WWF SummerSlam Spectacular 1994 8/21/1994

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation SummerSlam Spectacular 1994
From: Youngstown, OH

1.)Lex Luger defeated Crush
2.)Bam-Bam Bigelow & IRS defeated the 1-2-3 Kid & Bob Holly
3.)Razor Ramon defeated Todd Becker
4.)Bull Nakano defeated Heidi Lee Morgan
5.)WWF Intercontinental Champion Diesel defeated Typhoon in a non-title match
6.)The Undertaker (fake) defeated Sonny Rogers

Angle Developments/Notes:
1. Early on, Luger avoids a big boot and nearly pins Crush following a leaping cross body. Crush gets the advantage following a cheap shot when the referee was out of position. Crush focuses his offense mainly on strikes and goes for a piledriver but Luger counters with a backdrop. Luger sends Crush crashing down to floor following a shoulder block. Crush regains control with a backbreaker but only gets a two on the cover attempt. Crush works over Luger’s back with basic strikes and a camel clutch. Luger counters a suplex attempt with an inside cradle but Crush kicks out just before three. Ted DiBiase makes his way down to ringside as Luger plants Crush with a DDT but only gets a two count on the cover attempt. Crush nails Luger with a superkick! DiBiase gets on the apron after Crush hits a tilt a whirl backbreaker. Crush takes money out DiBiase’s hand and wants DiBiase to get in. Luger drops Crush with a running forearm smash and wins the match. **

2. Kid and Bigelow kick off the match. Bigelow uses his power advantage by tossing Kid high into the air but on a second attempt Kid hits a dropkick. Kid comes off the top rope to nail Bigelow with a missile dropkick! Bigelow misses Kid in the corner and Kid works over Bigelow with several kicks sending the big man to the floor. Kid followed up with s slingshot somersault dive. It’s been a hot start to the match. Holly dumps IRS to the floor and they begin to brawl as well. Holly gets the legal tag and hits a top rope cross body on Bigelow, though it was botched. Bigelow misses a falling headbutt after a slam. IRS enters and hammers away on Holly. Holly fights back with a dropkick for a near fall. Holly nearly rolls Irwin up out of the corner. IRS tosses Kid to the floor to give his team the advantage. Bigelow rams Kid into the ring steps chest first. Bigelow and IRS are able to control Kid for a few minutes. Bigelow planted Kid with a DDT but couldn’t finish Kid off with it. IRS does the airplane spin to Kid for a near fall! Kid avoids a top rope moonsault by Bigelow and finally tags in Holly! Holly is just botching everything tonight as he messed up a bulldog on Bigelow. He cleans house and goes up top but is caught by Bigelow who slams him and gets the win. **1/2

3. WWF World Champion Bret Hart had an interview with Raymond Rougeau. This was actually aired on Superstars, so I won’t go too much into it. Ray hypes up Bret’s cage match at SummerSlam with his brother Owen Hart. Bret notes that Owen won only one match against him and considers Owen a lost and confused soul. At SummerSlam everything is on the line both the title and the family. Everything will end between himself and Owen at SummerSlam.

4. Diesel hammers away on Typhoon in the corner early on to get the upper hand Typhoon comes off the ropes and simply runs over Diesel followed by a scoop slam for a near fall. Diesel misses a big boot attempt in the corner and Typhoon hammers away on the champ. Typhoon clotheslines Diesel but misses a leg drop. Typhoon splashes Diesel in the corner several times. Typhoon runs into a big boot and Diesel delivers a running clothesline to win the bout. 1/2*

Final Thoughts:
A solid special leading into SummerSlam this year, I thought. The tag team match was the best match that took place and provided a good fast pace match. The show also had some good hype for the big matches. I enjoyed the show for the most part.

Thanks for reading.

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