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WWF RAW 2/4/2002

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Tonight’s video is of Ric Flair’s heartfelt goodbyes, only to not sell his stock, thanks to the interference of one Steve Austin.

Michael Cole is Live with Ric Flair in the back, asking if Flair has had second thoughts about his decision. Flair has had lots of second thoughts, but he stands by his decision. Cole asks if Flair has thought about the ramifications of his actions, namely the lethal dose of the nWo. Flair says that if Vince brings in the nWo, then there will be a huge problem.

The pyros flare, and we are LIVE from Las Vegas. Tonight will see Rock and Stone Cold face Jericho and Taker. But first, it’s…

Triple H vs. Booker T
Time to Play The Game! Trips comes down to the ring, big and pissed as always. Trips addresses Kurt Angle directly, saying that Kurt tried to break his ankle, but Angle made two very big mistakes: he didn’t get the job done, and he screwed with the wrong guy. He’s waited four days, and he can’t wait any longer, so Angle better bring his Olympic Ass out right now. Instead, we see Booker T on the stage. He and Trips have something in common. Trips is so full of rage, just like Booker. But one thing they don’t have in common is that Trips is a loser, while Booker is a winner. Last week, Booker kicked Triple H’s ass on national tv, and nothing is going to stop him from doing it again. With that, Booker drops the mic and comes down the ramp. Trips meets him halfway, and the two battle towards ringside. Trips rams Booker into the stairs, then into the ringpost. They get in the ring, and the bell rings for an official match. High knee by Trips, who goes into the mounted punches. Trips argues with Tim White over breaking the punches, allowing Booker to hit Trips with a superkick and then a jumping front kick. Stomps by Booker. Trips fights back up, but Booker elbows him down 1-2-kickout. Reverse thrust kick by Booker 1-2-kickout. Booker gets up and waits for Trips to do the same. He looks for the Book End, but Trips turns it into a spinebuster. Trips takes Booker down with a choke and locks it in as long as Tim White allows. Face-to-knee by Trips, followed by the kick. He looks for the Pedigree, but Booker spins out. He goes for the Scissor Kick, but Trips pulls back and hits the Pedigree 1-2-broken by Kurt Angle! As Tim White calls for the DQ bell, Angle beats Trips into the corner and then hits the Olympic Slam. Fade Out.

In the back, Triple H is raging through the halls, looking for Angle. He gets pointed in the direction of VinnieMac’s office.

In the Women’s lockerroom, Torrie and Stacy get into a little arguement over lipstick, when Billy and Chuck come in, showing off their 2002 Calendar, saying that it blows the Diva Calendar away. Stacy says that even Torrie and she can do those poses better. Billy and Chuck say that they’ll have a PoseDown on SmackDown, so they can pose with the gold after they win the Tag Titles tonight.

Back to the halls, Triple H finds Vince McMahon’s room protected by two cops. As they hold Trips back, Angle opens the door and says that Vince just granted them a match at No Way Out, with Triple H’s WrestleMania Title Shot on the line! Fade Out.

Rob Van Dam vs. Bubba Ray Dudley
As RVD gets set for the match, D-Von pulls him down from outside, and the Dudley advantage becomes apparent early. Kicks and punches by BuhBuh in the corner, but RVD flips out and hits a legsweep. Rolling Thunder by RVD, but the ref is yelling at Stacy. As he yells at Stacy, BuhBuh trips RVD and D-Von goes up top. The ref sees it and decides to send Stacy and D-Von to the back. BuhBuh Bomb to RVD. BuhBuh begins to call for D-Von to get the tables, but then remembers that his half-brother isn’t around. Neckbreaker by BuhBuh 1-2-shoulder up. Kicks in the corner by BuhBuh, then a vertical suplex. Elbow drops by BuhBuh, then an axhandle smash 1-2-shoulder up. Scoop slam by BuhBuh, who goes seond rope, only for RVD to kick him. BuhBuh pushes RVD off and hits a second-rope legdrop. RVD flips up and jumps to the top, hitting the Five Star 1-2-3!

