, as his wife and the mother of his child. When your wife is pregnant, you love her more. Standing here in front of the world, after hearing those words, he sees her in a different light again: not just as the loving wife, the mother of his child, but as the no-good lying bitch she really is! How could she do this to him? She lied and used his emotions against him. She got an actor to play doctor and try to show a picture of their unborn child. He admits he’s done some bad things, but even he would not go this low. She disgusts him. She cares about nothing but herself. It wasn’t about “us”, only “you.” That’s fine though, because she won’t have to worry about “us” any longer. As of this moment, the marriage is over! They are through! Vince pushes Triple H back, so Trips nails him. Trips smashes the decorations, tossing them everywhich way. He takes Vince and Pedigrees him in front of Stephanie. Steph shouts at him for ruining her moment, so he tosses her over Vince’s body. Trips takes off his wedding ring and throws it at her. He storms up the ramp, as Stephanie screams like a woman possessed. End Marriage; End Show.

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