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WWF RAW 2/18/2002

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Steve Austin Interview
The glass breaks, and Stone Cold Steve Austin marches down to the ring, steel chair in hand. Austin takes a microphone and his cooler of beer and gets in the ring. He’s just a little pissed off. No, he’s really pissed off. Last night he had Jericho right where he wanted him. He told the world he’d hit Jericho with the Stunner and become the Undisputed Champion. But down comes three pieces of trash to the ring. They wanted to come to the ring last night with Austin, so why don’t Hall, Nash, and Hogan come to the ring right now. If they wanted Stone Cold last night, why not try and break off a piece tonight? The video breaks up and transforms into black and white as the nWo step out onto the stage. As we come back to color, Stone Cold reiterates that he wants them in the ring. He’s got three Stunners with stink on it. They huddle up and discuss the situation. They start coming down the ramp, but then turn around and walk to the back. Austin calls them out again, but no one comes back out. Austin says that if they want to leave, that’s fine. But he’s got a chair, and he’s got beer, and he won’t leave this ring until he gets them in the ring. All they’re doing is pissing him off more. Austin pops a Steveweiser and waits. Fade Out. As the television cameras fade back in, Austin proclaims he’s going on strike. Whether it’s black and white, red and black, red and white, black and tan, he wants the nWo out here. “Medal” hits, and Kurt Angle comes on stage with a force of security behind him. What is Austin’s problem? If someone is going to take up valuable airtime, shouldn’t it be someone who’s actually going for a Title at WrestleMania? Austin hurls a beer at Austin and almost clips him in the knee. Austin had a shot at the Title, but he blew it. That’s why he’s got Private Security, hired by Vince McMahon because he couldn’t be here tonight. Austin hurls another beer. Angle tells him that these are off-duty cops, so he better watch where he throws those beers. Angle and the Security march towards the ring, Angle proclaiming he has an announcement that requires the ring. Angle tells the Security to hold back as he gets into the ring. He tells Austin to leave the ring, but Austin sits back in his chair and gives Angle the finger. One last time: get out of the ring. Austin sits and stares. Angle approaches Austin, and tells him that if Austin isn’t going to leave, he’ll just have to make his announcement with Austin in the ring. Kurt Angle, having beaten Triple H at No Way Out, is going to WrestleMania to become the Undisputed Champion. As he does his spin thing, Austin leaps out of the chair and tackles Angle. The Security team rushes the ring. Austin knocks a few down, so the others bust out handcuffs and strap them on Austin. Angle says that he warned Austin about them being cops. Now Austin is going to jail, while Angle is going to WrestleMania. Angle tells them to take him away, but Austin does his best to not be moved. Eventually they pull him down and force him under the ropes. The take Austin up the ramp as Angle waves goodbye. Fade Out.

During the break, Austin was loaded into a police car, with Hogan, Hall, and Nash watching in amusement.

Hardy Boyz vs. Christian & Lance Storm
The Hardys and Lita come out for their supposedly long-awaited return to free television. Storm and Christian come down, to Storm’s music. Matt and Lance start off, with Matt cllubbing the shoulder, but Storm knees him back. Matt ducks a clothesline and hits a swinging neckbreaker. Tag to Jeff. Poetry in Motion to Storm, then a front dropkick that knocks Christian off the apron. Double legdrop by Jeff to Storm. Jeff goes for the Whisper in the Wind, but Christian knocks him off the apron. Tag to Christian. Jeff tries to make a tag, but Christian pulls him back and hits a stomach crusher 1-2-shoulder up. Abdominal stretch by Christian. Jeff elbows out, but Christian keeps from being dropkicked. Jeff with an inside cradle 1-2-kickout. Tag to Storm. Storm with knee after knee after knee to Jeff’s stomach. Jeff fights up, but Lance trips him up, only to be hit with a reverse mule kick. Tag to Matt. Matt with a backbody drop to Christian and a facebuster to Storm. Double front slam to Christian 1-2-broken by Storm. Jeff tosses Storm to the outside and dives for him, but Storm moves and Jeff smashes into the ground. Storm trips Matt and allows Christian to hit the reverse backbreaker 1-2-shoulder up! Christian throws his temper tantrum, much to Lance’s dismay. Storm gets hit with the Litacanrana, as Matt reverses the Unprettier into a Twist of Fate. Jeff goes up and comes off with the Swanton 1-2-3!