As RVD celebrates, the Tron turns to a Shattered Dreams Production! “When you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are, when you wish upon a star your dreams come true.” Congratulations RVD, you are the rising star. But your dreams won’t come true. They are about to be shattered, courtesy of the man whose name you will never forget…oooooh…Goldust! As we come back to the ring, Goldust is out and attacking RVD. Hel rolls RVD to the corner and locks the legs, hitting the Shattered Dreams! Falling neckbreaker by Goldust, who hits a final elbow drop for good measure. Fade Out.

In the back, as Trips yells about what Vince and Angle have done to him, Steph sits back smiling. When Trips questions about her smile, Steph says that she has news that will change his whole world, news that she’ll announce tonight.

Michael Cole talks to Taker, with Taker blowing up in Cole’s face. Taker says that it’s good that Cole fears him, because fear and respect go hand-in-hand. He thinks Rock has been disrespecting him, so tonight, he’ll teach him the meaning of the word. Then he’ll move to Austin, and teach him some respect. Jericho walks up and says that no one respects all that he’s accomplished more than Jericho does. But he wanted to remind Taker that this isn’t a handicap match. His partner is the larger-than-life, living legend, Undisputed Champion, so if Taker needs any help, the Champ has his back. Fade Out.

Billy & Chuck vs. Tazz & Spike vs. APA
Billy and Chuck come down first, followed by the Acolytes, followed by Tazz and Spike. The rules are as follows: when a team is eliminated, they must leave immediately; anyone can tag anyone. People, that is all. Tazz and Chuck start off, with Chuck laying into Tazz. Chuck leapfrogs Tazz, but Tazz clotheslines him down. Tag to Spike. Tazz suplexes Chuck, and Spikme hits a jumping stomp. Spike looks for the Acid Drop, but Chuck tosses him away. Tag to Billy. Stomps by Billy, but Spike hits the low headbutt. Flapjack by Billy 1-2-kickout 1-2-kickout. Tag to Chuck. Punches by Chuck, who hits a roundhose punch 1-2-kickout 1-2-kickout. Chuck chokes Spike on the ropes. As the ref yells at Chuck, Billy pulls Spike out and beats on him. He tosses Spike back in the ring and Chuck pins 1-2-kickout. Spike goes up top after kicking Chuck away and hits a Tornado DDT. Chuck tags Billy and Spike tags Faarooq. Powerslam by Faarooq, who tags in Bradshaw. Double shoulder block to Chuck and a double spinebuster to Billy. Two-man powerbomb to Chuck, but as Bradshaw goes to pick Chuck up, Billy hits the FameAssEr 1-2-3! The Acolytes are eliminated. As the ref forces Faarooq to leave the ring, Bradshaw trips Billy down, allowing Spike to hit a quick Acid Drop 1-2-3! Fade Out.

Vince McMahon Interview
“No Chances” hits, and VinnieMac makes his way out. Last Thursday night, Ric Flair was supposed to do the right thing and sell his share of WWFE, but the lying SOB changed his mind at the last minute. What possible explanation could Ric Flair have? Let’s find out, says Vince, calling Flair out. dun…dun…dun…Dun Dun! Flair WHOOs his way down the ramp, grinning from ear to ear. Vince tells Flair about the tears flowing from his eyes last week when he talked about doing the right thing, but then he changed his mind. And Vince needs to know why, although he has a theory of his own: because deep down, Ric Flair is a liar, lying to himself and everyone else. He wasn’t going to sell his stock because of future WWF stars and fans. No, Flair has to be Flair, the selfish, lying, limosine-riding, jet-flying guy. Ric Flair’s dreams had come true, standing side-by-side with the great Vince McMahon, and he could not give it up. That’s the reason, right? No, says Flair. Well then the only other reason, says Vince, was that he listened to that beer-swilling Steve Austin, right? No, says Flair. Well then what the hell got Flair to change his mind? The fans. The fans have no idea what’s good for them or for the WWF, says Vince. But that’s fine, because now, no one can stop these men from taking down the WWF: Hogan, Hall, and Nash! And when they come to take down the WWF, there will be no one that can stop them; there will be No Way Out! Fade Out.

In the back, Brisco and Patterson ask Arn Anderson what his reaction to what just went down is. Arn says that he thinks that Flair made the wrong decision on Thursday, because the nWo are just too powerful.

