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WWF Smackdown 2/7/2002

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-We start off with clips from RAW, where Steph tells Trips she’s pregnant.

We’re in the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California for Smackdown! with Jerry “The King” Lawler and Michael Cole. Rock comes down to the ring and gets on the mic. Undertaker wants respect. Rock has respect for Taker. He wants Taker to come out…It’s Booker T! The Booker Man gets on the mic and says if there’s anything he can’t stand, it’s a suck-up with a big ego. Booker beat Triple H last week and kicked his ass last Monday. He’s going to make an example of Rock. Can you dig that, sucka? Rock digs it. Booker wanted to be in a movie last Thursday. Now they can make a movie here (I hope it’s not THAT kind of movie). It’s called “Rock Whoopin Your Ass All Over Smackdown!”. Booker runs down to the ring and exchanges blows with Rock (“blows” means “punches”- it really isn’t that kind of movie). Flying forearm by Rock. Kick by Booker. A ref comes down and the bell sounds. Chops by Booker. Chops y Rock. Armwrench and Hook kick by Booker. Book goes outside. Rock goes into the barricade and a clothesline by Booker. Book tosses Rock onto the barricade. Back in the ring, Book misses a kick, and Rock hits a DDT. Belly to belly by Rock, 1-2-kickout. Clothesline by Book. Scissors Kick. Booker feels the Spinaroonie! And there it is! Spinebuster by Rock. People’s Elbow, 1-2-3!
Here is your winner- The Rock

-We see Trips and Steph with a doctor.

Commercial break.

-Steph thanks the doctor and wants him to meet Triple H. The doc has good news. He shows Triple H a sonogram. The baby is 8 weeks along and there are no problems. Steph said she and Triple H had their problems, but now they know what’s really important- the baby. They’re going to renew their wedding vows on RAW.

-Kurt gets ready to come out with a baby carriage.

Commercial break.

-We see clips from RAW where Angle breaks up Trips’ pin on Booker T.

Angle comes down to the ring with the baby carriage. Well, look who’s going to Wrestlemania. None other than our Olympic Hero. He’s not a pathetic suck-up like everyone in LA. Trips cheated in the Rumble, so Vince granted Kurt a chance to go to Wrestlemania. All he has to do is beat Triple H, which is just a gimme. As the airheads in LA would say- That should have created some buzz. But it was overshadowed by Steph’s announcement. This is the first time Kurt’s felt sorry for a baby. Steph will be a great mom, but can you imagine Triple H as a dad? Even the fetus will be smarter. Kurt isn’t a scientist (no, really? I swore he was a wrestler/microbiologist), but he thinks Triple H is “something else”. Trips can forget the doctor- Kurt knows what the baby will look like. Kurt pulls the baby out of the carriage- it’s a stuffed animal monkey with a giant nose! Say hi, Triple H Jr.! Kurt gives Triple H Jr. a present- baby bananas! HHH Jr. eats the bananas. “What? They’re that damn good?” -Kurt. Trips starts walking down the ramp. Kurt introduces the baby. Trips punches Angle and drops the carriage on him. HHH throws the carriage and Triple H Jr. at Kurt. (Ack! Child abuse!)

Commercial break.

We see clips from RAW, where Edge takes out Regal during his match with Rikishi. Stinkface to Regal.

William Regal and the Dudley Boyz vs. Rikishi, Rob Van Dam, and Edge
Regal comes out first, then the Dudleyz, sans Stacy. Rikishi comes out next, followed by RVD. Edge comes out last. All six men battle. D-Von and RVD start. Spinning elbow by D-Von. Hurricanrana and cross body off the second rope by RVD, 1-2-kickout. Tag to Edge Spinning Heel kick and missile dropkick by Edge, 1-2-kickout. Bubba and Regal pull Edge down and into the post, groin first. Tag to Regal. Crossbody by Edge, 1-2-kickout. Running knee to the face by Regal. Tag to Bubba. Bubba takes it to Edge with elbows, 1-2-kickout. Tag to D-Von. Facebuster by Edge. Tag to Bubba and Rikishi. Clotheslines to Bubba and Regal. Samoan Drop to Bubba, 1-2-kickout. Regal goes outside. Rikishi knocks D-Von down. Bubba and Rikishi both go outside. Martial arts kick by RVD to D-Von. Rolling thunder to D-Von. Tiger Driver to RVD by Regal. Spear to Regal by Edge. Bubba tosses Edge into the post. Rikishi backs it up on Bubba. Stinkface to Bubba. 3D to Rikishi for the 1-2-3!
Here are your winners- William Regal and the Dudley Boyz