In the back, Kurt Angle comes into Steph’s room. She congratulates him on getting Austin hauled away, but mostly for defeating Triple H. He thanks her for being so impartial, but she thanks him for beating Trips “clean”. Flair comes in and says that Vince’s making of the stipulations for last night was a stroke of genius. And since the match was such a success, why not have it again? Kurt Angle vs. Triple H, winner goes to WrestleMania…tonight! Fade Out.

In the back, Taker is pumping himself up when he finds a cameraman. He asks where Flair’s office is and does a whole bunch of screaming. He finds Flair’s office and acts like he’s going to kick Flair’s ass. Taker says he should, but he’s not going to. He has something better for Flair. He wants Flair’s ass at WrestleMania. Flair says he’s an owner, not a wrestler. Taker says he’ll just have to find some way to change his mind. Fade out.

WrestleMania Moment: Kane Tombstones Pete Rose. The first of many times.

In the garage, Hogan, Hall, and Nash decide that, with Austin gone, they can leave too. They start to leave, but Hogan says he has some stuff to take care of first, but he’ll meet up with them soon. Hall and Nash drive off, while Hogan goes back inside.

Mr. Perfect vs. Kane
As Mr. Perfect comes out, JR announces that in tonight’s Main Event, Steph will not be the ref, and if she interferes, Triple H wins automatically. Perfect says it’s great to be back in the WWF. As he looks at the people and the crowd, he sees Brian Urlacher of the Chicago Bears. It was almost a “perfect” season, but they failed in the playoffs. The Bears lost; Perfect wins. They, like his WWF opponents, are imperfect. BOOM! Kane marches down the ramp and into the ring to take on Mr. Perfect. Kane elbows Perfect back and shoulder blocks him down. Big Boot by Kane, then an uppercut that sends Perfect outside. Perfect smashes Kane into the ringpost and chops away. Back in the ring, Perfect hits a clothesline and a flipping snapmare. Kane sits up and locks in the choke. Perfect chops his way out and goes for the PerfectPlex, but can’t get him up. Clothesline by Kane, followed with the sidewalk slam. Kane goes up top and hits the flying clothesline. He locks in the choke again and Chokeslams Perfect down 1-2-3!

In the back, Hogan walks through the hall, saying “I’ll rock his world.” Fade Out