William Regal vs. Rikishi
Once again, as William Regal comes to the ring, Teddy Long checks his person for those brass knuckles. Punches by Rikishi, then a hard back elbow. Regal crawls to the outside, but Rikishi pulls him back in. Rikish iwith a clothesline, and again Regal crawls to the outside, appearing to stick his hand under the apron, but not finding anything. Punches by Regal in the corner, but Rikishi fights back, knocking Regal down. Regal trips Rikishi down and goes for the sleeper. Back bodydrop by Rikishi, and again Regal crawls but doesn’t find anything. Clubs by Regal, then an uppercut. Punches by Regal, who then goes for the head wrench. Arm down once, twice, thr-no! Rikishi stands and fights out, looking for a belly-belly, but Regal hits out, only to be Superkicked down. Rikishi hits the running sit-down. He drags Regal to the corner and looks for the Bonzai Drop, but Regal moves in time. Regal again looks for the knuckles, but Edge runs in and beats Regal down. As the DQ bell rings, Edge Spears Regal down and pounds away, taking the entire reffing crew to pull him off. In doing so, they leave the ring open for Rikishi to give Regal the StinkFace. Fade Out.

Over at WWFNY, the European Champion Diamond Dallas Page is celebrating with a bunch of his fans.

In the back, Coach asks Rock about his big announcement. Rock’s announcement has nothing to do with Hall, Hogan, and Nash. No, it has to do with the Undertaker. Two weeks ago, Taker chokeslammed the Rock, costing him the Undisputed Championship. So at No Way Out, the Walking Dead Man will go one-on-one with the Great One. But why did Taker do it? Because Rock mentioned Maven knocking Taker out of the Rumble? Because he made the Coach do the Charleston? Doesn’t matter, because the Rock doesn’t care about Taker; he’s the People’s Champ. Rock sings his version of “Viva Las Vegas”, so wittily entitled “Viva Rock Vegas.” If ya smell what the Rock is cooking. Fade Out.

Stephanie McMahon Interview
“Our Time” plays, and out comes Mrs. Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley, smile on her face as she readies herself to make the big decision. First, she calls Triple H down to the ring so he can be there for her big surprise. Motorhead blares, and Triple H marches down the ramp. Steph says that in her interview with JR, she had an epiphany. She realized that JR was right about a few things: it does seem like their marriage is falling apart, that they aren’t communicating. So she realized that they must do something to change everything. So next week, they will renew their wedding vows! After all, it was in this very city that they got hitched in the first place. Triple H: “That is the stupidest idea I have ever heard.” What is the matter with these McMahons? Why does everything have to be on television? Why must all their ups and downs be open for everyone to see? It is because the fans doubts her, she says. All the fans think that she’s a failure in her job, in life, and in their marriage. They think she’s riding his coat-tails. Her reputation is on the line, so Triple H has to renew the vows. This Monday, on Raw, LIVE, in front of the entire world, she wants Triple H to stand in front of her and the world to express his love for her and she for him? No. Steph breaks down, saying that Hunter has to do it for her. Trips blows up on her, screaming “Why?” Why does he have to do it for her? Because she’s the billion dollar princess? Because everything in life has to be about her? “No Hunter… it’s… it’s because I’m pregnant!” Trips stops in his tracks at the words. That’s why she’s been so moody, so arguementative lately. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks, but she knows how bad he wants to be a dad and she wants to be a mom. That’s why they need to renew their vows, so they can be a family all together. Don’t do it for himself, nor for her; do it for the baby. After long concentration, Trips approaches Steph, staring her right in the eye… and picks her up and hugs her! They lock lips and Trips puts his head to her stomach, gazing with disbelief at his future child. Fade Out.

In the back, Steph and Trips leave, with Trips carrying all the baggage so his wife doesn’t have to lift.