After the match, Edge beats on Regal on the ramp. The Dudleys stop him and hold him as Regal hits Edge with the brass knucks. Regal Stretch to Edge. RVD eventually breaks up the hold.

Commercial break.

Jericho comes out. You’d think that after Jericho beat Rock for the sixth time that Jericho would get the respect he deserves. But no! Everyone thinks Austin is going to kick his ass at No Way Out. To hell with No Way Out! To hell with Austin! To hell with waiting! Jericho wants to fight Austin tonight. If Austin has any guts, he should come out now. A mock Austin comes out, limping his way to the ring, head bobbing around like one of those dashboard hula dancers. Jericho asks the jackass if he’s ready for a beating. What? Is he ready to fight? Where? Right there in the ring. Why? So Jericho can prove he’s better than Austin. Who? The Larger than Life, Living Legend, Undisputed Champion, Chris Jericho. How? By giving mock Austin an undisputed ass whooping. What? It doesn’t matter what Austin says. MA looks at his watch. The watch says it’s time for Austin to realize Jericho’s the better man. The real Austin comes out. Jericho gets out of the ring. Austin flips the bird to MA. What? What’s going on here? Que pasa? He asks if this was Jericho’s idea. The titles are going home with Austin after No Way Out. He asks MA for a favor, when Jericho comes in. Austin knocks Jericho outside and tells him to leave. He wants to talk to MA. He asks if MA feels good, if he’s proud of himself. He doesn’t even smell like beer. Does he want to drink a beer with the real Austin. Austin gets soem beers. MA promises never to dress up like Austin again. They toast, and then Austin Stunners MA. (No, I didn’t see THAT one coming)

-Al Snow sikes up Maven for his match with the Undertaker. Al tells him he’s proud of him.

Commercial break.

-Jericho walks backstage and runs into Ric Flair. Flair makes a no-title match for tonight. Jericho vs. Triple H!

Maven vs. Undertaker- Hardcore Title
Maven comes out with Snow. Undertaker comes out with the Hardcore title (it still exists?). Al gives Maven a trash can lid. Maven nails Taker with the lid a few times, when Taker slaps it away and beats on Maven. Clothesline to Mave. Taker misses the elbow drop. Al gives Maven a trash can, but Taker punches it in his face. Taker gets ready to hit Maven with the trash can, but Al pulls him out of the ring. Maven goes into the steps. Elbows by Taker. Back in the ring, Taker grabs the can. Al distracts Taker, but Taker still nails Maven with the can three times. Al checks on Maven, but Taker tosses him over the barricade. Taker sets Maven up for the Last Ride back in the ring, but Al nails Taker with the ring bell. School boy by Maven, 1-2-kickout. Taker uses a big boot to knock Snow outside. Maven goes up top and jumps off right into a chokeslam. Taker covers 1-2-Taker lets up. Taker locks in the Taking Care of Business. Chairshot by Rock! Rock Bottom to Taker. Maven covers for the 1-2-3!
Here is your winner and NEW Hardcore Champion- Maven

Commercial break.