Hulk Hogan Interview
Again the video melts into black and white as the nWo theme hits, and Hogan guitars his way out. We come back to color as Hogan gets in the ring. It feels great to be back a WWF ring, the company that made Hulk Hogan a legend. It’s great to be back with the WWF fans. They fought the Russians, the monsters, they even took on Andre the Giant, God rest his soul. He and fans took Andre and gave the bodyslam heard round the world. But the people turned on him. Why did they take Hulk Hogan for granted? He wanted to spend his whole career in the WWF. But suddenly, there was no respect for Hulk Hogan, and the fans drove him out of the WWF, just like they did to Michael Jordan. Ever since, he’s had something he wanted to tell the fans. And now that he has the chance, he wants to tell the fans: “You can kiss my ass.” He’s the reason all these people are here; he’s the one that put the WWF on the mat; he’s why wrestling is as big as it is today. There is no one in this business who is a bigger icon, who sold more tickets, who was a bigger star. He is the biggest star, past or present, in the wreslting world, and there will never be a bigger one. If Ya Smellllll! The Rock marches straight down the ramp and into the ring. Hogan takes off his glasses to stare at Rock, and Rock does the same for Hogan. Finally, the Rock has come back to Chicago. Hulk Hogan and The Rock in the same ring. Who’d have thought? The Rock heard what Hogan had to say, and he agrees on some things. But does Hogan really think it was the fans that drove him from the WWF? It doesn’t matter what Hogan thinks! The only thing that matters is that Hogan realize it wasn’t the people. The people loved him, believed in him. Hell, the Rock believed in him! But year after year after year of Hogan eating vitamins, saying prayers, ripping his shirts and running wild. The people eventually ran to the bathroom and took a hulk of crap everytime he opened his mouth. Hogan is a legend, an icon, possibly the best ever. And since he’s back because of Vince McMahon, the man that headlined WrestleMania after WrestleMania after WrestleMania, why not have another go-round… with the Rock! They stare each other down, while the fans alternate between Hogan and Rocky chants. Hogan says that Rock is just the flavor of the month. What makes Rock think he’s even in Hogan’s league? Rock stops him and asks Hogan again. The fantasy match-up that will determine who is the best ever. But maybe it’s not up to Hogan to decide, or even Rock. Maybe it’s up to The People. Do the people want to see the Immortal Hulk Hogan go up against The Great One at WrestleMania? Rock does Hogan’s famous ear-to-crowd, getting resounding cheers of approval. He again asks Hogan, yes or no. Hogan looks at the fans, looks in Rock’s eyes, and delivers a stern “Yes.” It will be a pleasure to kick Rock’s ass at WrestleMania. He extends a hand, and Rock returns the favor. Hogan offers Rock luck, because he’s going to need it, and walks off, but Rock holds the handshake and pulls Hogan back. “Not as much as you, brother,” says Rock, followed with a Rock Bottom to the Hulkster! As Rock marches up the ring and salutes the fans, Hall and Nash attack him from behind and knock him down to the ring. They toss him inside, and Hulk takes off his belt, lashing into Rock’s back. Hall comes in and gives Rock the Razor’s Edge! Hall makes the signal to Nash, who comes over and JackKnifes Rock! Hogan goes outside and gets a toolbox. He pulls out a hammer and nails Rock in the head with it. He rears back and hits the leg drop as Hall counts the 1-2-3! Hogan pulls Rock’s shirt off and gets out the spraypaint, spraying nWo into Rock’s back. As the nWo go back up the ramp, EMTs come out to help Rocky. Fade Out.

As we come back, Rock gets loaded into an ambulance and it drives away, until a semi pulls in front and a Lincoln behind. Hogan, Hall, and Nash get out and start smashing the ambulance. They lock the door with a chain, not like Rock isn’t strapped down anyway. Hogan gets into the semi-cab, backs it up, and smashes it into the ambulance. He backs up and rams it again, then again. As he backs up, we see the side is completely demolished. Hogan gets out, saying he laid the smackdown on his ass. They look in the window and realize what they did. They run to their car and drive away in fear. Fade Out.

We come back with emergency crews trying to figure out what to do.

JR and Lawler talk about how things in the ring are expected, but in the parking lot is beyond the business and unacceptable.

Godfather vs. Booker T
The Godfather comes out, but his escorts seem noticably concerned about what they just saw. Booker comes out, but it’s hard to tell if he’s acting different, or if he’s just as entranced by his glove as always. Godfather pushes Booker to the corner, but Booker punches out and pounds away in the corner, stomping on Godfather. Meanwhile, the ladies are discussing how horrified they are, or so it seems. Booker hits a spinning heel kick. Godfather ducks a calf kick and takes Booker down with a sidewalk slam. Knees by Booker, who goes for the scissor kick but Godfather catches him with a powerslam instead. Legdrop from Godfather, who backs up and goes for the Escort Train, but instead yells at the escorts for not paying attention. He turns back and into the jumping calf kick 1-2-3! After the match, Godfather yells at his ladies for costing him the match.