Jazz vs. Trish
Jazz goes behind Trish and clubs her down. Stomps by Jazz, followed with a big boot, but she misses the knee drop. Trish goes up top and misses the crossbody, landing on her already injured hand. Low dropkick by Jazz 1-2-kickout. Back bodydrop by Jazz 1-2-kickout. Jawbreaker by Trish, who starts with chops in the corner. Jazz flapjacks Trish into the turnbuckle, then scoop slams her down and legdrops her 1-2-kickout. Punches by Jazz, who goes into the Half Crab, then turns to the head, turning it into the STF. Trish tries to crawl to the ropes, and does! Jazz underhooks Trish and lifts her up, then drops her to the mat. Trish comes back with a hardkick. SHe looks for the Stratusfaction, but Jazz holds on to her and suplexes Trish back down. Fisherman Buster by Jazz 1-2-3! Jazz finally captures the Women’s Title! Fade Out.

The Rock & Steve Austin vs. Chris Jericho & Undertaker
The glass breaks, and Stone Cold marches to the ring, followed by the Rock finally coming back to Vegas. The city, not the legend… Anyway, the Y2J Countdown hits 0.00, and out comes the Living Legend, the Ayatollah, the Undisputed Champion, Chris Jericho. Oh, and Taker comes out too… Rock and Austin leave the ring, impatient that Jericho and Taker won’t come to them. Austin flips Jericho over the stairs and chops him to the announcetable, while Taker and Rock fight on the opposite end. Austin and Jericho battle into the ring to start the match, with Austin chopping away on Jericho. Spinebuster by Austin, who then stomps Jericho in the groin. Whips by Austin, then a clothesline 1-2-shoulder up. Tag to Rock. Rock punches away on Jericho, then tosses him over the top. Rock tells Taker to just bring it, but Taker holds his ground until Jericho runs in and takes Rock down from behind. Tag to Taker. Punches in the corner by Taker, but Rock fights back, only to be kneed in the stomach. Flying forearm by Rock, then a back suplex 1-2-kickout. Tag to Austin. Austin punches away, the fans WHAT?ing with every punch. Taker ducks a clothesline, but gets hit with the Lou Thesz Press and then ensuing mounted punches and elbow drop 1-2-shoulder up. Big boot by Taker. Tag to Jericho. Jericho punches away on Austin in the corner, going into the blatant choke. Chops by Jericho, but Austin reverses and lays in with some of his own. Austin hits a back suplex. Austin tries to tag Rock, but Taker runs in and stomps him down. Taker pulls Austin to the outside, smashing him into the stairs. Taker begins choking Austin with the camera cords, but Rock breaks them up. Jericho pulls Austin inside and cradles him 1-2-kickout. Stomps by Jericho, who goes outside and wraps Austin’s shoulder around the ringpost. Back inside, Austin spears Jericho down and hits the mounted punches. Austin runs at Jericho, who sidesteps, and Austin nails the ringpost shoulder-first. On the outside, Taker smashes Austin onto the table before tossing him back inside. Jericho goes second rope and hits an elbow drop 1-2-shoulder up! Chops by Jericho, but he misses the dropkick, allowing Austin to lock in the Walls of Jericho! Taker runs in and clotheslines Austin down. Taker tags in and snapmares Austin into the sleeper. Taker grinds his elbow into Austin’s face, then stomps him down 1-2-shoulder up. Reverse chin lock by Taker, but Austin fights out, only for Taker to uppercut him. Austin and Taker both go for the clothesline and both hit it. Tag to Rock and Jericho. Knockdown punches by Rock, then an overhead throw. DDT to Jericho. Rock attacks the entering Taker, knocking him over the top. Spinebuster to Jericho, into the SharpShooter, but Taker knocks them out. Austin knocks Taker out, and Jericho knocks Austin out, so Rock knocks Jericho out and then goes outside himself! Rock and Austin exchange punches on Jericho, but Taker pulls Austin out as Rock and Jericho go in. In the ring, Jericho trips Rock and locks in the Walls of Jericho, but Austin runs in and hits the Stunner on Jericho! Rock rolls over and covers 1-2-broken by Taker! Austin and Taker battle outside, but on the inside, Rock Bottom to Jericho! He pins, but the ref is still out. Taker goes to his bike and pulls out a pipe, knocking Rock in the head with it. Taker tosses the ref in the ring as he draws Austin up the ramp, allowing Jericho to make the cover 1-2-3! End Show.


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