-It’s posedown time! King gets in the ring. King shows the Billy and Chuck Calendar. Torrie comes out. Stacy soon follows. King announces the champion posers, and out come Billy and Chuck. They remove their robes to reveal some skimpy bathing suits. The girls take off their robes to reveal some two piece bikinis. Billy and Chuck start the posedown and do the three poses. The Back to back, down in front, and face to face. (I don’t particularly want to go into too much detail. Use your imagination if you REALLY so desire…let’s just say the gay jokes could go on for a long time) “Real manly. Very masculine.” -The King. Now it’s Stacy and Torrie’s turn. (Details- Guh.) In the shock upset of a lifetime, Stacy and Torrie win the posedown. Stacy pushes Torrie down and jumps on King. Torrie and Stacy then jump on King and each other for awhile. That part was kind of weird and had a really awkward cut at the end.

Commercial break.

-We see clips from RAW, where Jazz wins the Women’s Title from Trish.

-Vince is on the phone, talking about No Way Out, when Triple H comes in. He wanted Vince to know he hates his guts. HHH blew out his quad putting money in Vince’s pocket. Vince said he was just a piece of meat, a horse going to the glue factory. He came back to become the Champ. He beat 29 men and defied the odds. He earned his shot. Now Vince decides to try and take it away to give it to Angle. Vince says that if this is about No Way Out…Trips tells him to shut up. Steph has a soft spot for Vince. It would mean the world to her if Vince walked her down the aisle when they renewed their wedding vows on Monday night. Vince says he’ll think about it. Triple H tells Vince to think about the fact that he’ll never get anywhere near Triple H’s child. Vince tells Triple H to think about the fact that his match is now a Handicap match with Kurt Angle and Chris Jericho.

Commercial break.

-Coach asks Rock in the parking lot if he’s even with Undertaker now. Rock says Taker cost him an Undisputed Title SHot. They aren’t even. Taker comes in and beats on Rock. Chokeslam onto the hood of Rock’s car. Tombstone onto the roof of the car. Taker says they’re a long way from even. (Funny how the driver just sat there in the car as all this is going on)

Commercial break.

-EMTs check on the Rock.

Kurt Angle and Chris Jericho vs. Triple H- Handicap Match
Angle comes out. Jericho soon follows. Triple H comes out last. Trips baseball slides into Jericho. Angle and Jericho both go into the post. Jericho goes over the barricade. In the ring, Trips hits a DDT on Angle, 1-2-kickout. Trips stomps on Angle and takes it to Jericho. German suplex by Angle. Clothesline by Jericho. Back elbow to Jericho. Elbow by Angle. Springboard dropkick by Jericho. Double team on the outside. Trips goes into the steps. Cover by Angle, 1-2-kickout. Tag to Jericho. Spear by Triple H. Flying forearm by Jericho. Jericho goes for the Walls of Jericho, but Triple H kicks him into Angle. Schoolboy by Trips, 1-2-kickout. Tag to Angle. Overhead belly to belly by Angle. Anglelock, but Trips kicks Angle. Tag to Jericho. Scoop slam and an elbow drop by Jericho, 1-2-kickout. Tag to Angle. Double team. Jericho misses a spear. Running knee strike to Angle. Neckbreaker to Angle. Clothesline and spinebuster to Jericho. Angle goes outside. Walls of Jericho on Jericho. Anglelock on Angle. Jericho breaks up the hold. HHH blocks a dropkick from Jericho and slingshots him over the top rope. Angle goes into Trips’ knee. Trips sets up the Pedigree. Jericho goes for the missile dropkick but hits Angle. Trips sets up the Pedigree again, but Jericho gets in with a chair. Jericho misses. Triple H sets up the Pedigree on Jericho, but Angle hits an Olympic Slam for the 1-2-3!

After the match, Steph comes down to check on Triple H. Jericho backs her up into the corner. Chairshot to Angle. Chairshot to Jericho. Triple H hugs and kisses Steph. Angle comes back in and knocks HHH down, right on top of Steph. HHH checks on her, and she says she’s fine.

End Show.

Match of the Night- Undertaker vs. Maven. Good for Maven. That’s all I got to say on that.

Man of the Night- Stephanie. She’s the woman of the night. I totally didn’t see this pregnancy angle coming at all. It’s going to make for some interesting angles soon, I’m sure.

Quotation of the Night- “I am the baby Game!” -Triple H Jr.


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