Back at the wreck, while fire and emergency workers try to pry Rock from the wreckage, the boys in blue pull up. Fade Out.

King tells us that he has been told that the camera crew has had to move back because of the fuel leak.

Goldust & William Regal vs. RVD & Edge
Goldust attacks RVD, while Regal beats on Edge. THey whip their opponents, but they reverse and Goldust and Regal ram into each other. Goldust and RVD start it out officially, with RVD getting a spingboard spinkick and a backflip splash 1-2-shoulder up. Tag to Regal. Punches by Regal, but RVD catches him with a crossbody. Knee to the face by Regal. Tag to Edge and Goldust. Goldust gets the 5 Punch on RVD, then a snapmare with an elbow drop follow for a two count. RVD flaots over Goldust and hits a step-over heel kick. Tag to Edge and Regal. Clotheslien to Regal, then another. Edge goes second rope and hits a missile dropkick 1-2-broken by Goldust. RVD and Goldust battle to the outside. Inside, Edge Spears Regal down and then locks in a Figure Four/Anklelock combination for the submission victory!

Back at the destruction site, the second ambulance has arrived and drives off, seemingly to take Rock to the hospital. Fade Out.

Michael Cole asks Kurt Angle if he’s going to be able to concentrate on the match tonight after what happened. Kurt thinks he’s talking about Flair making the match and gets all sad. Cole asks about Rock, and Angle just says “oh, yeah, I’m upset.”

Triple H vs. Kurt Angle [#1 Contender Match]
The Y2J Countdown hits 0.00, and the Ayatollah comes out for some commentary for the Trips/Angle match. Fade Out. Angle attacks Trips as he enters, so they spill to the ouside, where Angle whips Triple H into the stairs. Back in the ring, Angle pounds away on Trips and hits a vertical suplex 1-2-shoulder up. Kick to the gut by Angle, who starts stomping away. Trips fights back, but Angle catches him with a low knee. Backbreaker by Angle 1-2-kickout. Angle kicks and punches away in the corner. Low knee by Angle 1-2-kickout. Angle locks in an abdominal stretch, using the ropes for that extra oomph. Finally the ref sees im and makes him break the hold. Trips reverses it into a stretch of his own, but Angle flips him over his side. Elbows by Trips, but Angle hits an overhead belly-belly 1-2-kickout. Angle again hits an overhead belly-belly and again gets a two count, then another two count. Punches by Angle, then shoulder thrusts to the gut. Angle rushes at Trips, who sidesteps, and Angle flies into the ringpost. Punches by Triple H, followed with a neckbreaker. High knee by Trips 1-2-shoulder up. DDT by Triple H 1-2-kickout. Angle almost whips Triple H into the ref, but he pulls up and hits a spinebuster 1-2-shoulder up. Knee-to-face by Triple H. He tries to hook the arms for the Pedigree, but Angle trips him and catapults him into the ringpost. Angle hits a backsuplex and goes up top, but Triple H gets under him and lifts him up, falling back in a reverse electric chair drop 1-2-shoulder up! On the outside, Angle hits a belly-belly that sends Trips to the ground. Angle smashes his face into the announce table. Angle and Jericho exchange words, but the ref keeps them from exchanging punches. As the ref yells at Jericho, Angle takes a Title belt and clocks Triple H with it! He rolls him into the ring and covers, but the ref is still outside. By the time he comes in, the count is 1-2-kickout. German suplex by Angle, then another, then another. Angle drops his straps and gets the AngleLock. Trips crawls and gets to the ropes, saving himself from defeat. Trips drop toeholds Angle into the turnbuckle and goes for the Pedigree, but Angle trips him and goes for the AngleLock, but Triple H rolls out and gets the Pedigree 1-2-3!

After the match, Jericho gets on the announce table and holds his belts in Triple H’s face. End Show.


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